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Expanded class d

    broader class

          dWf  quantons; wavicles
          dWj  matter
          d  energy; wave-particles  [quantum physics; high energy physics; particle ph.]  ↞ c branes   ≈ DDC 539.7
          d3       attracted by fundamental interaction; fundamental force  [theory of everything; grand unified theory; GUT]
          d34   [d]           entangled with entangled particle
          d3g            gravitation; gravity  [general relativity; GR]
          d3ɭ            electromagnetic interaction; electromagnetic field; EMR  [quantum electrodynamics; QED]
          d3n            weak interaction; weak nuclear force  [electroweak theory]
          d3s            strong interaction; strong nuclear force  [quantum chromodynamics; QCD]
          d5       emitting; transmitting radiation  ≈ DDC 539
          d58   [an]            brightness; intensity; amplitude  
          d59             electromagnetic component
          d5c            alpha radiation  ↞ dv hadrons
          d5e            beta radiation  ↞ dte electrons
          d5ɭ            electromagnetic radiation  [electromagnetism]  ↞ dgp photons
          d5n            neutron radiation  ↞ dvu neutrons
          d5t            thermal radiation; black-body radiation
          d6        energy form
          d65   [d6]           transforming into new energy form
          d6g            gravitational energy  ↞ d3g gravitation
          d6i            radiant energy  ↞ d5l electromagnetic radiation
          d6ɭ            electric energy  ↞ d5l electromagnetic radiation
          d6n            nuclear energy  ↞ dv hadrons
          d6q            chemical energy  ↞ e atoms
          d6s            mechanic energy  ↞ g continuum bodies
          d6t            thermal energy  ↞ g945 
          d7       in quanta
          d81   [an]           lasting s average lifetime
          d9        particle statistics
          d96   [an89]           with spin
          d98   [an89]           with charge
          d9b            bosons; Bose–Einstein statistics; integer spin
          d9f            fermions; Fermi–Dirac statistics; half-integer spin
          dd       quantum fields  [quantum field theory]
          dg       gauge bosons
          dgg            gluons; g
          dgp            photons; γ
          dgw            W+ bosons
          dgx            W- bosons
          dgy            Z0 bosons
          dh       Higgs bosons; H
          di       gravitons (hypothetical)
          dq       quarks
          dqc            up quarks; u
          dqd            down quarks; d
          dqg            strange quarks; s
          dqh            charme quarks; c
          dqt            top quarks; truth quarks; t
          dqu            bottom quarks; beauty quarks; b
          dt       leptons
          dte            electrons; e-
          dtf            positrons; e+; β+
          dtm            muons; μ
          dtt            taus; τ
          dtu            neutrinos; neutral leptons; ν
          dv       hadrons  ↞ dq quarks dafs 
          dvm            mesons
          dvt            protons; p; N  ↞ dqc up quarks dqd down quarks
          dvu            neutrons; n  ↞ dqc up quarks dqd down quarks
Connected classes:
                 68  [d5ll]      appearance; look; colour
                 d34  [d]           entangled with entangled particle
                 d5c           alpha radiation  ↞ dv 
                 d5e           beta radiation  ↞ dte 
                 d5ɭ           electromagnetic radiation  [electromagnetism]  ↞ dgp 
                 d5n           neutron radiation  ↞ dvu 
                 d65  [d6]           transforming into new energy form
                 d6g           gravitational energy  ↞ d3g 
                 d6i           radiant energy  ↞ d5l 
                 d6ɭ           electric energy  ↞ d5l 
                 d6n           nuclear energy  ↞ dv 
                 dv      hadrons  ↞ dq dafs 
                 dvt           protons; p; N  ↞ dqc dqd 
                 dvu           neutrons; n  ↞ dqc dqd 
                 e atoms; chemical elements  [atomic physics]  ↞ dte dv 
                 e66  [d9]            statistics
                 e7a           nucleus; nuclide  ↞ dv 
                 e85  [an]           with A; ampere electric current; I  ↞ d6l 
                 ebb           hydrogen; H  ↞ dt87nb dle87nb 
                 f66  [d9]            statistics
                 g38  [d3]           subjected to kind of force  [dynamics]
                 g5h           heat; thermal energy transfer  [kinetic theory]  ↞ d 
                 g68  [d5ll]            colour; wavelength
                 i68  [d5ll]            colour
                 q3r           electrical technology  ↞ d6l 
                 q3t           electronic technology  ↞ dte 
                 q3u           nuclear technology  ↞ dv 
                 qeu           radiological weapons  ↞ d 

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