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Expanded class 2

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          2   [X] in situation; condition; context; place
          20   [A]      in; within situation; condition; context  ↞ ae relations
          204   [A]           hosting; place of; venue of hosted phenomenon; event
          20V            here; in this condition
          21   [an]      in position; rank; spatial sequence
          214   [uU]           in front of; before (spatial) place behind
          216   [uU]           above; upon lower place
          218   [uU]           on the left of place on the right
          21y            last
          22   [jU]      near zone; area
          23   [jU]      from provenance; origin
          234   [jU]           towards destination
          237   [j7]           from cardinal direction
          24   [jU]      away from; outside far place; elsewhere
          248   [an89]            centrality
          25   [ny]      in; within environment; niche; context; set; system; milieu; site; seat; venue; atelier; workroom
          256   [j39]           in regime; climate
          26   [j7]      towards cardinal point; sector
          27   [uU]      in region; place
          276   [jU]           in geographical region; area; basin
          28   [j8]      at latitude degrees; relative position
          286   [an8]           at altitude Km; orthogonal relative position  ↞ j99 
          288   [j88]           at longitude degrees; complementary position
          29       in special place; region; location
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