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Expanded class x

    broader class

          xWy  intellectual products
          x  creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu icons g continuum bodies   ≈ DDC 700
          x18   [w1]           in historical period
          x2       in special place
          x27   [uU]           in region
          x2b            open air
          x2ɭ            atelier; workroom
          x3   [X]      by art tool; instrument; equipment
          x35   [U]           performed by performer
          x36   [t7]           for audience; target
          x4        aesthetic limitation
          x45   [s4]           damaged by damaging factor
          x4d            didactic
          x4k            kitsch
          x5        creation; technique; procedure
          x5b            conception; ideation
          x5c            design; preparation
          x5d            draft
          x5e            source collection; research; study; finding
          x5n            preparation
          x5o            production; manufacturing
          x5p            publication; exposition
          x5q            reproduction  
          x5s            distribution
          x5u            popularization
          x5v            conservation; preservation; keeping
          x6        genre; tone  
          x60            treating; representing subject; theme
          x61   [ty]           set in epoch
          x62   [uU]           set in place
          x63   [o]           set after antecedents; prior event
          x65   [o]           narrating plot; quest
          x66   [y86]            fictionality
          x67   [U]           with character
          x68   [o]           aiming at mission; objective
          x6b            non-fiction
          x6c            epic
          x6d            adventure
          x6e            noir; rogue
          x6f            horror
          x6g            tragedy
          x6h            drama
          x6i            speculative fiction
          x6k            tragicomedy
          x6ɭ            satire
          x6n            nonsense
          x6o            comedy
          x6r            romance
          x6t            erotic
          x6v            lyric
          x7        art component
          x70            made of material
          x71   [an]            sequential part
          x81   [an89]            duration
          x82   [an89]            size
          x85   [X]            pace; rhythm; cadence
          x86   [X]            mode
          x87   [an]            number of elements
          x88   [an89]            quantity of elements
          x9        style; art movement; artistic movement
          x90            for function
          x91   [w1]           typical of time
          x92   [uU]           typical of country
          x93   [U]           created by artist
          x95   [qv]           in language
          x97   [s]           on carrier
          x9i            classical antiquity; Graeco-Roman culture
          x9j            romanesque
          x9k            gothic
          x9m            humanism
          x9n            renaissance  ↞ w1pwWt Renaissance
          x9o            baroque
          x9p            rococo
          x9q            neoclassicism
          x9r            romanticism
          x9s            realism
          x9t            art nouveau
          x9u            modernism; avant-garde  ↞ w1pw 1800 to 1899 AD w1px 1900 to 1999 AD
          x9v            postmodernism
          xb       sculptures  ≈ DDC 730
          xbs            statues; statuary
          xbu            monuments; public art
          xc       engravements  [glyptics]
          xd       art ceramics; pottery  ↞ uuc   ≈ DDC 730
          xe       mosaics
          xf       paintings  ≈ DDC 750
          xfɭ            watercolor
          xg       drawings  ≈ DDC 740 760
          xgo            comics; BD
          xh       photographs  [photographic arts; reproductive arts]  ≈ DDC 770
          xi       calligraphies
                 literature  [philology; literary theory; literary criticism]  ↞ poi imagination q language   ≈ DDC 800 810 820 830 840 850 860 870 880 890
          xɭX            literary forms
          xɭb            proverbs; sayings
          xɭd            riddles
          xɭf            fairy tales; fables
          xɭm            myths; legends; stories  [mythology]  ↞ qtb narrative texts
          xɭp            epic
          xɭr            narrative; novels
          xɭt            theatre plays  ↞ xr theatre plays
          xɭv            poetry
          xɭx            essays  ↞ y scholarship
          xm       music  [musicology; musical criticism]  ↞ gan   ≈ DDC 780
          xm7            for instrument; medium  ↞ s services
          xmb            notes; pitch classes
          xmc            chords  [harmony]
          xme            beats; rhythms; meters
          xmf            phrases
          xmi            motifs
          xmm            melodies; tunes; voices
          xmo            movements
          xms            pieces; compositions
          xmw            music genres; forms  ≈ DDC 781
          xn       dances  [choreology]  ↞ wb social rituals
          xnt            ballet
          xo       circus  ≈ DDC 791
          xr       theatre plays; recitation; performances  [stagecraft]  ≈ DDC 792
          xs       films; movies; motion pictures; cinema  ≈ DDC 770 791
          xs5             filmmaking; production
          xsw            film movements
          x{}  work entitled; called
Connected classes:
                 v6n           intellectual property law  ↞ s x y 
                 w53  [xm7]           by musical instrument
                 w56  [x]           through traditional art
                 xɭt           theatre plays  ↞ xr 
                 y6      recorded in document; instantiation; knowledge item  ↞ x w 
                 y66  [x]           in art work
                 ysw           philology  ↞ xl q 
                 ysx           literary criticism  ↞ xl 

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