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Expanded class r

    broader class

          rWu  societies; sociofacts  [social sciences]  
          r  services; enterprises; businesses; industries  [economics; applied sciences]  ↞ j land m organisms u legal entities   ≈ DDC 600
          r1   [X]      at phase
          r17   [j19]           in season
          r2       in facility; production place
          r27   [tU]           in region
          r29   [X]           in special place
          r2b            the wild
          r2d            household
          r2f            field
          r2i            enclosure; captivity
          r2k            workshop
          r2ɭ            laboratory
          r2n            industrial plant; factory
          r2o            conference hall
          r2r            classroom
          r2s            office; desk
          r2w            the Internet; online
          r3   [X]      by special tool; equipment; utensil; instrument  ↞ q artifacts
          r32   [q]           in infrastructure
          r33   [U]           provided by worker
          r35   [u7]           by factor of production; resource; input
          r36   [s7]           for customer; patron; consumer; buyer
          r37   [q]           using tool; equipment; device
          r39             system
          r4   [X]       failure
          r5        operation; division; compartment; branch
          r56   [q3]           working by technology
          r59   [X]            special operation
          r5c            supply; acquisition
          r5d            design; project; plan
          r5f            manufacturing; production
          r5i            maintenance
          r5ɭ            consulting
          r5m            management; administration
          r5n            advertising
          r5p            packaging
          r5r            delivery
          r5s            store; warehouse
          r5t            exposition
          r5u            distribution
          r5w            customer service
          r6   [X]       service property
          r69             standard procedure  ≈ DDC 658
          r7   [X]      resource
          r76   [X]           exploiting part
          r77   [X]           exploiting natural resource; raw material; feedstock; unprocessed material; primary commodity  
          r82   [an89]            size
          r88   [an]           producing $/y output  
          r9   [X]      providing; producing deliverable; special service; special good
          r91   [w1]           of period
          r92   [tU]           of; adopted in; spread in region
          r94   [X]           dealing with pest; disease; problem
          r96   [X]           producing; providing product; good  ↞ q artifacts
          r98   [X]           of kind
          rb       food and drink services  [gastronomy]  ↞ osk feeding
          rb3            by food tool
          rb4             food service failure
          rb6             diet
          rb9            serving; waiting on dish; prepared food  ≈ DDC 641
          rbc            catering
          rbk            take-out; carry-out; to-go; takeaway; grab-n-go; parcel
          rbn            cafeterias; canteens
          rbp            coffee bars; coffee shops; cafés
          rbr            restaurants
          rd       lodging services
          rdb            house rental
          rdf            hostels
          rdh            hotels
          re       cleaning services
          re3            by washing and drying equipment
          reɭ            laundry
          rf       clothing; attire; personal adornment  ↞ oss social interactions
          rf7             cloth; dress; garment; attire; apparel
          rfe            wear; dress  ↞ l5m metabolism
          rfh            haircut
          rfj            fingernail modification
          rfm            makeup; cosmetics
          rfn            body painting
          rfo            body modification
          rfp            perfuming
          rg       personal services
          rgc            childcare  ↞ s7i children
          rge            elderly care  ↞ s7v old people
          rgs            spas
          rgx            sexual services  ↞ osm mating
          rh       healthcare; health services  ↞ mU4 affected by   ≈ DDC 610
          rh3            by medical equipment
          rh6             medical tradition; school; approach
          rh7            by drug; pharmaceutical; medication; medicine  ≈ DDC 615  
          rhe            emergency services; rescue services
          rhh            medical treatment  [medicine]
          rhi            illness and disability support
          rhm            mental health care  [psychiatry; applied psychology]  ↞ p4 
          rho            occupational therapy  ↞ r33 provided by u7b labour
          rj       welfare; social services; assistance  ≈ DDC 361
          rje            unemployment support  ↞ u7bp employment
          rjr            veteran support  ↞ t5w war
          rk       funeral services; death care  ↞ wmx mourning
          rkh            funeral homes
          rkm            cemeteries; burial grounds; gravesites; graveyards
          rm       combat; fight; defense
          rmd            hand-to-hand combat
          rmm            military combat
          rmp            correction centres; penitentiaries; detention centres; prisons; jails; gaols
          rms            security
          rn       foraging; hunting and harvesting  ≈ DDC 639
          rn7             wildlands; wilderness
          rnb            berrypicking  ↞ mpw flowering plants
          rng            gleaning  ↞ mp plants oskg grazing
          rnh            hunting  ↞ oskh hunting
          rns            fisheries  ↞ js fresh water systems jy seas nyd intertidal zones vc 
          ro       agriculture; farming  [agronomy]  ≈ DDC 630
