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Expanded class y

    broader class

          y  scholarship; public knowledge; common knowledge; learning; sciences; episteme  ↞ su communication sw schools po cognition   ≈ DDC 001  
          y1        knowledge change
          y17   [w1]           at time
          y1c            ideation; conception
          y1d            development
          y1f            diffusion; spreading
          y1i            discussion; debate
          y1p            updating
          y1r            criticism
          y1v            oblivion
          y2       in academy; research facility
          y27   [uU]           in region
          y2h            conference hall
          y2n            national research organizations  ↞ qv languages
          y2o            office; desk
          y2w            the Internet; online
          y3       using tool; resource  ↞ s services
          y31   [y]           derived from source; original knowledge
          y33   [U]           introduced by innovator; inventor
          y34   [y]           criticizing; opposing opposed view
          y35   [U]           by learned person; knower; apprentice; scholar; intellectual
          y36   [t7]           for audience; target; pupil; student; public
          y37   [y]           influenced by source
          y3j            sensors; transducers
          y3m            measuring and alignment tools  ≈ DDC 681
          y3q            laboratory equipment
          y4        antithesis; aporia; critics; difficulty
          y40            censored by censor
          y4c            contradiction
          y5        intellectual activity; scholarly activity
          y5c            research; approach; method
          y5g            congresses; conferences; symposia
          y5p            scholarly publishing
          y5t            education; teaching  [didactics; pedagogy]  ↞ sw schools   ≈ DDC 370
          y5u            communication; promotion
          y5x            indexing; organizing; classifying; cataloguing  ↞ sx cultural services yx knowledge organization systems
          y6        style of thought; level of knowing
          y60             world view; Weltanschauung; lifestance; general belief; prioritized phenomena
          y6e            common sense; popular knowledge
          y6m            magical  ↞ wom magic   ≈ DDC 130
          y6s            scientifical; rational enquiry  ↞ por reason
          y7        component; stage
          y71   [an]            section; part
          y76   [x]           in art work
          y77   [su]           recorded in; testified in; presented as carrier; medium
          y7e            premise
          y7h            hypothesis
          y7n            analysis
          y7p            proof
          y7t            testing; checking
          y7u            result
          y7v            discussion
          y8        expertise; intellectual level
          y84             veracity; truth
          y8f            dummy
          y8i            laymen
          y8u            esoteric; initiated
          y8v            expert
          y9   [X]       tradition; school  ↞ yo theories
          y90            of; on; about; dealing with; studying subject; topic; matter
          y91   [w1]           known in time
          y92   [uU]           known in region
          y93   [U]           by thinker; master; author; creator
          y95   [qv]           among speakers of language
          y96   [wr]            faith; religious inspiration
          yb       data; recorded information
          yd       documents; instantiations; knowledge items; information resources  ↞ x creative arts su communication   ≈ DDC 090
          ydb            oral reports; testimonies; oral knowledge
          ydc            written texts
          ydd            diagrams
          ydg            maps  ↞ j landforms
          ydi            pictures; still images
          ydm            videos; moving images
          ydn            sound records  ↞ g5n sound
          ydp            objects
          ydq            models; 3D copies
          yds            specimens; samples
          ydx            finds; exhibits
          yo       theories; conceptual models  [theory theory]  ≈ DDC 161 167
          yoc            concepts; notions  [concept theory]  ↞ po cognition qo words
          yoe            conjectures; hypotheses  ↞ y7p proof
          yog            arguments; theses
          yoɭ            laws; principles; statements
          yop            paradigms
          ys       disciplines; fields; bodies of knowledge; forms of knowledge; domains  
          ys9   [X]            tradition; school
          ysh            philosophy; wisdom  ≈ DDC 100
          ysm            mathematics; maths  ↞ a forms
          yss            empirical sciences; pure sciences  ≈ DDC 507
          yst            applied sciences  ↞ yss empirical sciences r production s services
          ysv            history  ↞ ty civilizations u polities
          ysw            philology  ↞ yd documents q language
          ysx            literary criticism  ↞ xl literature   ≈ DDC 807
          yx       knowledge organization systems; KOSs; documentary languages; indexing languages  [knowledge organization; classification theory]  ↞ y5cx classification
          yxc            lists
          yxe            keywords; tags
          yxi            taxonomies
          yxn            controlled vocabularies
          yxs            classification schemes; classification systems
          yxt            ontologies
Connected classes:
                 00  [A]      as attested in; testified; witnessed; recorded; reported in document; carrier; medium; specimen; knowledge item; dimension δ  ↞ y7 
                 004  [y]           commenting on commented resource
                 007  [yd]           as in document format
                 03  [y5c]      studied by general research method
                 031  [y]           studied through research stage
                 032  [y12]           studied in research environment
                 035  [y5]           studied through research procedure
                 038  [y]           studied using source
                 06  [ysh9]      according to general theory; world view; Weltanschauung
                 07  [ys]      studied in discipline; field
                 08  [y84]       veracity; fictionality
                 sw      schools; education services; teaching  [didactics; pedagogy]  ↞ y 
                 sx      cultural services; documentation services; GLAM  ↞ y 
                 v6n           intellectual property law  ↞ x y 
                 w7s           scriptures; religious texts  ↞ ydc 
                 x66  [y84]            fictionality
                 xɭx           essays  ↞ y 
                 y31  [y]           derived from source; original knowledge
                 y34  [y]           criticizing; opposing opposed view
                 y37  [y]           influenced by source
                 y5x           indexing; organizing; classifying; cataloguing  ↞ sx yx 
                 y9  [X]       tradition; school  ↞ yo 
                 yoe           conjectures; hypotheses  ↞ y7p 
                 yst           applied sciences  ↞ yss r s 
                 ysw           philology  ↞ yd q 
                 yx      knowledge organization systems; KOSs; documentary languages; indexing languages  [knowledge organization; classification theory]  ↞ y5cx 

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