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Expanded class q

    broader class

          qWy  culture; civilization  [human sciences; humanities]
          q  artifacts; implements; devices; appliances  [technology; engineering]  ↞ r services g continuum bodies   ≈ DDC 620  
          q3       produced by technology; technique
          q31   [w1]           made in time
          q32   [tU]           made in place
          q33   [U]           made by producer
          q36   [s7]           suitable for user class; people
          q37   [q]           made by tool
          q39             technical development; innovation; change; new technology; technical progress
          q3b            manual work; human work  ↞ px persons
          q3c            controlled fire; cooking  ↞ f5ic combustion
          q3f            lithic technology; Stone Age  ↞ ii single rocks vdb 
          q3g            copper technology; Copper Age; chalcolithic  ↞ eel copper
          q3h            bronze technology; Bronze Age  ↞ eel copper efo tin
          q3i            iron technology; Iron Age; steel  ↞ eei iron
          q3k            animal traction  ↞ mqvtt perissodactyla mqvtu artiodactyla qv 
          q3m            mechanical technology  ↞ g continuum bodies w customs
          q3o            geotechnical technology  ↞ j land
          q3r            electrical technology  ↞ d6l electric energy
          q3t            electronic technology  ↞ dte electrons
          q3u            nuclear technology  ↞ dv hadrons
          q3v            solar technology  ↞ hlU the Sun
          q4       suffering; subject to failure; defect; flaw; breakdown; malfunctioning; damage
          q43   [X]           damaged by pest
          q4f            wear; usury
          q4i            strain
          q4r            break
          q4s            crash
          q4t            technical fault
          q53   [U]           controlled by; handled by; steered by; manoeuvred by manipulator; driver
          q56   [q3]            working technology; mechanism
          q6   [X]      conforming to regulation; guideline; technical norm  ↞ u6 according to
          q63   [x9]            style; design  [decorative arts]
          q7   [X]       component; part; organ
          q75   [X]           powered by power source; fuel
          q76   [q]            component device; subsystem
          q77   [qb]           made of raw material
          q81   [an]           lasting years life cycle
          q82   [an89]            size
          q90            for function
          q91   [sy]           used in historical civilization
          q92   [tU]           typical of region; country
          q98   [an89]            quality
          qb       raw materials; feedstock; unprocessed material; primary commodities  [materials science]
          qbb            stone  ↞ ii single rocks
          qbc            bone  ↞ mq7q skeleton
          qbd            wood; wooden  ↞ mp7g stem
          qbf            bricks  ↞ iis sedimentary rocks
          qbg            concrete  ↞ iis sedimentary rocks
          qbh            metal; metallic  ↞ eU metals
          qbi            fibers; fibres  ↞ mp plants
          qbk            down feather  ↞ mq7x skin mqvo birds
          qbɭ            leather  ↞ mq7x skin mqvt mammals
          qbm            fur  ↞ mq7x skin mqvt mammals
          qbo            oils; fats  ↞ mq79c connective tissue
          qbp            plastic  ↞ f molecules
          qbq            solvents; dyes; paints  ↞ f molecules
          qbr            paper  ↞ mp plants
          qc       cutting implements
          qce            axes
          qch            sickles; bagging hooks; reaping-hooks
          qci            scythes
          qck            knives
          qd       digging implements
          qdf            forks; pitchforks; graips
          qdh            hoes
          qdp            spades
          qdr            rakes
          qdu            ploughs; plows
          qe       weapons; arms; armaments  ↞ osgi fight   ≈ DDC 683  
          qec            trauma weapons
          qee            pointed weapons
          qeg            edged weapons
          qei            siege engines
          qej            bow and arrows  [archery]
          qeɭ            blowpipes; blowguns; blow tubes
          qen            guns
          qep            explosive devices
          qeq            chemical weapons  ↞ f molecules
          qeu            radiological weapons  ↞ d energy
          qex            biological weapons  ↞ l cells
          qg       common tools
          qgb            brushes
          qgg            sponges
          qi       pots; vessels; containers
          qig            bags
          qik            baskets
          qiɭ            bottles
          qio            boxes
                 textiles; fabrics; clothes; materials  ≈ DDC 646 685 687
          qɭe            weaves
          qɭi            knitted fabric
          qɭj            crochet
          qɭn            knotted textiles
          qɭq            tatted textiles; chiacchierino
          qɭt            felts
