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Expanded class v

    broader class

          v  legal entities; legal persons; juridical persons; companies; owners  [law]  ↞ p6 driven by s services   ≈ DDC 330
          v09            according to economical theory
          v2   [u]       scale
          v2t            national
          v2v            international
          v3       bound by contract
          v35   ⋄           run by businessman  ↞ px persons
          v43   [u]           sued by plaintiff
          v48   [u]           prohibited by; banned by; punished by; penalized by institution
          v5        legal activity
          v5d            saving
          v5k            trade; commerce; exchange; market  [marketing]  ≈ DDC 381
          v5m            investment
          v5p            inheritance  ↞ v6g succession law
          v5q            taxation; levies  ↞ u polities
          v5s            pensions
          v6       according to; under regulation; institution; legal order; law; norm; rule; act  [jurisprudence; legal theory]  ≈ DDC 348
          v66   [p6]           having right
          v69             economic system  ≈ DDC 339
          v6e            law of property  ↞ v7 owing
          v6g            succession law  ↞ m5x death
          v6i            conflict of laws; private international law
          v6j            corporate law; corporations law; company law  ↞ v legal entities
          v6k            competition law
          v6ɭ            labour law  ↞ v7b labour   ≈ DDC 344
          v6m            commercial law  ↞ v5k trade   ≈ DDC 343
          v6n            intellectual property law  ↞ x creative arts y scholarship
          v6p            penal law; criminal law  ↞ u4 committing   ≈ DDC 345
          v6s            constitutional law  ≈ DDC 342
          v6t            administrative law  ↞ u7l civil service   ≈ DDC 342
          v6w            international law; public international law
          v7       owing asset; property; estate
          v72   [uU]           in currency, money
          v7b            labour; labor; producers; workers; human resources  ↞ px persons   ≈ DDC 331
          v7d            natural resources; land  ≈ DDC 333
          v7i            fixed capital
          v7m            movables; movable property; personal property; chattels; objects
          v7r            working capital; inventory
          v7v            financial capital; funds
          v82   [an89]            size
          v88   [an]            budget $
          v90            in sector; industry
          vb       public; communal ownership  [public finance; government finance]  ↞ u polities   ≈ DDC 336
          vd       privates; natural persons; physical persons; personal owners  ↞ tb citizens
          vg       organized civil society; unions; voluntary associations; non-governmental organizations; NGOs  [organizational studies]  ≈ DDC 060
          vgY            individual organizations
          vgɭ            clubs  ≈ DDC 367
          vgv            trade unions; labour unions
          vgx            criminal organizations; mafias; ganglands; gangsterism; racketeering  ↞ u4 committing
          vj       cooperative businesses; co-ops  ≈ DDC 334
          vjc            non-profit community organizations
          vje            consumer cooperatives
          vjh            housing cooperatives
          vjk            worker cooperatives
          vjx            multi-stakeholder cooperatives
                 limited liability companies; LLC; GmbH
          vo       corporations; companies s.s.; firms  ≈ DDC 650
          von            non-stock corporations; not-for-profit corporations
          vos            stock corporations
          vp       corporate groups; groups of companies; conglomerates
          vq       financial institutions; banking institutions  ≈ DDC 332
          vqb            banks; commercial banks
          vqc            central banks; reserve bank; monetary authority  ↞ ut modern nation states
          vqd            building societies
          vqf            credit unions; co-operative banks  ↞ vj cooperative businesses
          vqh            trust companies
          vqj            mortgage loan companies
          vqn            insurance companies  ≈ DDC 368
          vqp            pension funds  ↞ v5s pensions
          vqs            investment banks
          vqv            underwriters
          vqx            brokerage firms
Connected classes:
                 r5f           lithic technology; Stone Age  ↞ ii vdb 
                 ri      fisheries  ↞ js jy nyd vc 
                 s35  [v7]           by factor of production; resource; input
                 s8h           paid; charged  ↞ v5k 
                 sje           unemployment support  ↞ v7bp 
                 t76  [an89]            wealth class  ↞ v7 
                 u5e           regulation development  ↞ v6 
                 v5p           inheritance  ↞ v6g 
                 v6e           law of property  ↞ v7 
                 v6j           corporate law; corporations law; company law  ↞ v 
                 v6ɭ           labour law  ↞ v7b 
                 v6m           commercial law  ↞ v5k 
                 vqf           credit unions; co-operative banks  ↞ vj 
                 vqp           pension funds  ↞ v5s 

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