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Expanded class 8

    broader class

          8   [X] consisting in quantity; intensity; degree; extent
          80   [A]      as much as
          804   [A]           measure of
          81   [an89]       span measure; sequentual extent; duration; average life
          810   [A]           as long as equally long phenomena
          818   [X]           lasting standard duration measure
          81f            short
          81u            long
          82   [an89]       size; magnitude; extent
          820   [A]           as big as equally big phenomena
          825   [X]            growth rate
          827   [X]            length; x axis
          828   [X]            size measure; volume
          829   [X]            extent; area
          82f            small
          82u            big
          83   [X]       consistence; consistency
          84   [X]       order
          848   [X]            order measure
          85   [an89]       dynamicity
          855   [an89]            dynamicity change
          857   [an89]            standard deviation
          858   [an]            dynamicity measure
          859   [an89]            stability
          85c            non dynamic; still
          85f            slow
          85m            dynamic
          85u            quick
          86   [ac9]       intensionality
          860   [X]           half-
          86b            its opposite; contrary
          86c            not; non-
          86g            quasi
          86ɭ            little
          86t            typically; prototypically
          86v            very
          87   [an89]       fraction; proportion
          878   [ann]            numerical fraction
          87e            a small minority
          87f            a minority
          87i            about half
          87m            some
          87u            most
          87v            a large majority
          88   [an89]      amounting to quantity; amount; intensity; pattern; degree; extent; quantifier
          880   [A]           as many as
          885   [an89]           getting changed quantity
          888   [an]            number; numerical quantity; cardinality
          88c            none
          88e            very few
          88f            few; little
          88m            some plural
          88u            much; many
          88v            very many
          88y            all
          89        special measure
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