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Expanded class w

    broader class

          w  customs; mores; uses; habits; lore; tradition; rituals; spirituality  ↞ ped awe   ≈ DDC 200
          w1       in historical period; calendar time; epoch  ↞ i1gh Holocene bbxprsvxw present day   ≈ DDC 900 940 950 960 970 980 990
          w1X   [an8]           millennia
          w1e            9999 to 9000 BC; 10th millennium BC
          w1f            8999 to 8000 BC; 9th millennium BC
          w1g            7999 to 7000 BC; 8th millennium BC
          w1h            6999 to 6000 BC; 7th millennium BC
          w1i            5999 to 5000 BC; 6th millennium BC
          w1j            4999 to 4000 BC; 5th millennium BC
          w1k            3999 to 3000 BC; 4th millennium BC
          w1ɭ            2999 to 2000 BC; 3rd millennium BC
          w1m            1999 to 1000 BC; 2nd millennium BC
          w1n            1 to 999 BC; 1st millennium BC
          w1o            1 to 999 AD; 1st millennium AD
          w1p            1000 to 1999 AD; 1st millennium
          w1q            2000 to 2999 AD; 2nd millennium
          w27   [tU]           in region
          w3       practiced by; professed by adherent; prophet  ↞ px persons
          w31   [w]  ⋄           derived from original custom
          w35   [so]           administered by; organized by church body  [ecclesiology]
          w36   [s7]           for recipients
          w3b            lay persons; lay adherents
          w3d            elders; senior members
          w3f            lay assistants
          w3h            hermits; ascetics; fakirs
          w3m            monks; monastic orders
          w3n            deacons; assistant ministers
          w3p            clerics; clergymen; churchmen; ministers; priests
          w3x            prophets
          w46   [s6]           committing; tempted by sin; evil; guilt; vice; taboo
          w5        rite; worship; ceremony; liturgy; divine service  ↞ bp processes   ≈ DDC 390
          w5b            dressing up; masquerading  ↞ rf clothing
          w5c            procession
          w5d            itinerant begging
          w5e            offering; sacrifice
          w5f            bonfire
          w5h            ritual meal; sacred meal
          w5ɭ            blessing; consecration
          w5o            occultism; paranormal beliefs; esoterism; arcane  [parapsychology]  ≈ DDC 130
          w66   [s6]           conforming to; pursuing precept
          w7        symbol; sacred object  ↞ osuy 
          w70            using symbolic object
          w76   [mU7]            symbolic body part
          w7c            clothes  ↞ rf7 
          w7n            sacred dances  ↞ xn dances
          w7s            scriptures; religious texts  ↞ ru3 by   ≈ DDC 220
          w88   [an89]            sacrality
          w9       invoking; appealing; referring to; believing in spiritual entity; power
          w91   [w1]           typical of historical period; epoch
          w92   [tU]           typical of country
          w93   [U]           founded by master
          w9b            ghosts
          w9c            souls
          w9d            ancestor souls
          w9e            saints; intercessors
          w9g            angels
          w9m            demons
          w9p            deities; gods
          w9s            impersonal spirits  
          w9y            pantheistic gods
          wc       gestures  ↞ osu 
          wce            warning gestures; deictical; indexical  ↞ ose vigilance
          wcg            threat gestures  ↞ osge threat
          wcm            courtship gestures  ↞ osmh courtship
          wco            subjection gestures; respect  ↞ ossj subjection
          wcq            dominance gestures  ↞ ossm dominance
          wcs            friendly gestures  ↞ ossq alliance
          wcx            group coordination gestures
          wg       practices
          wgc            mysticism; religious ecstasy
          wge            meditation; contemplation
          wgg            prayer
          wgi            abstinence
          wgɭ            pilgrimage
          wgp            preaching
          wgs            mission
          wgw            monasticism; monastic living; monkhood; asceticism
          wm       sacraments; initiations; sacred passages
          wmf            baptism; Christening
          wmk            puberty initiation  ↞ sapl 
          wmm            familiar bonds
          wmu            anointing of the sick; extreme unction  ↞ m5w ageing
          wmx            mourning; grief; funeral rites  ↞ sapx 
