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Expanded class ysh9

    broader class

          ysh9                  philosophical school  ≈ DDC 180
          ysh90   ⋄                     of problem; topic
          ysh93nkfj                                     Aristotle
          ysh93ptxug                                     Descartes; René Descartes; Cartesius
          ysh93pusun                                     Leibniz; Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
          ysh93pvqsi                                     Kant; Immanuel Kant
          ysh93pvvoq                                     Hegel; Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
          ysh93pvxwc                                     Comte; Auguste Comte
          ysh93pwrxr                                     Peirce; Charles Sanders Peirce
          ysh9g                      Greek philosophy
          ysh9ge                           pre-Socratic philosophy  ≈ DDC 182
          ysh9gg                           pythagoreanism
          ysh9gh                           sophism  ≈ DDC 183
          ysh9gj                           cynicism  ≈ DDC 183
          ysh9gɭ                           Platonism including Plato  ≈ DDC 184
          ysh9gm                           Aristotlelism including Aristotle  ≈ DDC 185
          ysh9go                           Pyrrhonian skepticism  ≈ DDC 186
          ysh9gr                           Epicureanism  ≈ DDC 187
          ysh9gs                           stoicism  ≈ DDC 188
          ysh9gv                           neoplatonism  ↞ ysh9gl Platonism   ≈ DDC 186
          ysh9m                      modern Western philosophy  ≈ DDC 190 140
          ysh9md                           rationalism including Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz
          ysh9me                           empiricism including Hobbes, Hume
          ysh9mh                           Enlightenment philosophy
          ysh9mi                           German idealism including Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel  ≈ DDC 141 142
          ysh9mm                           dialectical materialism; historical materialism; socialism; communism including Marx, Engels  ≈ DDC 146
          ysh9mn                           utilitarianism including Bentham, Stuart Mill
          ysh9mo                           existentialism including Kierkegaard, Sartre
          ysh9mp                           phenomenology including Husserl
          ysh9mq                           hermeneutics including Heidegger, Gadamer
          ysh9mr                           logicism including Frege
          ysh9ms                           logical positivism incl Vienna Circle, logical atomism, Wittgenstein
          ysh9mt                           structuralism
          ysh9mu                           critical theory including Habermas, Frankfurt School, Foucault
          ysh9mw                           continental philosophy
          ysh9mx                           postmodernism
          ysh9my                           analytic philosophy
Connected classes:
                 06  [ysh9]      according to general theory; world view; Weltanschauung
                 ysh9gv                          neoplatonism  ↞ ysh9gl 

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