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Expanded class v

    broader class

          vWy  cultural heritage; objectivated spirit
          v  speeches; linguistic expressions  [linguistics]  ↞ osu p consciousness mU human organisms   ≈ DDC 400 410  
          v0       as related to
          v09            studied by theory  [general linguistics]
          v0p            mind  [psycholinguistics]
          v0s            society  [sociolinguistics]
          v0v            economy  [economical linguistics]
          v18   [w1]           in time  [historical linguistics; comparative linguistics]
          v27   [tU]           in region
          v31   [v]           deriving from original linguistic element  [etymology; philology]
          v36   [U]           to addressee
          v4        error; mistake  [error analysis]
          v4g            overgeneralizations
          v4s            simplifications
          v5        language change; evolution
          v5c            conservatism
          v5r            reformation
          v5v            revival
          v6        formalization
          v6b            jargon
          v6d            dialect; local variant  [dialectology]
          v6n            standard; national
          v6p            pidgin
          v6r            creole
          v6t            international
          v6u            constructed; planned; artificial
          v6x            formal
          v77   [v]           with element
          v9        communicative function
          v90            about object  [semantics]
          v92   [tU]           of; originated in; diffused from region
          v93   [s7]           spoken by speaker class
          v99             sense
          v9b            expression; feeling; mood; need
          v9e            evocation; imagination aesthetic
          v9g            contact; greeting phatic
          v9i            persuasion; incitement; promotion; manipulation imperative, conative
          v9j            instruction; prescription; direction; guidance
          v9p            account; work report; proceedings
          v9r            report; chronicle
          v9s            factual information; description; semantic
          v9t            review; survey
          v9u            discussion; argumentation
          v9v            judgement; evaluation; criticism
          v9x            metalinguistic information
          ve       phones; segments  [phonetics]
          veX            manners of articulation  
          vf       phonemes  [phonology]
          vfX            manners of articulation
          vfb            stops; plosives
          vfc            nasals
          vfe            affricates
          vff            fricatives; spirants
          vfh            flaps; taps
          vfi            trills
          vfɭ            laterals
          vfo            semivowels; glides
          vfs            half-closed vowels
          vfu            medium vowels
          vfv            closed vowels
          vfw            half-open vowels
          vfy            open vowels
          vg       combined sounds; sequences
          vgd            diphthongs
          vgh            hiatuses
          vh       syllables
          vm       morphs  [morphology]
          vma            morphological kinds  [morphological typology]
          vmb            stems  [lexicography; terminology]
          vmf            affixes
          vms            compounds
          vmv            aspects
          vo       words; lexical categories; word classes; lexical classes; parts of speech  [grammar (partim)]
          vog            morphosyntactic alignments
          voi            interjections
          von            nouns
          vop            pronouns
          vor            adjectives and adverbs
          vot            determiners; determinatives
          vov            verbs
          vow            adpositions; prepositions and postpositions
          vox            conjunctions
          vp       phrases; syntagmas; syntagmatic structures; units  [syntax; grammar]
          vpb            word orders
          vpc            copulas
          vpd            predicates
          vpg            subjects
          vpj            direct objects
          vpn            indirect objects
          vpp            prepositional objects
          vq       clauses
          vs       sentences
          vsb            simple sentences
          vsd            compound sentences
          vsɭ            complex sentences
          vsn            compound-complex sentences; complex-compound sentences
          vt       texts; discourses  [text linguistics; discourse analysis]
          vtb            narrative texts; stories
          vtd            descriptive texts
          vtg            argumentative texts
          vti            instructive texts
          vtm            comparison texts; contrast; expositive texts
          vv       languages  ≈ DDC 490
          vvU            currently prominent languages
          vvX             language families
          vvb            Afro-Asiatic languages; Hamito-Semitic languages  ≈ DDC 492 493  
          vvc            Nilo-Saharan languages  ≈ DDC 496
          vvd            Niger-Congo languages; Niger-Kordofanian languages  ≈ DDC 496
          vve            Indo-european languages  ↞ jUe Cuba
          vvf            Uralic languages  ≈ DDC 494
          vvg            Turkic languages  ≈ DDC 494
          vvh            Korean language  ≈ DDC 495
          vvi            Dravidian languages  ≈ DDC 494
          vvj            Japonic languages; Japanese-Ryukyuan languages  ≈ DDC 495
          vvk            Sino-Tibetan languages  ≈ DDC 495
          vvɭ            Tai-Kadai languages; Kra–Dai; Daic; Kadai
          vvm            Austroasiatic languages; Mon–Khmer
          vvn            Austronesian languages
          vvp            Papuan languages  
          vvs            Australian aboriginal languages  ≈ DDC 499
          vvv            Native American languages; Amerindian languages; indigenous languages of the Americas  ≈ DDC 497 498  
          vvy            modern planned languages; constructed; artificial languages; conlangs  ≈ DDC 499
          vw       language transmission systems
          vwb            speaking; speech s.s.; spoken language; orality
          vwg            logographies; hieroglyphs
          vwi            syllabaries; syllabic writings
          vwj            abjads
          vwk            abugidas; alphasyllabaries
          vwɭ            alphabets
          vwu            numerals
          vwx            punctuation marks
Connected classes:
                 005  [vv]           in language
                 05  [v9]      conveying communicative function; mood
                 q3f           lithic technology; Stone Age  ↞ ii vdb 
                 qs      buildings; edifices  [civil engineering; architecture]  ↞ osc vs 
                 rns           fisheries  ↞ js jy nyd vc 
                 rqg           ceramics and glass crafts  ↞ iis vahc 
                 s communities; civil society; complex society; institutions; groups; people  [sociology]  ↞ v oss 
                 s95  [vv]            ethnicity; language  ↞ st 
                 t95  [vv]           speaking official language
                 v31  [v]           deriving from original linguistic element  [etymology; philology]
                 v77  [v]           with element
                 x95  [vv]           in language
                 xɭm           myths; legends; stories  [mythology]  ↞ vtb 
                 y65  [vv]           expressed in language
                 yst           techniques; applied sciences  ↞ yss v 

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7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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