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Expanded class u

    broader class

          u  legal entities; legal persons; companies; owners  [law]  ↞ p6 driven by s communities   ≈ DDC 330
          u09            according to economical theory
          u18   [w1]  ⋄           in fiscal year; financial; budget year
          u3       bound by contract
          u35   ⋄           run by businessman  ↞ px persons
          u4       committing crime; offence  ≈ DDC 364
          u43   [u]           sued by plaintiff
          u48   [t]           prohibited by; banned by; punished by; penalized by institution
          u49            subjected to sanction; penalty
          u4d            murder; criminal homicide; voluntary manslaughter  ↞ osgk kill
          u4f            rape  ↞ osm mating
          u4g            aggravated assault
          u4h            harassment
          u4j            robbery
          u4ɭ            burglary
          u4n            arson
          u4q            larceny; theft
          u4x            public order crimes
          u5        legal activity
          u59             economic system  ≈ DDC 339
          u5d            saving
          u5k            trade; commerce; exchange; market  [marketing]  ≈ DDC 381
          u5m            investment
          u5p            inheritance  ↞ t6g totalitarian
          u5q            taxation; levies  ↞ t polities
          u5s            pensions  ↞ uqp pension funds
          u5u            dispute resolution; adjudication
          u6       according to; under regulation; institution; legal order; law; norm; rule; act  [jurisprudence; legal theory]  ≈ DDC 348
          u63   [wt]           inspired to religion
          u66   [p6]           having right
          u69             law type
          u6c            contracts; obligations; contract law
          u6d            law of torts
          u6e            law of property  ↞ u7 owing
          u6f            family law  ↞ sf families
          u6g            succession law  ↞ m5w ageing
          u6i            conflict of laws; private international law
          u6j            corporate law; corporations law; company law  ↞ u legal entities
          u6k            competition law
          u6ɭ            labour law  ↞ u7b labour   ≈ DDC 344
          u6m            commercial law  ↞ u legal entities   ≈ DDC 343
          u6n            intellectual property law  ↞ q artifacts x creative arts y scholarship
          u6p            penal law; criminal law  ↞ t7d   ≈ DDC 345
          u6s            constitutional law  ≈ DDC 342
          u6t            administrative law  ↞ t7e legislature   ≈ DDC 342
          u6w            international law; public international law  ↞ t7v diplomacy
          u7       owing asset; property; estate
          u7b            labour; labor; producers; workers; human resources  ↞ px persons   ≈ DDC 331
          u7d            natural resources; land  ≈ DDC 333
          u7i            fixed capital  ↞ q artifacts
          u7m            movables; movable property; personal property; chattels; objects  ↞ q artifacts
          u7r            working capital; inventory
          u7u            financial capital; funds
          u8       by money type  [numismatics]
          u82   [t]            scale
          u87   [tU]           in currency, money
          u88   [an]            budget $
          u8c            commodity money
          u8e            representative money; token coins  [exonumia]
          u8h            cash; fiat money  ↞ uqc central banks
          u8m            commercial bank money  ↞ uqb banks
          u97   [r]           in sector; industry
          ub       public; communal ownership  [public finance; government finance]  ↞ t polities   ≈ DDC 336
          ud       privates; natural persons; physical persons; personal owners  ↞ sb citizens
          uj       cooperative businesses; co-ops  ≈ DDC 334
          ujc            non-profit community organizations
          uje            consumer cooperatives
          ujh            housing cooperatives
          ujk            worker cooperatives
          ujx            multi-stakeholder cooperatives
                 limited liability companies; LLC; GmbH
          uo       corporations; companies s.s.; firms  ↞ so organized civil society   ≈ DDC 650
          uon            non-stock corporations; not-for-profit corporations
          uos            stock corporations
          uq       financial institutions; banking institutions  ↞ uo corporations   ≈ DDC 332
          uqb            banks; commercial banks
          uqc            central banks; reserve bank; monetary authority  ↞ tt modern nation states
          uqd            building societies
          uqf            credit unions; co-operative banks  ↞ uj cooperative businesses
          uqh            trust companies
          uqj            mortgage loan companies
          uqn            insurance companies  ≈ DDC 368
          uqp            pension funds
          uqs            investment banks
          uqu            underwriters
          uqx            brokerage firms
Connected classes:
                 q6  [X]      conforming to regulation; guideline; technical norm  ↞ u6 
                 r services; enterprises; businesses; industries  [economics; applied sciences]  ↞ j m u 
                 r35  [u7]           by factor of production; resource; input
                 rho           occupational therapy  ↞ r33 u7b 
                 rje           unemployment support  ↞ u7bp 
                 s6r           respect for others' property  ↞ ud 
                 s78  [an89]            wealth class  ↞ u7 
                 sot           professional associations; associations of crafts; guilds  ↞ uatb 
                 sou           trade unions; labour unions  ↞ uak 
                 t5e           regulation development  ↞ u6 
                 u43  [u]           sued by plaintiff
                 u5s           pensions  ↞ uqp 
                 u6e           law of property  ↞ u7 
                 u6j           corporate law; corporations law; company law  ↞ u 
                 u6ɭ           labour law  ↞ u7b 
                 u6m           commercial law  ↞ u 
                 u8h           cash; fiat money  ↞ uqc 
                 u8m           commercial bank money  ↞ uqb 
                 uq      financial institutions; banking institutions  ↞ uo 
                 uqf           credit unions; co-operative banks  ↞ uj 

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