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Expanded class a

    broader class

          aWc  information  
          aWz  phenomena; known entities  [ontology]  ≈ DDC 111  
          a  forms; structures; mathematical objects  [formal sciences; logic; mathematics]  ≈ DDC 510 160  
          a22   [a]           in neighbourhood
          a3       implied by; as a consequence of premise
          a4       with error
          a58   [ag]           through transformation; operation; function; map; morphism
          a6   [X]       property
          a60            equal to result
          a7        part; element; component
          a77   [a]           containing; ∋ member; individual
          a78   [a]           including; ⊃ subset
          a7t            elements
          a7u            subsets
          a7w            cosets
          a8   [X]       number
          a89   [X]            amount
          a9   [X]       kind
          aa       nothing
          ab       individuals; instances; particulars
          ac       classes; sets; collections; kinds; universals  [set theory]
          ac6             occasionality
          ac9             intensionals; fuzzy classes  [fuzzy set theory; fuzzy logic]
          aca            the empty class; empty set
          ad       properties; characteristics
          ae       relations; correspondences  
          ae6             relation property
          ae8             arity; adicity; dimension; number of arguments; places  ↞ anai 
          ae9             cardinality
          aeb            identity  ↞ ae6q equivalent
          aee            equality
          aef            similarity
          aei            inequality
          aem            set membership; belonging
          aep            parthood; part-whole; inclusion  [mereology]
          aes            set inclusion; genus-species  
          af       predications  [predicate logic]  
          ag       operations; transformations; maps; morphisms
          ag6   [ag6]            operation property
          agh            homomorphisms
          agm            sum; union; addition
          agn            difference; complement; subtraction  
          ago            direct-like operations
          agp            product; intersection
          agq            quotient; division; partition
          agt            tensor-like operations
          agu            lexicographic product
          agw            exponentiation; power
          agx            nth root
          agy            logarithm
          ai       statements; propositions  [classical logic]  
          ai9            truth value
          aii            implication  
          aiq            equivalence  
          ais            subjective propositions  [modal logic]
          aj       formal languages; theories
          ajo            recursively enumerated languages; type 0 languages
          ajp            context-sensitive languages; type 1 languages
          ajq            context-free languages; type 2 languages
          ajr            regular languages; type 3 languages
          ajt            formal theories
          ak       spaces; mathematical spaces  
          akc            vector spaces
          ake            tensor spaces
          akf            affine spaces
          akn            unitary spaces
          akt            topological spaces
                 algebraic structures  [algebra; abstract algebra]  ≈ DDC 512  
          aɭb            general algebraic systems  [universal algebra]
          aɭg            non-closed group-like structures; non-total group-like structures
          aɭi            non-associative group-like structures
          aɭm            non-commutative group-like structures
          aɭo            groups  [group theory]
          aɭr            ring-like structures
          aɭt            categories  [category theory]  ↞ ac classes alg non-closed group-like structures
          am       combinatorial structures  [combinatorics]
          ame            posets; partially ordered sets  [order theory]
          amɭ            lattice-like structures
          amr            graph-like structures
          ams            families of sets  ↞ amry undirected hypergraphs
          an       quantities; amounts; numbers  ≈ DDC 513  
          an8            numerals; decimal digits
          anb            negative quantities
          anc            none; no; zero
          and            less than billionths; 10-(>9)
          ane   [an8]           billionths; nano-; n-; 10-9
          anf   [an8]           10-8
          ang   [an8]           10-7
          anh   [an8]           millionths; micro-; μ-; 10-6; 0.00000
          ani   [an8]           10-5; 0.0000
          anj   [an8]           10-4; 0.000
          ank   [an8]           thousandths; milli-; m-; 10-3; 0.00
          anɭ   [an8]           hundredths; centi-; c-; 10-2; 0.0
          anm   [an8]           tenths; deci-; d-; 10-1; 0.
