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Expanded class g

    broader class

          g  bulk matter; states of matter; phases; continuum bodies; macroscopical physical systems  [classical mechanics]  ↞ f molecules   ≈ DDC 530.4 530 531
          g18   [an]           at time t
          g28   [an]           at spatial coordinate x
          g38   [d3]           subjected to kind of force  [dynamics]
          g5        transmission; propagation
          g52             speed; rapidity
          g55   [g]           transitioning to new phase
          g58   [an]           of dB; decibels intensity
          g5h            heat; thermal energy transfer  [kinetic theory]  ↞ d particles   ≈ DDC 536
          g5n            sound; vibration; mechanical waves  [acoustics]  ≈ DDC 534
          g6   [X]       special property
          g64   [an]            entropy  
          g65   [ann]           of hardness in Mohs scale
          g66   [an89]            temperature
          g7        special part
          g77   [e]           made up of chemical element
          g78   [an89]            complexity degree
          g8        colour  
          g81             duration; average life
          g82             size
          g83   [an89]            mass; weight
          g8X            hue; rainbow; colour; wavelength; frequency  ↞ d5ll visible light
          g8c            red
          g8d            reddish orange
          g8e            orange
          g8f            orange yellow
          g8g            yellow
          g8h            greenish yellow
          g8i            green-yellow
          g8j            yellowish green
          g8k            green
          g8ɭ            bluish green
          g8m            cyan; teal; blue-green
          g8n            azure; greenish blue
          g8o            blue
          g8p            purplish blue
          g8q            purple-blue
          g8s            purple; violet
          g8t            reddish purple
          g8u            red-purple
          g8v            purplish red; magenta; fuchsia
          g8y            achromatic colour
          g96   [g]           as medium for dispersed phase; dissolved phase
          g97   [f]           made up of chemical substance
          gXg            mixtures with dissolved or dispersed gases
          gXɭ            mixtures with dissolved or dispersed liquids
          gXs            mixtures with dissolved or dispersed solids
          gd       degenerate matter
          ge       quark-gluon plasma
          gf       plasma
          gg       gases  ≈ DDC 533
          ggg            gas mixtures
          ggɭ            liquid-in-gas mixtures
          ggs            solid-in-gas mixtures
                 liquids  ≈ DDC 532
          gɭg            foams; gas-in-liquid mixtures
          gɭɭ            liquid mixtures
          gɭs            solid-in-liquid mixtures
          gm       superfluids
          gr       supersolids
          gs       solids  [solid mechanics]
          gs6             plasticity
          gsg            gas-in-solid mixtures
          gsɭ            liquid-in-solid mixtures
          gss            solid mixtures including alloys
          gt       crystals; minerals  [crystallograpy; mineralogy]  ≈ DDC 548; 549  
          gt6             lustre; luster
          gt7             cleavage
          gtU   [gtsta]           quartz
          gtb            native elements
          gtc            sulfide minerals; sulphides; sulfides  ↞ edq sulfur
          gtd            sulfosalt minerals  ↞ edq sulfur
          gte            oxide minerals; oxides  ↞ fe oxides
          gtf            hydroxide minerals; hydroxides  ↞ ecq oxygen ebb hydrogen
          gth            halide minerals; halides  ↞ eXr halogens
          gtm            carbonate minerals; carbonates  ↞ eco carbon ecq oxygen
          gtn            nitrate minerals; nitrates  ↞ ecp nitrogen
          gto            sulphate minerals; sulphates; sulfates  ↞ edq sulfur
          gtp            phosphate minerals; phosphates  ↞ edp phosphorus
          gtr            borate minerals; borates  ↞ ecn boron
          gts            silicates  ↞ edo silicon
          gtx            organic minerals  ↞ eco carbon
          gw       Bose-Einstein condensates; BEC
Connected classes:
                 68  [g8]      appearance; look; colour
                 d6s           mechanic energy  ↞ g 
                 d6t           thermal energy  ↞ g5h 
                 f55  [an]           boiling at K boiling point  ↞ gg gl 
                 f65  [g]            aggregation state
                 fx      solid state compounds  ↞ gsx 
                 g55  [g]           transitioning to new phase
                 g96  [g]           as medium for dispersed phase; dissolved phase
                 gtU  [gtsta]           quartz
                 h celestial objects; heavenly bodies; cosmic structures; astronomical objects  [astronomy; astrophysics; cosmology]  ↞ g 
                       stars  ↞ gf 
                 i rocks; stones  [geology; planetary geology]  ↞ gssu 
                 i97  [gt]           containing mineral
                 jr      glaciers; glacial systems  [glaciology]  ↞ gteb 
                 r production; extraction; primary and secondary sectors  [technology]  ↞ q m g 
                 r5m           mechanical technology  ↞ g w 
                 wrn           naturalism  ↞ g h i j k l m 
                 x creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu g 
                 xm      music  [musicology; musical criticism]  ↞ g5n 
                 ydn           sound records  ↞ g5n 

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