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Expanded class s

    broader class

          s  services; deliverables; goods; tertiary sector  ↞ j landforms m organisms u polities   ≈ DDC 600
          s1   [X]      at stage
          s2   [X]      in facility; infrastructure
          s3   [X]      by special tool; equipment; utensil; instrument
          s33   [U]           provided by worker
          s35   [v7]           by factor of production; resource; input
          s36   [t7]           for customer; patron; consumer; buyer
          s37   [r3]           using tool; equipment; device
          s39             system
          s4   [X]       failure
          s5   [X]       operation
          s55   [r5]           working by technology
          s6   [X]       service property
          s69            conforming to regulation; guideline; technical norm; standard procedure  ↞ u6 
          s7   [X]       special material
          s75   [r7]            division; compartment; branch
          s77   [X]            special resource
          s8        access
          s8b            free of charge
          s8h            paid; charged  ↞ v5k trade
          s9   [X]       service kind
          s90            for function
          s91   [w1]           of period
          s92   [uU]           of; adopted in; spread in region
          s94   [X]           dealing with pest; disease; problem
          s96   [X]           for beneficiary
          s98   [X]           of kind
          sb       food and drink; prepared food; dishes  [gastronomy]  ↞ osk feeding   ≈ DDC 641
          sb3            by food tool
          sb4             food service failure
          sb5             food preparation  [cooking; cookery; culinary arts]
          sb6             diet
          sbb            vegetables  ↞ mpw flowering plants
          sbc            fruit  ↞ mp7s seeds
          sbd            cereal grains  ↞ mpwbtg grasses
          sbe            breads  ↞ mpwbtg grasses
          sbf            noodles
          sbg            sweets; sweet desserts
          sbh            honey  ↞ mqriqxx honey bees
          sbi            dairy products; milk products; lacticinia  [dairy science]  ↞ mqvt mammals rj pastoralism   ≈ DDC 637
          sbj            eggs  ↞ mqvo birds
          sbm            meat and fish  ↞ mqv chordates rh hunting ri fisheries rj pastoralism
          sbo            cooking oils  ↞ smc3o 
          sbs            seasonings; spices and culinary herbs
          sbu            sauces
          sbv            drinks; beverages
          sc       recreational drugs
          scd            depressant use; downer use
          scm            stimulant use
          scu            hallucinogen use
          sd       lodging; dwellings; settlements; localities; populated places  [civil engineering; architecture; town planning]  ↞ osc sheltering
          sd3             furniture; home services  [interior architecture]  ≈ DDC 645
          sdc            camping
          sde            buildings; edifices; houses  ≈ DDC 720
          sdh            hamlets
          sdɭ            villages
          sdo            towns
          sdq            cities
          sdt            metropoles
          sdu            conurbations; metropolitan areas; urban areas; agglomerations
          se       cleaning
          se3            by cleaning equipment
          seh            washing
          ser            drying
          sf       clothing; attire; personal adornment  ↞ oss social interactions
          sf6             textile kind
          sfe            wears; cloths; dresses; garments; attires; apparels  ↞ l5m metabolism
          sfh            haircut  ↞ mU7xh human hair
          sfj            fingernail modification
          sfm            makeup; cosmetics
          sfn            body painting
          sfo            body modification
          sfp            perfuming
          sfw            jewellery; jewelry
          sg       personal services
          sgc            childcare  ↞ t7i children
          sge            elderly care  ↞ t7v old people
          sgs            spas
          sgx            sexual services  ↞ osm mating
          sh       healthcare; health services; healing; medical treatments; assistance; therapies  [medicine]  ↞ mU4 affected by   ≈ DDC 610
          sh2             assistance place
          sh3            by medical equipment
          sh5             healing stage
          sh6             medical tradition; school; approach
          sh7            by drug; pharmaceutical; medication; medicine  ≈ DDC 615  
          shc            medical advice; consultation
          she            physical exercise prescription
          shg            massage; rubdown
          shh            physical therapy
          shi            diet prescription
          shɭ            drug administering; pharmacological therapy  [pharmacology]  ↞ sh7 by
          shn            nursing
          shq            emergency services; rescue services
          shr            non-critical hospitalization
          shs            intensive care; critical care
          sht            resuscitation
          shu            surgery
          shy            mental health care; psychotherapy  [psychiatry; applied psychology]  ↞ p4 
          sj       welfare; social services; assistance  ≈ DDC 361
          sje            unemployment support  ↞ v7bp employment
          sjr            veteran support  ↞ sm combat
          sk       funeral services; death care
          skb            burial; internment
          ske            cremation
                 prisons; penitentiaries; detention centres; jails; gaols; correctional facilities; remand centres
