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Expanded class g

    broader class

          g  continuum bodies; bulk matter; states of matter; phases; macroscopical physical systems  [classical mechanics]  ↞ f molecules   ≈ DDC 530.4 530 531
          g18   [an]           at time t
          g28   [an]           at spatial coordinate x
          g38   [d3]           subjected to kind of force  [dynamics]
          g5        transmission; propagation
          g52             speed; rapidity
          g55   [g]           transitioning to new phase
          g58   [an]           of dB; decibels intensity
          g5h            heat; thermal energy transfer  [kinetic theory]  ↞ d particles   ≈ DDC 536
          g5n            sound; vibration; mechanical waves  [acoustics]  ≈ DDC 534
          g64   [an]            entropy  
          g66   [an89]            temperature
          g67   [d5ll]            colour; wavelength
          g77   [e]           made up of chemical element
          g78   [an89]            complexity degree
          g81             duration; average life
          g82             size
          g83   [an89]            mass; weight
          g96   [g]           as medium for dispersed phase; dissolved phase
          g97   [f]           made up of chemical substance
          gd       degenerate matter
          ge       quark-gluon plasma
          gf       plasma
          gg       gases  ≈ DDC 533
          ggU            air
          gi       dispersions
                 liquids  ≈ DDC 532
          gm       superfluids
          go       gels
          gq       glasses
          gr       supersolids
          gs       solids  [solid mechanics]
          gsc            plastic bodies
          gse            elastic bodies
          gsr            rigid bodies
          gx       crystals; crystalline solids  [crystallography]  ≈ DDC 548
          gy       Bose-Einstein condensates
Connected classes:
                 d6s           mechanic energy  ↞ g 
                 d6t           thermal energy  ↞ g5h 
                 f55  [an]           boiling at K boiling point  ↞ gg gl 
                 f65  [g]            aggregation state
                 fx      solid state compounds  ↞ gx 
                 g55  [g]           transitioning to new phase
                 g96  [g]           as medium for dispersed phase; dissolved phase
                 h celestial bodies; heavenly bodies; cosmic structures; astronomical objects  [astronomy; astrophysics; cosmology]  ↞ g 
                       stars  ↞ gf 
                 ib      minerals  [mineralogy]  ↞ gx 
                 r production; extraction; primary and secondary sectors  [technology]  ↞ q m g 
                 r5m           mechanical technology  ↞ g w 
                 wrn           naturalism  ↞ g h i j k l m 
                 x creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu g 
                 xm      music  [musicology; musical criticism]  ↞ g5n 
                 ydn           sound records  ↞ g5n 

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