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Expanded class m

    broader class

          m  organisms; eukaryote organisms; eukarya  ↞ l cells k genes   ≈ DDC 570  
          m25   [ny]           in habitat
          m37   [X]            symbiont; fertilizer
          m4   [X]      affected by disease; pest  [pathology]
          m42            correlated with risk factor; determinant
          m45   [_]            pathogenesis; mechanism  
          m47   [m4]           with complication; sequela; secondary effect
          m48   [an89]            outcome; prognosis; course
          m49   [X]           showing; feeling; reflected by; manifested as symptom; sign  [symptomatology]
          m5        function; physiological process  [physiology]  ≈ DDC 571
          m58   [l5]            metabolic process
          m5e            birth  ↞ oso giving birth
          m5g            growth
          m5m            metamorphosis
          m5r            reproduction
          m5w            ageing
          m5x            death; dying
          m6   [X]       trait; character  [morphology]
          m7   [X]       organ; viscus; organ system; body system  [anatomy]
          m78   [lu]            cell type
          m79   [X]            tissue  [histology]
          m8        growth stage; developmental stage  [ontogeny; embryology]  ↞ 51 developed through
          m81   [an89]           aged years age
          m83   [an89]            weight
          m88   [an]            quantity
          m8a            conception
          m8b            zygote
          m8c            embryo
          m8d            fetus; foetus
          m8f            newborn; neonate; infant
          m8g            larva
          m8h            metamorphosis
          m8i            very young
          m8ɭ            adolescent; puberty
          m8n            young; youth
          m8p            adult
          m8u            old; ageing
          m8x            dead; corpse
          m8y            fossil  ≈ DDC 560
          m9        sex; gender
          m91   [i1]           lived in; existed in era  [palaeontology]
          m92   [jU]           distributed in range  [biogeography]
          m93   [m]           descendant of ancestor taxon; lineage  [phylogeny]
          m97   [X]           with qualifying organ
          m9i            indeterminate gender; androgynous
          m9x            male
          m9y            female
          mA       all organisms; biosphere
          mAa   ⋄           organisms in themselves
          mU   [mqvtguos]      human organisms; men  [biological anthropology]
          mU4            affected by human disease  [nosology; health science]
          mU6             sex
          mU7            human organs  [human anatomy]  ≈ DDC 611 612
          mX       kingdoms
          mXA   ⋄           some organisms
          mXX            phyla; divisions; types
          mY        individuals; specimens
          me       excavates; excavata including Euglena, Tripanosoma, Trichomonas  ≈ DDC 579
          mg       rhizaria
          mgc            cercozoa
          mgf            forams; foraminifera
          mgr            radiolarians; radiolaria
          mh       chromalveolata  ≈ DDC 579
          mhe            heterokontophyta
          mhh            haptophyta
          mhk            cryptophyta
          mhm            apicomplexa
          mho            chromerida
          mhq            ciliates; ciliophora
          mht            dinoflagellates; dinoflagellata
          mj       amoebozoa including Amoeba  ≈ DDC 579
          mn       fungi  [mycology]  ≈ DDC 579
          mnc            chytrids; chytridiomycota
          mnd            blastocladiomycota
          mne            neocallimastigomycetes; neocallimastigomycota
          mng            zygomycota; zygomycetes and trichomycetes including black bread mold, Rhizopus
          mnh            glomeromycota
          mno            ascomycetes; ascomycota; sac fungi including morels, truffles, yeasts, cup fungi
          mns            basydiomicetes; basydiomycota; club fungi including puffballs
          mo       red algae; rhodophyta  ≈ DDC 579
          mp       plants  [botany SS]  ↞ lup differentiated plant cells   ≈ DDC 580
          mp4            afftected by plant disease; pest  [plant pathology; phytopathology]
          mp6             bearing
          mp7             plant organ; functional system  [plant morphology]  ≈ DDC 575
          mp9             sex
          mpb            chlorophytes; chlorophyta
          mpc            charophytes; charophyta
          mpe            liverworts; marchantiophyta
          mph            hornworts; anthocerotophyta
          mpj            mosses; bryophyta  [bryology]  ≈ DDC 588
          mpɭ            club mosses; lycopodiophyta
          mpn            ferns; pteridophytae; filicophyta; polypodiophyta; polypodiopsida  [pteridology]  ≈ DDC 587
          mpo            cycads; cycadophyta
          mpq            ginkgos; ginkgophyta
          mpr            conifers; pinophyta; coniferophyta  ≈ DDC 585
          mpt            gnetophytes; gnetophyta including Gnetum, Ephedra, Welwitschia
          mpw            flowering plants; angiospermae; magnoliophyta
          mq       animals; metazoa  [zoology]  ↞ lus differentiated animal cells   ≈ DDC 590  
          mq4             animal disease; illness; disability; disorder; syndrome  [animal pathology; nosology; epidemiology; medical ]  ≈ DDC 616
