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Expanded class q

    broader class

          qWy  culture
          q  language  [linguistics]  ↞ ou communication p consciousness mU human organisms   ≈ DDC 400 410  
          q0       as related to
          q09            studied by theory  [general linguistics]
          q0p            mind  [psycholinguistics]
          q0s            economy  [economical linguistics]
          q0t            society  [sociolinguistics]
          q17   [w1]           in time  [historical linguistics; comparative linguistics]
          q27   [uU]           of; originated in; diffused from region
          q31   [q]           deriving from original linguistic element  [etymology; philology]
          q32   [q]           within linguistic context
          q33   [U]           by speaker; sender
          q36   [U]           to addressee; receiver
          q4        error; mistake  [error analysis]
          q4g            overgeneralization
          q4s            simplification
          q5        language change; evolution
          q5c            conservatism
          q5q            revival
          q5r            reformation
          q6        formalization
          q60             language level  
          q69             sense
          q6b            jargon
          q6d            dialect; local variant  [dialectology]
          q6n            standard; national
          q6p            pidgin
          q6r            creole
          q6t            international
          q6u            constructed; planned; artificial
          q6x            formal
          q7        transmission system; channel  ↞ ou5 
          q77   [q]           with element
          q79   [X]            structural type
          q7d            interpersonal distance  [proxemics]  
          q7g            gestures; visual-manual signs; body motion; body language  [kinesics]  
          q7o            non-verbal vocalization; non-lexical utterance
          q7s            speaking; speech s.s.; spoken language; orality
          q7w            writing  [graphemics; palaeography; epigraphy]
          q9        speech act  [pragmatics]
          q90            about object  [semantics]
          q98   [os]            message; linguistic function; poetic function
          q9c            locutionary
          q9i            illocutionary  
          q9p            perlocutionary
          q9t            metalocutionary
          qX        code
          qm       morphs  [morphology]
          qmb            stems  [lexicography; terminology]
          qmf            affixes
          qmq            aspects
          qms            compounds
          qo       words; lexical categories; word classes; lexical classes; parts of speech  [grammar (partim)]
          qoi            interjections
          qon            nouns
          qop            pronouns
          qoq            verbs
          qor            adjectives and adverbs
          qot            determiners; determinatives
          qow            adpositions; prepositions and postpositions
          qox            conjunctions
          qp       phrases; syntagmas; syntagmatic structures; units  [syntax; grammar]
          qpc            copulas
          qpd            predicates
          qpg            subjects
          qpj            direct objects
          qpn            indirect objects
          qpp            prepositional objects
          qq       clauses
          qqm            main clauses; matrix clauses; independent clauses
          qqs            subordinate clauses; embedded clauses; dependent clauses
          qs       sentences
          qsb            simple sentences
          qsd            compound sentences
          qsɭ            complex sentences
          qsn            compound-complex sentences; complex-compound sentences
          qt       texts; discourses  [text linguistics; discourse analysis]
          qtb            narrative texts; stories
          qtd            descriptive texts
          qtg            argumentative texts
          qti            instructive texts
          qtm            comparison texts; contrast; expositive texts
          qv       languages; natural languages; ordinary languages  ≈ DDC 490
          qvU            currently prominent languages
          qvX             language families
          qvb            Afro-Asiatic languages; Hamito-Semitic languages  ≈ DDC 492 493  
          qvc            Nilo-Saharan languages  ≈ DDC 496
          qvd            Niger-Congo languages; Niger-Kordofanian languages  ≈ DDC 496
          qve            Indo-european languages  ↞ jUj Eurasia
          qvf            Uralic languages  ≈ DDC 494
          qvg            Turkic languages  ≈ DDC 494
          qvh            Korean language  ≈ DDC 495
          qvi            Dravidian languages  ≈ DDC 494
          qvj            Japonic languages; Japanese-Ryukyuan languages  ≈ DDC 495
          qvk            Sino-Tibetan languages  ≈ DDC 495
          qvɭ            Tai-Kadai languages; Kra–Dai; Daic; Kadai
          qvm            Austroasiatic languages; Mon–Khmer
          qvn            Austronesian languages
          qvp            Papuan languages  
          qvq            Native American languages; Amerindian languages; indigenous languages of the Americas  ≈ DDC 497 498  
          qvs            Australian aboriginal languages  ≈ DDC 499
          qvx            modern planned languages; constructed; artificial languages; conlangs  ≈ DDC 499
Connected classes:
                 005  [qv]           in language
                 05  [q9]      conveying communicative function; act
                 q31  [q]           deriving from original linguistic element  [etymology; philology]
                 q32  [q]           within linguistic context
                 q77  [q]           with element
                 r production; extraction; primary and secondary sectors  [technology]  ↞ q m g 
                 t communities; civil society; complex society; institutions; groups; people  [sociology]  ↞ q oss 
                 t95  [qv]            ethnicity; language
                 u7v           diplomacy; diplomatic missions; foreign missions  ↞ qv 
                 u95  [qv]           speaking official language
                 w95  [qv]           of ethnicity; language speakers
                 wbg           greeting and parting customs; salutations  ↞ q7g 
                 x95  [qv]           in language
                       literature  [philology; literary theory; literary criticism]  ↞ poi q 
                 xɭm           myths; legends; stories  [mythology]  ↞ qtb 
                 xn      dances  [choreology]  ↞ wb q7g 
                 y2n           national research organizations  ↞ qv 
                 y95  [qv]           among speakers of language
                 yoc           concepts; notions  [concept theory]  ↞ po qo 
                 ysw           philology  ↞ yd q 

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6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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