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   a    forms
   b    quantum fields
   c    spacetime
   d    particles
   e    atoms
   f    molecules
   g    bulk matter
   h    celestial objects
   i    rocks
   j    landforms
   k    genes
   l    cells
   m    organisms
   n    populations
   o    agency
   p    consciousness
   q    language
   r    production
   s    services
   t    communities
   u    polities
   v    legal entities
   w    customs
   x    creative arts
   y    scholarship
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0  as for perspective  ▽ 
1  at time             ▽ 
2  in place            ▽ 
3  by agent            ▽ 
4  opposed to          ▽ 
5  undergoing change   ▽ 
6  having property     ▽ 
7  with part           ▽ 
8  in quantity         ▽ 
9  of quality          ▽ 

browse special classes:

A  the entirety        ▽ 
B  the 1st ones        ▽ 
C  the 2nd ones        ▽ 
D-S (etc.)             
T  the local           ▽ 
U  the typical         ▽ 
V  these               ▽ 
W  everything until    ▽ 
X  something           ▽ 
Y  the actual          ▽ 
Z  the mentioned       ▽ 


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