          ro3             agricultural tools
          ro6             agriculture type
          ro9            producing special agricultural product
          roc            wood gathering; collecting  ↞ mp7g stem
          rof            logging; managed forests; woods  [forestry]  ↞ mp7g stem nyr forests   ≈ DDC 634
          roh            orchards  [pomology]  ↞ ro76sp fruits   ≈ DDC 634
          roj            gardening  [horticulture]
          ron            grass crops; herbaceous crops; field crops  ≈ DDC 633
          rop            pastoralism; breeding; stockbreeding; rearing  [animal husbandry; animal science]  ≈ DDC 636  
          roy            landscape management  [landscape architecture]
          rp       mines; quarries; extraction plants   [mining]  ↞ i rocks   ≈ DDC 622
          rpb            stone mining  ↞ ii single rocks
          rpe            metal mining  ↞ eU metals
          rpg            natural gas extraction  ↞ gg gases
          rpɭ            coal mining  ↞ iiso coal
          rpo            mineral oil mining  ↞ ibxc mineral hydrocarbons
          rps            salt mining  ↞ ff salts
          rq       workshops; crafts; handicraft; trades
          rqg            ceramics and glass crafts  ↞ iis sedimentary rocks vahc   ≈ DDC 666
          rr       factories; manufacturing plants; production plants  ≈ DDC 621 660 670 680
          rrb            food and beverage processing; food manufacturing; technology  ↞ rb9 serving   ≈ DDC 663 664
          rrc            tobacco manufacturing  ≈ DDC 679
          rre            textile mills  ↞ rf7    ≈ DDC 677
          rrg            petroleum and coal products manufacturing  ↞ rnsl rnso   ≈ DDC 665
          rrh            chemical manufacturing  ↞ f molecules   ≈ DDC 661
          rrj            nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing incl. clay, glass, cement, lime, gypsum products
          rrm            primary metal manufacturing  ≈ DDC 669
          rrn            fabricated metal product manufacturing
          rrp            machinery manufacturing
          rrr            electrical manufacturing
          rrt            electronics industry
          rs       retail shops
          rsd            itinerant peddlers
          rsk            retail markets
          rss            retail stores
          rst            theme parks
          rsu            malls; shopping centres
          rt       logistics; transportation services  ↞ osi moving
          rtc            cargo; freight transportation
          rtm            post; postal service; mail  ≈ DDC 383
          rtr            private transportation  ↞ px persons
          rts            buses; omnibuses; multibuses; autobuses; passengers collective transportation
          rtt            taxicabs; taxis; cabs; single passengers transportation
          rtw            waste disposal
          rty            storage; warehouses
          ru       communication; information exchange
          ru3            by medium; information device; information and communication technology; ICT  ↞ ou communication
          rw       schools; education services; teaching  [didactics; pedagogy]  ↞ oal y scholarship
          rwn            nursery schools
          rwp            primary schools  ≈ DDC 372
          rws            secondary schools  ≈ DDC 373
          rwt            high schools
          rwu            universities  ≈ DDC 378
          rww            adult schools  ↞ s7p adults   ≈ DDC 374
          rx       cultural services; documentation services; GLAM  ↞ y scholarship
          rxb            publishing
          rxc            news; journalism
          rxe            interpreting and translation services
          rxh            archives  ↞ ytc 
          rxi            information services  [information science; documentation]  ↞ ytc 
          rxɭ            libraries  [library science]  ↞ ru3kb books ytc 
          rxm            exhibitions
          rxr            digital repositories; digital libraries  ↞ ru3q Internet
          ry       academies; research organizations  ↞ y scholarship
          ry3            using tool; resource  ↞ q artifacts
          ryn            national research organizations  ↞ tt modern nation states
Connected classes:
                 076  [r]           applied to activity field; sphere; domain; application
                 jww           artificial islands  ↞ r 
                 nyw           agricultural environment  ↞ rr 
                 q artifacts; implements; devices; appliances  [technology; engineering]  ↞ r g 
                 qt      vehicles; means of transport  ↞ rt 
                 rho           occupational therapy  ↞ r33 u7b 
                 roh           orchards  [pomology]  ↞ ro76sp 
                 rrb           food and beverage processing; food manufacturing; technology  ↞ rb9 
                 rre           textile mills  ↞ rf7 
                 rrg           petroleum and coal products manufacturing  ↞ rnsl rnso 
                 rxɭ           libraries  [library science]  ↞ ru3kb ytc 
                 rxr           digital repositories; digital libraries  ↞ ru3q 
                 s75  [r]            job; occupation
                 s76  [an89]            literacy class  ↞ rw 
                 syc           Ancient Egypt  ↞ jUic rtp 
                 syw           modern Western civilization; Occidental culture; Modern Era  [modern history]  ↞ jUe rtt rts 
                 u97  [r]           in sector; industry
                 w5b           dressing up; masquerading  ↞ rf 
                 w7c           clothes  ↞ rf7 
                 w7s           scriptures; religious texts  ↞ ru3 
                 xd      art ceramics; pottery  ↞ rtc 
                 y scholarship; public knowledge, learning, sciences  ↞ s r p 
                 y67  [ru3]           recorded in; testified in; presented as carrier; medium

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