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Expanded class x

    broader class

          xWy  intellectual products
          x  creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu icons g bulk matter   ≈ DDC 700
          x18   [w1]           in historical period
          x2       in special place
          x27   [uU]           in region
          x2b            open air
          x2ɭ            atelier; workroom
          x3   [X]      by art tool; instrument; equipment
          x35   [U]           performed by performer
          x36   [t7]           for audience; target
          x4        aesthetic limitation
          x45   [s4]           damaged by damaging factor
          x4d            didactic
          x4k            kitsch
          x5        creation; technique; procedure
          x5b            conception; ideation
          x5c            design; preparation
          x5d            draft
          x5e            source collection; research; study; finding
          x5n            preparation
          x5o            production; manufacturing
          x5p            publication; exposition
          x5q            reproduction  
          x5s            distribution
          x5u            popularization
          x5v            conservation; preservation; keeping
          x6        genre; tone  
          x60            treating; representing subject; theme
          x61   [ty]           set in epoch
          x62   [uU]           set in place
          x63   [o]           set after antecedents; prior event
          x65   [o]           narrating plot; quest
          x66   [y84]            fictionality
          x67   [U]           with character
          x68   [o]           aiming at mission; objective
          x6b            non-fiction
          x6c            epic
          x6d            adventure
          x6e            noir; rogue
          x6f            horror
          x6g            tragedy
          x6h            drama
          x6i            speculative fiction
          x6k            tragicomedy
          x6ɭ            satire
          x6n            nonsense
          x6o            comedy
          x6r            romance
          x6t            erotic
          x6v            lyric
          x7        art component
          x70            on material; carrier
          x71   [an]            sequential part
          x73   [xm7]           with musical instrument
          x77   [su]           on device
          x8   [X]       pace; rhythm; cadence
          x81   [an89]            duration
          x82   [an89]            size
          x86             number of elements
          x88             quantity of elements
          x89   [X]            mode
          x9        style; art movement; artistic movement
          x90            for function
          x91   [w1]           typical of time
          x92   [uU]           typical of country
          x93   [U]           created by artist
          x95   [qv]           in language
          x9i            classical antiquity; Graeco-Roman culture
          x9j            romanesque
          x9k            gothic
          x9m            humanism
          x9n            renaissance  ↞ w1pwWt Renaissance
          x9o            baroque
          x9p            rococo
          x9q            neoclassicism
          x9r            romanticism
          x9s            realism
          x9t            art nouveau
          x9u            modernism; avant-garde  ↞ w1pw 1800 to 1899 AD w1px 1900 to 1999 AD
          x9v            postmodernism
          xb       sculptures  ≈ DDC 730
          xbs            statues; statuary
          xbu            monuments; public art
          xc       engravements  [glyptics]
          xe       mosaics
          xf       paintings  ≈ DDC 750
          xfɭ            watercolor
          xg       drawings  ≈ DDC 740 760
          xgo            comics; BD
          xh       photographs  [photographic arts; reproductive arts]  ≈ DDC 770
          xi       calligraphies
                 literature  [philology; literary theory; literary criticism]  ↞ poi imagination q language   ≈ DDC 800 810 820 830 840 850 860 870 880 890
          xɭX            literary forms
          xɭb            proverbs; sayings
          xɭd            riddles
          xɭf            fairy tales; fables
          xɭm            myths; legends; stories  [mythology]  ↞ qtb narrative texts
          xɭp            epic
          xɭr            narrative; novels
          xɭt            theatre plays  ↞ xr theatre plays
          xɭv            poetry
          xɭx            essays  ↞ y scholarship
          xm       music  [musicology; musical criticism]  ↞ g5n sound   ≈ DDC 780
          xm7            for instrument; medium  ↞ s services
          xm8             musical tempo
          xmb            notes; pitch classes
          xmc            chords  [harmony]
          xme            beats; rhythms; meters
          xmf            phrases
          xmi            motifs
          xmm            melodies; tunes; voices
          xmo            movements
          xms            pieces; compositions
          xmw            music genres; forms  ≈ DDC 781
          xn       dances  [choreology]  ↞ wb social rituals q7g gestures
          xnt            ballet
          xo       circus  ≈ DDC 791
          xr       theatre plays; recitation; performances  [stagecraft]  ≈ DDC 792
          xs       films; movies; motion pictures; cinema  ≈ DDC 770 791
          xs5             filmmaking; production
          xsw            film movements
          x{}  work entitled; called
Connected classes:
                 v6n           intellectual property law  ↞ x y 
                 w53  [xm7]           with musical instrument
                 w56  [x]           through traditional art
                 x73  [xm7]           with musical instrument
                 xɭt           theatre plays  ↞ xr 
                 y76  [x]           in art work
                 yd      documents; instantiations; knowledge items; information resources  ↞ x su 
                 ysx           literary criticism  ↞ xl 

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