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Expanded class 6

    broader class

          6   [X] having; being property; state; feature; attribute; form; firstness
          60   [A]      having; being; featuring external property; state; feature; form; firstness
          604   [A]           qualifying; characterizing
          60a            logical
          60e            atomical
          60f            chemical
          60g            material
          60h            celestial
          60i            mineral
          60j            geographical
          60k            genetic
          60m            living
          60n            wild; natural
          60o            instinctive; spontaneous; impulsive
          60p            conscious
          60q            verbal; linguistic
          60r            religious; sacred; holy
          60s            social
          60t            official
          60u            economical
          60v            technological
          60w            artificial
          60x            artistic
          60y            intellectual
          61        epoch
          615             developing; aging
          619   [an]            age
          62        shape
          63        tradition; history
          64       violating; disobeying regulation; norm; requirement; obligation
          65   [an89]       stability; regularity; continuity
          65f   ⋄           unstable
          65u   ⋄           stable
          66       agreeing with; conforming to; à la template; standard; reference; pattern; regulation; norm requirement; obligation; restraint
          661             style of epoch
          662             local style
          668   [an89]            quality
          67   [aw6]       mechanicity
          67c   ⋄           mechanical
          67r   ⋄           emergent
          67y   ⋄           holistic
          68   [g8]      appearance; look; colour
          680   [A]           equal to; identical to correspondent phenomenon
          687             facet; aspect
          68e   ⋄           blue
          68r   ⋄           red
          69        special property
          6V       such
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7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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