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Expanded class b

    broader class

          bWo  nature s.s.  [natural sciences]  ≈ DDC 500
          b  spacetime; space-time continuum; events; pacha  ↞ alo groups   ≈ DDC 530.1
          b5   [X]       transformation
          b6   [X]       property
          b7   [X]       element
          b9   [X]       kind
          bY       present; here and now
          bYb            this; here proximal
          bYd            that; there distal
          bYt            that yonder
          bb       time  [chronology]
          bbX   [an]            time years
          bbY            present, past and future  ↞ an quantities
          bbb            Big Bang time; Planck epoch
          bbs            hundreds of thousands years
          bbv            hundreds of millions years
          bbw            billions years
          bbx            more than billions years
          bc       space; extension  [geometry; algebraic geometry; topology]  ↞ ak spaces   ≈ DDC 514 516
          bc6   [X]            property
          bc7   [X]            element
          bc9   [X]            kind
          bcX            dimensions  ↞ ann units
          bcb            straight lines; one-dimensional space
          bcc            surfaces; two-dimensional space; 2D
          bcd            solids; three-dimensional space; 3D
          bce            four-dimensional space; tetradimensional space
          bp       processes; occurrents; changes  [dynamics]  
          bp5            becoming; changing into
          bpc            continuants; objects; things
          bpe            states; properties  ↞ ae8c binary
          bpo            continued events; durative events
          bpv            events; concluded events; done perfect  
          bv       motion  [kinematics]
          bvb            linear motion; rectilinear motion
          bvc            circular motion  ↞ bccbc circles
          bvh            simple harmonic motion; pendulum
Connected classes:
                 065  [bpo]           theorized as undergoing path; process
                 188  [bb]           in absolute time
                 566  [an]           tending towards; regulating to equilibrium value; homeostasis; health  ↞ bpoh 
                 aqk           dynamical systems  [ergodic theory]  ↞ bp 
                 bvc           circular motion  ↞ bccbc 
                 h5       celestial motion  ↞ bv 
                 i1      in era; period  [geochronology; stratigraphy]  ↞ bbx 
                 i78  [bd]            crystal structure; space group; symmetry group
                 j8      latitude degrees; primes  ↞ bcdyau 
                 j89           longitude degrees; primes  ↞ bcdyau 
                 s5       social event; social dynamics  ↞ bp 
                 w1      in historical period; calendar time; epoch  ↞ i1gh bbxprsvxw 
                 w5       rite; worship; ceremony; liturgy; divine service  ↞ bp 

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6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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