          ann   [an8]           units; 100
          ano            tens; deca-; da-; 10¹
          anp            hundreds; hecto-; h-; 10²
          anq            thousands; kilo-; K-; 10³
          anr            tens of thousands; myria-; 104
          ans            hundreds of thousands; 105
          ant            millions; mega-; M-; 106
          anu            tens of millions; 107
          anv            hundreds of millions; 108
          anw            billions; giga-; G-; 109
          anx            more than billions; 10>9
          any            infinity; ∞
          aq       functions; equations  [calculus; analysis]  ≈ DDC 515  
          aqb            constants  
          aqc            real functions  [real analysis]
          aqd            integrals  [measure; integration]
          aqe            functions of a complex variable
          aqf            potential  [potential theory]
          aqg            several complex variables; analytic spaces
          aqh            special functions
          aqi            ordinary differential equations; ODEs
          aqj            partial differential equations; PDEs
          aqk            dynamical systems  [ergodic theory]  ↞ cp processes
          aqɭ            difference equations; functional equations
          aqm            sequences; series; summability
          aqn            approximations; expansions
          aqo            sinusoidal basis functions  [Fourier analysis]
          aqp            basic waves  [abstract harmonic analysis]
          aqq            integral transforms  [operational calculus]
          aqr            integral equations
          aqs            spaces of functions  [functional analysis]
          aqt            operators  [operator theory]
          aqv            variations  [calculus of variations; optimal control]
          at       algorithms  [numerical analysis]  ≈ DDC 518
          au       probabilities  [probability theory; statistics]  ≈ DDC 519
          aw       systems; wholes; networks  [general systems theory; cybernetics]  ≈ DDC 003
          aw2            in environment
          aw4            disorders
          aw5            system dynamics
          aw6            mechanicity
          aw7            organs; differentiated parts; sublevels  
          aw9            order states
          awg            aggregates  
          awi            integrates  
          awɭ            levels  
Connected classes:
                 0  [A] as for; seen from; in light of; modelled in perspective; aspect; bias; viewpoint; model; relativity; interpretation; thirdness; phase relationship; dimension γ  ↞ ae 
                 008  [an]           as in KB document size
                 068  [an89]            theory applicability
                 086  [an89]           occurring
                 088  [an]            probability; likelihood  ↞ au 
                 11  [an]      at; ranked rank; ordinal number, place in classification
                 20  [A]      in; within situation; condition; context  ↞ ae 
                 21  [an]      in position; rank; spatial sequence
                 248  [an89]            centrality
                 286  [an8]           at altitude Km; orthogonal relative position  ↞ j99 
                 51      developed through; by history; evolution  ↞ ag 
                 52  [an89]       dynamicity
                 525  [an89]            dynamicity change
                 527  [an89]            standard deviation
                 528  [an]            dynamicity measure
                 529  [an89]            stability
                 566  [an]           tending towards; regulating to equilibrium value; homeostasis; health  ↞ cpoh 
                 58  [os]      through; by activity; mechanism; dynamics  ↞ ag 
                 619  [an]            age
                 65  [an89]       stability; regularity; continuity
                 668  [an89]            quality
                 67  [aw6]       mechanicity
                 74  [an89]       integration; consistency
                 748  [an89]            continuity
                 77       element; subsystem; constituent; material  ↞ aw 
                 78  [an89]       complexity; degree of organization; structure
                 785  [an89]            structure change
                 81  [an89]       span measure; sequentual extent; duration; average life
                 82  [an89]       size; magnitude; extent
                 84  [ac9]       intensionality
                 85  [an89]      getting changed quantity
                 86  [an89]      amounting to quantity; amount; intensity; pattern; degree; extent; quantifier
                 87  [an89]       fraction; proportion
                 878  [ann]            numerical fraction
                 88  [an]       number; numerical quantity; cardinality
                 98  [X]      of; for; qualified by; defined by; relative to quality; relation; kind; differentia; function  ↞ ae8c 
                 a22  [a]           in neighbourhood
                 a58  [ag]           through transformation; operation; function; map; morphism
                 a77  [a]           containing; ∋ member; individual
                 a78  [a]           including; ⊃ subset
                 ae8            arity; adicity; dimension; number of arguments; places  ↞ anai 
                 aeb           identity  ↞ ae6q 
                 ag6  [ag6]            operation property
                 aɭt           categories  [category theory]  ↞ ac alg 
                 ams           families of sets  ↞ amry 
                 ane  [an8]           billionths; nano-; n-; 10-9
                 anf  [an8]           10-8
                 ang  [an8]           10-7
                 anh  [an8]           millionths; micro-; μ-; 10-6; 0.00000
                 ani  [an8]           10-5; 0.0000
                 anj  [an8]           10-4; 0.000
                 ank  [an8]           thousandths; milli-; m-; 10-3; 0.00
                 anɭ  [an8]           hundredths; centi-; c-; 10-2; 0.0
                 anm  [an8]           tenths; deci-; d-; 10-1; 0.
