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Expanded class u

    broader class

          u  polities; political units; political power; governments  [political sciences; law]  ↞ t communities j land   ≈ DDC 320  
          u17   [w1]  ⋄           in fiscal year; financial; budget year
          u27   [uU]           in region
          u3       by political group; party; movement  ≈ DDC 324
          u31   [uU]           derived from previous polity
          u35   [U]           ruled by; governed by ruler
          u39             party platform; program
          u3f            far-right party
          u3i            centre-right party
          u3n            center party
          u3q            centre-left party
          u3v            far-left party
          u4       committing crime; offence  ≈ DDC 364
          u43   [uU]           against enemy polity
          u49            subjected to sanction; penalty
          u4d            murder; criminal homicide; voluntary manslaughter  ↞ osgk kill
          u4f            rape  ↞ osm mating
          u4g            aggravated assault
          u4h            harassment
          u4j            robbery
          u4ɭ            burglary
          u4n            arson
          u4q            larceny; theft
          u4x            public order crimes
          u5        procedure; protocol; administration; management; power exercise  ≈ DDC 351
          u5e            regulation development  ↞ v6 according to
          u5ɭ            pressure; lobbying
          u5m            recruitment
          u5o            voting; election  ≈ DDC 324
          u5p            public consultation; public comment
          u5s            meeting; sitting; session
          u5v            dispute resolution; adjudication
          u5w            war  ↞ smm military combat
          u5x            international relations
          u6        regime; form of government  ≈ DDC 321
          u63   [wt]           inspired to religion
          u66   [p6]           promoting principle; policy; programme; mission; agenda; plan
          u69             law type
          u6b            monarchy
          u6c            contracts; obligations; contract law
          u6d            law of torts
          u6f            family law  ↞ tf families
          u6g            totalitarian; palace regime
          u6h            church polity  ↞ w customs
          u6i            military dictatorship  ↞ u7t military
          u6n            aristocracy
          u6p            one party regimes
          u6r            republic; representative democratic
          u6t            direct democratic
          u7        department; office; institution
          u72   [uU]            regional subdivision
          u7X             hierarchical role
          u7e            legislature; parliament; congress; diet; deliberative assembly  ≈ DDC 328
          u7j            government; executive; the ministry
          u7ɭ            civil service; public sector; community services; public administration; bureaucracy
          u7n            civil law notaries; Latin notaries
          u7o            courts; tribunals; judiciary; judicial system  ≈ DDC 347
          u7s            police; constabulary; civil guard; protective services; cops  ↞ sms security   ≈ DDC 363
          u7t            military; armed forces; defense  [military science]  ↞ smm military combat   ≈ DDC 355
          u7v            diplomacy; diplomatic missions; foreign missions  ↞ qv languages   ≈ DDC 327 399
          u87   [an89]            groups  ↞ u5op plurality voting
          u88   [an]           producing $/y output  
          u90   [A]           administering matter; jurisdiction
          u91   [w1]           founded in foundation time
          u92   [uU]           in; based in capital place; central office  [political geography]  ≈ DDC 910
          u94   [uU]           related to; interacting with related polity  [foreign policy; international; global studies]  ↞ u7t military
          u95   [qv]           speaking official language
          uU       contemporary political divisions
          uUb            Britain
          uUc            Germany
          uUd            France
          uUe            Spain
          uUf            Italy
          uUg            Russia
          uUh            Turkey
          uUi            Egypt; Arab Republic of Egypt  ↞ tyc Ancient Egypt
          uUj            Nigeria; Federal Republic of Nigeria
          uUk            Kenya; Republic of Kenya
          uUɭ            South Africa; Republic of South Africa
          uUm            Iran; Islamic Republic of Iran; Persia
          uUn            India; Republic of India
          uUo            Indonesia; Republic of Indonesia
          uUp            Philippines; Republic of the Philippines
          uUq            Japan; Nippon; Nihon Koku
          uUr            China
          uUs            Australia; Commonwealth of Australia
          uUt            Canada
          uUu            United States of America; USA
          uUv            Mexico; United States of Mexico
          uUw            Cuba; Republic of Cuba
          uUx            Brazil; Brasil; Federative Republic of Brazil
          uUy            Argentina; Argentine Republic
          ub       bands
          ue       tribes
          uh       chiefdoms
          uk       city-states; polis; communes  ↞ sdq cities
          up       empires
          upn            colonial empires  ↞ tywd Age of Discovery
          ut       modern nation states; countries; sovereign states; unitary states  ↞ jU landmasses of the contemporary Earth tt peoples tyw modern Western civilization   
          uu       supranational unions; continental unions; leagues
          uw       intergovernmental organizations  ↞ u7t military
          uwt            League of Nations 1920-1946
          uwu            United Nations; UN
Connected classes:
                 002  [uU]           produced in; published in publication region
                 02  [uU]      as known in region
                 082  [uU]           as set in region
                 214  [uU]           in front of; before (spatial) place behind
                 216  [uU]           above; upon lower place
                 218  [uU]           on the left of place on the right
                 27  [uU]      in region; place
                 32  [uU]      native to; of homeland; motherland
                 562  [uU]           towards term; aimed point; situation; promised land
                 j92  [uU]           of region
                 jww           artificial islands  ↞ u 
                 n27  [uU]           in region
                 nyw           agricultural environment  ↞ uu 
                 p92  [uU]           living in; active in homeland
                 pou           moral consciousness  ↞ u6 
                 q27  [uU]           of; originated in; diffused from region
                 r27  [uU]           in region
                 r32  [uU]           made in place
                 r92  [uU]           typical of region; country
                 rɭo           orchards  [pomology]  ↞ uo76up 
                 s services; deliverables; goods; tertiary sector  ↞ j m u 
                 s69           conforming to regulation; guideline; technical norm; standard procedure  ↞ u6 
                 s92  [uU]           of; adopted in; spread in region
                 t6r           respect for others' property  ↞ ud 
                 t92  [uU]           based in site; headquarters
                 u27  [uU]           in region
                 u31  [uU]           derived from previous polity
                 u43  [uU]           against enemy polity
                 u6i           military dictatorship  ↞ u7t 
                 u72  [uU]            regional subdivision
                 u87  [an89]            groups  ↞ u5op 
                 u92  [uU]           in; based in capital place; central office  [political geography]
                 u94  [uU]           related to; interacting with related polity  [foreign policy; international; global studies]  ↞ u7t 
                 uw      intergovernmental organizations  ↞ u7t 
                 v2  [u]       scale
                 v43  [u]           sued by plaintiff
                 v48  [u]           prohibited by; banned by; punished by; penalized by institution
                 v5q           taxation; levies  ↞ u 
                 v6p           penal law; criminal law  ↞ u4 
                 v6t           administrative law  ↞ u7l 
                 v72  [uU]           in currency, money
                 vb      public; communal ownership  [public finance; government finance]  ↞ u 
                 vgx           criminal organizations; mafias; ganglands; gangsterism; racketeering  ↞ u4 
                 vqc           central banks; reserve bank; monetary authority  ↞ ut 
                 w27  [uU]           in region
                 w46  [u6]           committing; tempted by sin; evil; guilt; vice; taboo
                 w66  [u6]           conforming to; pursuing precept
                 w92  [uU]           typical of region
                 x creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu g 
                 x27  [uU]           in region
                 x62  [uU]           set in place
                 x92  [uU]           typical of country
                 y27  [uU]           in region
                 y92  [uU]           known in region
                 ysv           history  ↞ ty u 

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