          wn       celebrations; festivals; feasts; holy days; holydays  ↞ j19 in
          wnb            vernal equinox
          wnc            Carnival
          wnd            Lent
          wne            Easter; Passover; Pesach; Pascha; Resurrection Sunday
          wng            May Day; Beltane
          wnj            Midsummer; summer solstice
          wnn            autumnal equinox
          wnq            Halloween; All Saints' Eve; Samhain
          wns            Advent
          wnt            winter solstice
          wnu            Christmas
          wnv            New Year day
          wnw            Epiphany
          wnx            Chinese New Year; Spring Festival
          wny            Ramadan
          wt       faiths; doctrines; denominations  ≈ DDC 290
          wtc            Vedic Brahmanism; Vedism  ≈ DDC 294
          wtd            Hinduism; Sana-Tana Dharma  ≈ DDC 294
          wte            Carvaka; Charvaka; Lokayata
          wtf            Jainism  ≈ DDC 294
          wtg            Sikhism; Gurmat  ≈ DDC 294
          wth            Buddhism
          wtk            Confucianism
          wtɭ            Legalism
          wtm            Mohism; Moism
          wtn            Taoism; Daoism
          wto            Shinto
          wtp            ancient Egyptian religion
          wtq            paganism; pre-Christian Europe polytheism
          wts            Judaism  ≈ DDC 296
          wtt            Christianity  ≈ DDC 230 240 250 260 270 280
          wtu            Islam  ≈ DDC 297
          wtv            Bahá'í faith; Bahaism  ≈ DDC 297
          wtw            New Age
          wtx            Theosophy
          wty            Humanism; International Humanist and Ethical Union
          ww       religious beliefs  ≈ DDC 210
          wwc            animism
          wwe            fetishism  ↞ q artifacts
          wwf            phallism; sexual worship  ↞ osm mating
          wwh            shamanism  ↞ waexw 
          wwi            spiritualism; idealism  ↞ w8 p consciousness
          wwn            naturalism  ↞ g continuum bodies h celestial bodies i rocks j land k genes l cells m organisms n populations
          wwu            humanism  ↞ s communities
Connected classes:
                 001  [w1]           published at publication time
                 01  [w1]      as known in historical period
                 081  [w1]           as set at time; epoch
                 12  [w1]      in moment; period; temporal context
                 13  [w1]      from; since; beginning at; originated at start time
                 134  [w1]           until; ending at end time
                 14  [w1]      before subsequent time
                 144  [w1]           after preceding time
                 17  [w1]      in historical time
                 n18  [w1]           in time
                 p91  [w1]           born on birth time
                 q31  [w1]           made in time
                 q3m           mechanical technology  ↞ g w 
                 qtɭ           vessels; watercraft  ↞ js jy wuh 
                 r91  [w1]           of period
                 rk      funeral services; death care  ↞ wmx 
                 s6x           faith  ↞ wt 
                 s73  [wt]            religious adherence
                 s91  [w1]           of period
                 syd           Canaan  ↞ wts 
                 syi           Ancient India; Hindu and Buddhist civilizations  ↞ wtc wtd wth 
                 t6h           church polity  ↞ w 
                 t91  [w1]           founded in foundation time
                 u18  [w1]  ⋄           in fiscal year; financial; budget year
                 u63  [wt]           inspired to religion
                 v18  [w1]           in time  [historical linguistics; comparative linguistics]
                 w31  [w]  ⋄           derived from original custom
                 w91  [w1]           typical of historical period; epoch
                 wwh           shamanism  ↞ waexw 
                 wwi           spiritualism; idealism  ↞ w8 p 
                 x18  [w1]           in historical period
                 x91  [w1]           typical of time
                 x9n           renaissance  ↞ w1pwWt 
                 x9u           modernism; avant-garde  ↞ w1pw w1px 
                 y18  [w1]           at time
                 y6      recorded in document; instantiation; knowledge item  ↞ x w 
                 y91  [w1]           known in time
                 y9m           magical  ↞ w 

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