                 ann  [an8]           units; 100
                 c spacetime; space-time; events; pacha  [special relativity]  ↞ bg alo 
                 cbX  [an]            time years
                 ccX           dimensions  ↞ ann 
                 cpe           states; properties  ↞ ae8c 
                 d58  [an]            brightness; intensity; amplitude
                 d81  [an]           lasting s average lifetime
                 d96  [an89]           with spin
                 d98  [an89]           with charge
                 e83  [an]            atomic mass
                 e85  [an]           with A; ampere electric current; I  ↞ d6l 
                 e98  [an8]            charge; ionization; ion
                 f48  [an]           needing kJ/mol potential barrier; energy barrier; activation energy Ea
                 f52  [an]            reactivity
                 f55  [an]           boiling at K boiling point  ↞ gg gl 
                 f57  [an]            rate of reaction
                 f58  [an]           J; joule enthalpy change; ΔH; heat of reaction
                 f83  [an]           weighing molecular weight
                 f86  [an89]           quantity
                 f88  [an]           mmol
                 f96  [an89]            acidity
                 f98  [an8]            ionization
                 g18  [an]           at time t
                 g28  [an]           at spatial coordinate x
                 g58  [an]           of dB; decibels intensity
                 g64  [an]            entropy
                 g65  [ann]           of hardness in Mohs scale
                 g66  [an89]            temperature
                 g78  [an89]            complexity degree
                 g83  [an89]            mass; weight
                 h52  [an]           orbiting in terrestrial days revolution period
                 h84  [an]            color index; BV index; temperature
                 h88  [an]            absolute magnitude; Mv
                 i4X  [an8]           Richter magnitude
                 i52  [an]            radioactivity
                 i84  [an]            tenacity
                 j1X           dates; days  ↞ an 
                 j82  [an]  ⋄           of Km2 surface; area
                 j83  [an8]           at altitude Km a.s.l.; terrain; relief
                 m48  [an89]            outcome; prognosis; course
                 m81  [an89]           aged years age
                 m83  [an89]            weight
                 m88  [an]            quantity
                 n88  [an]            size
                 o81  [an]           lasting s; seconds duration
                 o88  [an]           of bits information content
                 p88  [an8]            valence
                 r82  [an89]            size
                 t6g           sincerity; truth  ↞ ai 
                 t75  [an89]            literacy class  ↞ sw 
                 t76  [an89]            wealth class  ↞ v7 
                 t87  [an89]           including fraction
                 u87  [an89]            groups  ↞ u5op 
                 u88  [an]           producing $/y output
                 v82  [an89]            size
                 v88  [an]            budget $
                 w1X  [an8]           millennia
                 won           numerology  ↞ an 
                 x71  [an]            sequential part
                 x81  [an89]            duration
                 x82  [an89]            size
                 y71  [an]            section; part
                 ysm           mathematics; maths  ↞ a 

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7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
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