          sm       combat; fight; defense
          sm3            weapons; arms; armaments  ↞ osgi fight   ≈ DDC 683  
          smd            hand-to-hand combat
          smm            military combat
          sms            security
          sr       retail shops
          srd            itinerant peddlers
          srk            retail markets
          srs            retail stores
          srt            theme parks
          sru            malls; shopping centres
          ss       waste disposal
          ssd            landfills; tips, rubbish dumps, garbage dumps, dumping grounds
          ssi            incineration plants
          st       logistics; transportation; vehicles  ↞ osi moving   ≈ DDC 629
          st2            by transport infrastructure; utility  [heavy civil engineering; hydraulic engineering]  ≈ DDC 625
          stb            vertical travel devices
          stc            mountain vehicles
          std            heavy-duty vehicles; heavy equipments; machines; trucks; hydraulic; construction; engineering equipments
          ste            road vehicles  ↞ sus broadcasting   ≈ DDC 388
          sti            trains; railway vehicles  ↞ sus broadcasting   ≈ DDC 385
          stɭ            vessels; watercrafts  ↞ js fresh water systems jy seas    ≈ DDC 386 387
          stm            submarines  ↞ jy seas
          str            aircrafts  ↞ hU7t atmosphere   ≈ DDC 387
          sts            spacecrafts
          su       communication; information exchange; media  ↞ ou communication
          su7   [X]            part; component
          suc            tablets
          suf            papyrus
          suh            parchments
          sui            handwritten paper  ≈ DDC 091
          suk            printed paper  [bibliology]  ≈ DDC 686
          sum            films
          sup            phonographs; gramophones; vinyl records
          suq            magnetic tapes
          sus            broadcasting
          sut            telephones
          suu            computers  [computer science; information technology]  ≈ DDC 004 005 006
          suv            computer networks  [telematics]
          sw       schools; education services; teaching  [didactics; pedagogy]  ↞ y scholarship
          sw2            in education facility
          swn            nursery schools  ↞ t7i children
          swp            primary schools  ↞ t7i children   ≈ DDC 372
          sws            secondary schools  ≈ DDC 373
          swt            high schools  ↞ t7l adolescents
          swu            universities  ↞ t7n youth   ≈ DDC 378
          sww            adult schools  ↞ t7p adults   ≈ DDC 374
          sx       cultural services; documentation services; GLAM  ↞ y scholarship
          sxb            publishing
          sxc            news; journalism
          sxe            interpreting and translation services
          sxh            archives  [archive science]
          sxi            information services  [information science; documentation]
          sxɭ            libraries  [library science]
          sxm            exhibitions
          sxr            digital repositories; digital libraries  ↞ suvU the Internet
Connected classes:
                 037  [s]           using research tool
                 076  [s]           applied to activity field; sphere; domain; application
                 nyx           urban environment  ↞ sw 
                 sbo           cooking oils  ↞ smc3o 
                 shɭ           drug administering; pharmacological therapy  [pharmacology]  ↞ sh7 
                 sjr           veteran support  ↞ sm 
                 ste           road vehicles  ↞ sus 
                 sti           trains; railway vehicles  ↞ sus 
                 sxr           digital repositories; digital libraries  ↞ suvU 
                 t70  [s]           occupied in job; occupation
                 t75  [an89]            literacy class  ↞ sw 
                 u5w           war  ↞ smm 
                 u7s           police; constabulary; civil guard; protective services; cops  ↞ sms 
                 u7t           military; armed forces; defense  [military science]  ↞ smm 
                 uk      city-states; polis; communes  ↞ sdq 
                 v legal entities; legal persons; juridical persons; companies; owners  [law]  ↞ p6 s 
                 w2v           video videogames  ↞ suu 
                 w5b           dressing up; masquerading  ↞ sf 
                 w7c           clothes  ↞ sf 
                 wbo           toasts  ↞ sbv 
                 wbp           banquets  ↞ sb 
                 wgw           cycle sport; bicycling; biking  ↞ stei 
                 wgx           motor sports  ↞ ste 
                 wmx           mourning; grief; funeral rites  ↞ sk m8x 
                 wre           fetishism  ↞ s 
                 x45  [s4]           damaged by damaging factor
                 x77  [su]           on device
                 xm7           for instrument; medium  ↞ s 
                 y scholarship; public knowledge; common knowledge; learning; sciences; episteme  ↞ su sw po 
                 y3      using tool; resource  ↞ s 
                 y5t           education; teaching  [didactics; pedagogy]  ↞ sw 
                 y5x           indexing; organizing; classifying; cataloguing  ↞ sx yx 
                 y77  [su]           recorded in; testified in; presented as carrier; medium
                 yd      documents; instantiations; knowledge items; information resources  ↞ x su 
                 yst           applied sciences  ↞ yss r s 

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