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Expanded class n

    broader class

          n  populations; groups; wildlife  [ecology]  ↞ m organisms   ≈ DDC 577
          n09   [X]           according to ecological theory
          n1   [51]      at evolutionary stage  [evolutionary biology]
          n13   [i1]           appeared; originated in period
          n18   [w1]           in time
          n2        biogeographical realm; ecozone
          n25   [ny]           in habitat
          n27   [uU]           in region
          n2c            Neartic
          n2e            Palerartic
          n2f            Afrotropical
          n2i            Indomalayan
          n2ɭ            Australasian
          n2n            Neotropical
          n2o            Oceanian
          n2t            Antarctic
          n3       under selective pressure; factor
          n40            threatened by factor
          n5        population process  [population dynamics]
          n5f            fertility; natality; birth rate; reproduction
          n5i            mixing
          n5m            animal migration
          n5r            mortality
          n5t            extinction  ↞ 51r end
          n5v            biodiversity
          n76   [m9]            sex class
          n77   [m8]            age class
          n88   [an]            size
          n97   [m]           of species
          nb       aggregation groups
          ne       colonies
          nec            clonal colonies
          nen            nesting colonies
          nes            eusocial colonies; caste colonies
          nm       populations  [population dynamics; demography]  
          nmU            human populations  ↞ mU human organisms
          np       phylogenetic lineages; taxa
          npX            ranks
          npb            subforms
          npc            varietes
          npd            subspecies
          npe            species
          npf            subgenera
          npg            genera
          nph            subtribes
          npi            tribes
          npj            subfamilies
          npk            families
          npɭ            suborders
          npm            orders
          npn            superorders
          npo            subclasses
          npp            classes
          npr            subphyla
          nps            phyla; divisions
          npu            subkingdoms
          npv            kingdoms
          npy            domains
          ns       biological associations  [phytosociology]
          nt       trophic systems
          ntd            parasitism  [parasitology; pathology]  ↞ mq306p 
          nte            predation
          ntm            commensalism
          nts            symbioses
          nu       biocoenoses; biocenoses; biotic communities; biological communities; ecological communities  
          ny       ecosystems; biomes; biocores  [environmental sciences]  ↞ m organisms l cells j landforms
          ny1   [51]           at development stage; growth stage; age
          nyb            benthic zones; bottom substrates
          nyc            oceanic zones; marine zones  ↞ jy seas
          nyd            intertidal zones  ↞ jyai 
          nye            estuary ecosystems  ↞ jsrau 
          nyf            salt marsh ecosystems  ↞ jvm salt marshes
          nyg            coral reefs  ↞ mqdc anthozoa
          nyh            hydrothermal vents  
          nyk            lentic ecosystems; slow-moving water  ↞ jsl lakes
          nyɭ            streams; becks; bournes; brooks; burns; lotic ecosystems; rapidly-moving water  ↞ jsr rivers
          nym            wetlands  
          nyo            soils; pedosphere  [soil science; pedology; edaphology]  ↞ l cells m organisms   
          nyr            forests  ↞ mp76t 
          nys            savannahs  ↞ mp76r mp76s mp76t 
          nyt            grasslands; prairies  ↞ mp76r 
          nyu            deserts
          nyw            agricultural environment  ↞ uu supranational unions
          nyx            urban environment  ↞ sw schools
          nyy            aerial environment
Connected classes:
                 25  [ny]      in; within environment; niche; context; set; system; milieu; site; seat; venue; atelier; workroom
                 m25  [ny]           in habitat
                 n25  [ny]           in habitat
                 o agency; autonomy; animated beings; instincts; action patterns; behavioural modules; animal behaviour  [ethology; neurosciences]  ↞ mqaon n 
                 o25  [ny]           in environment
                 omb           benthic locomotion  ↞ nyb 
                 omc           swimming; diving  ↞ nyc 
                 osr           aggregating  ↞ ne 
                 oy      life habits; strategies  [behavioural ecology; natural history]  ↞ ny 
                 r3d           digging implement  ↞ nyo 
                 rf      logging; managed forests; woods  [forestry]  ↞ nyr 
                 ri      fisheries  ↞ js jy nyd vc 
                 t5r           human migration  ↞ n5m 
                 t6j           fertility  ↞ n 

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