          qɭv            nonwoven fabric
          qɭx            braids
          qm       machineries; mechanical machines  [mechanical engineering]
          qmc            mechanical devices
          qmg            simple machines
          qmk            keys; locks
          qmn            heat engines; thermal engines  ↞ g5h heat
          qn       transducers  [electrical engineering]  
          qnc            electrochemical transducers
          qne            electromechanical transducers
          qng            electroacoustic transducers
          qnh            photoelectric transducers including diodes
          qnm            electromagnetic transducers
          qnq            Geiger-Müller tubes
          qns            electrostatic transducers
          qnt            thermoelectric transducers
          qo       electronic devices  [electronic engineering]
          qoc            semiconductors
          qod            capacitors; condensers; condensators
          qoe            resistors
          qoi            inductors
          qp       warming and cooling appliances  ≈ DDC 643
          qpe            ovens
          qpf            stoves
          qpo            cooling fans
          qpr            refrigeration equipment
          qr       furniture  [interior architecture]  ≈ DDC 645
          qrd            beds; lying furniture
          qre            seats
          qrk            tables; desks
          qro            storage furniture; cabinets
          qs       buildings; edifices  [civil engineering; architecture]  ↞ osc sheltering vs sentences   ≈ DDC 720
          qsb            tents
          qsc            houses; homes; residential buildings
          qt       vehicles; means of transport  ↞ rt logistics   ≈ DDC 629
          qtb            vertical travel devices
          qtc            mountain vehicles
          qtd            heavy-duty vehicles; heavy equipment; machines; trucks; hydraulics; construction; engineering equipment
          qte            road vehicles  ↞ qur roads   ≈ DDC 388
          qti            trains; railway vehicles  ↞ quq railroads   ≈ DDC 385
          qtɭ            vessels; watercraft  ↞ js fresh water systems jy seas wuh   ≈ DDC 386 387
          qtm            submarines  ↞ jy seas
          qtr            aircrafts  ↞ qux airports   ≈ DDC 387
          qts            spacecrafts
          qu       utilities; infrastructures  [heavy civil engineering; hydraulic engineering]  ≈ DDC 625
          qud            dams; reservoirs  ≈ DDC 627
          quh            harbours
          qun            canals  ≈ DDC 627
          qup            bridges  ≈ DDC 624
          quq            railroads; railways; tracks  ≈ DDC 625
          qur            roads  ≈ DDC 625
          qut            tunnels; galleries; underground openings  ≈ DDC 625
          qux            airports
          qw       settlements; localities; populated places  [town planning]  ↞ qs buildings   ≈ DDC 710  
          qwd            isolated dwellings
          qwe            hamlets
          qwg            villages
          qwh            towns
          qwi            cities
          qwm            metropoles
          qwn            conurbations; metropolitan areas; urban areas; agglomerations
Connected classes:
                 037  [q]           using research tool
                 37  [q]      through; by tool; catalyzer
                 nyx           urban environment  ↞ qw 
                 q37  [q]           made by tool
                 q3k           animal traction  ↞ mqvtt mqvtu qv 
                 q56  [q3]            working technology; mechanism
                 q76  [q]            component device; subsystem
                 q77  [qb]           made of raw material
                 qte           road vehicles  ↞ qur 
                 qti           trains; railway vehicles  ↞ quq 
                 qtr           aircrafts  ↞ qux 
                 qw      settlements; localities; populated places  [town planning]  ↞ qs 
                 r3  [X]      by special tool; equipment; utensil; instrument  ↞ q 
                 r32  [q]           in infrastructure
                 r37  [q]           using tool; equipment; device
                 r56  [q3]           working by technology
                 r96  [X]           producing; providing product; good  ↞ q 
                 ry3           using tool; resource  ↞ q 
                 tk      city-states; polis; communes  ↞ qwg 
                 u6n           intellectual property law  ↞ q x y 
                 u7i           fixed capital  ↞ q 
                 u7m           movables; movable property; personal property; chattels; objects  ↞ q 
                 wwe           fetishism  ↞ q 
                 x45  [q4]           damaged by damaging factor
                 x97  [q]           on carrier
                       literature  [philology; literary theory; literary criticism]  ↞ poi q 
                 xm3           for instrument; medium  ↞ q 
                 yc      concepts; notions  [concept theory]  ↞ po qo 
                 ysw           philology  ↞ xl q 

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