          mq5             animal function  [animal physiology]
          mq7             animal organ; system; apparatus  [comparative anatomy]  ↞ laf   ≈ DDC 573
          mqU            animals of special interest for humans
          mqb            mesozoa
          mqc            sponges; porifera  ≈ DDC 593
          mqd            cnidaria; coelenterata  ≈ DDC 593
          mqe            flatworms; platyhelminths; plathelminthes including tapeworms, flukes  ≈ DDC 592
          mqf            gnathostomulida
          mqg            nemertinea; rhynchocoela
          mqh            rotifera
          mqi            nematoda; nemathelminthes
          mqj            bryozoa; ectoprocta
          mqk            phoronida
          mqɭ            brachiopoda
          mqm            mollusca  [malacology]  ≈ DDC 594
          mqn            annelida  ≈ DDC 592
          mqo            sipuncula
          mqp            echiura
          mqq            priapulida
          mqr            arthropoda  ≈ DDC 595
          mqs            chaetognata
          mqt            echinoderms; echinodermata  ≈ DDC 592
          mqv            chordates; chordata  ≈ DDC 596
Connected classes:
                 jwt           atolls  ↞ mqdc 
                 m47  [m4]           with complication; sequela; secondary effect
                 m93  [m]           descendant of ancestor taxon; lineage  [phylogeny]
                 mU  [mqvtguos]      human organisms; men  [biological anthropology]
                 n populations; groups; wildlife  [ecology]  ↞ m 
                 n76  [m9]            sex class
                 n77  [m8]            age class
                 n97  [m]           of species
                 nmU           human populations  ↞ mU 
                 ntd           parasitism  [parasitology; pathology]  ↞ mq306p 
                 ny      ecosystems; biomes; biocores  [environmental sciences]  ↞ m l j 
                 nyg           coral reefs  ↞ mqdc 
                 nyo           soils; pedosphere  [soil science; pedology; edaphology]  ↞ l m 
                 nyr           forests  ↞ mp76t 
                 nys           savannahs  ↞ mp76r mp76s mp76t 
                 nyt           grasslands; prairies  ↞ mp76r 
                 o agency; autonomy; animated beings; instincts; action patterns; behavioural modules; animal behaviour  [ethology; neurosciences]  ↞ mqaon n 
                 o36  [mq]           interacting with species
                 o77  [mq7]           with organ
                 o96  [m9]           of sex
                 o97  [m]           of species
                 osm           mating; sexuality  ↞ mafrl 
                 oso           giving birth  ↞ m5e 
                 p consciousness; subjects  [psychology]  ↞ o mU 
                 p72  [mq7nr]           located in brain region
                 p97  [mq]           of organism; animal
                 pix           males  ↞ mU6x 
                 piy           females  ↞ mU6y 
                 q language  [linguistics]  ↞ ou p mU 
                 r production; extraction; primary and secondary sectors  [technology]  ↞ q m g 
                 r5k           animal traction  ↞ mqvtt mqvtu 
                 r9b           bone  ↞ mq7q 
                 r9d           lumber; timber; wood; wooden  ↞ mp7g 
                 r9i           fibers; fibres  ↞ mp 
                 r9k           down feather  ↞ mq7x mqvo 
                 r9ɭ           leather  ↞ mq7x mqvt 
                 r9m           fur  ↞ mq7x mqvt 
                 r9o           oil; fat  ↞ mq79c 
                 r9r           paper  ↞ mp 
                 s services; deliverables; goods; tertiary sector  ↞ j m u 
                 sbb           vegetables  ↞ mpw 
                 sbc           fruit  ↞ mp7s 
                 sbd           cereal grains  ↞ mpwbtg 
                 sbe           breads  ↞ mpwbtg 
                 sbh           honey  ↞ mqriqxx 
                 sbi           dairy products; milk products; lacticinia  [dairy science]  ↞ mqvt rj 
                 sbj           eggs  ↞ mqvo 
                 sbm           meat and fish  ↞ mqv rh ri rj 
                 sfh           haircut  ↞ mU7xh 
                 sh      healthcare; health services; healing; medical treatments; assistance; therapies  [medicine]  ↞ mU4 
                 t77  [mU689]            members' skin colour
                 t7d           being born  ↞ m5e 
                 t7e           babies; newborn  ↞ mU8e 
                 t7i           children  ↞ mU8i 
                 t7ɭ           adolescents; kids  ↞ mU8l 
                 t7n           youth; young people  ↞ mU8n 
                 t7p           adults  ↞ mU8p 
                 t7v           old people; third age  ↞ mU8v 
                 t7x           dead people  ↞ m8x 
                 v6g           succession law  ↞ m5x 
                 w75  [mq]            ritual animal
                 w76  [mp7]            ritual plant part
                 w77  [mU7]            symbolic body part
                 wgv           animal sports; riding; driving; horse racing  ↞ mq 
                 wmk           puberty initiation  ↞ m8l 
                 wmu           anointing of the sick; extreme unction  ↞ m5w 
                 wmx           mourning; grief; funeral rites  ↞ sk m8x 
                 wrn           naturalism  ↞ g h i j k l m 

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