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Expanded class h

    broader class

          h  celestial objects; heavenly bodies; cosmic structures; astronomical objects  [astronomy; astrophysics; cosmology]  ↞ g bulk matter   ≈ DDC 520 523  
          h28   [j8]           at declination; dec; δ
          h5       motion  [kinematics]
          h52   [an]           orbiting in terrestrial days revolution period
          h5b            linear motion; rectilinear motion
          h5c            circular motion  ↞ ccccc 15 to 30 degrees
          h5h            simple harmonic motion; pendulum
          h5o            orbiting  [celestial mechanics]
          h5r            rotating spin
          h7        structural layer
          h70   ⋄           composed of substance
          h7c            core
          h7m            middle
          h7r            external layer
          h7s            surface
          h7t            atmosphere
          h84   [an]            color index; BV index; temperature
          h88   [an]            absolute magnitude; Mv
          h9   [X]       body kind
          h91   [51]            evolutionary stage
          h92   [h]           orbiting central object
          hU       the Earth  ↞ hpU solar planets   ≈ DDC 525
          hU7             Earth structural layer  ↞ hpt terrestrial planets
          hb       nebulae
          hc       clouds; diffuse nebulae
          hce            molecular clouds
          hcg            Bok globules; Thackeray's globules
          hd       dark matter
          hg       galaxies
          hgU            the Milky Way
          hgd            dwarf galaxies
          hge            elliptical galaxies
          hgɭ            lenticular galaxies
          hgp            spiral galaxies; disk galaxies
          hgr            ring galaxies
          hgt            irregular galaxies
          hgu            ultra diffuse galaxies; UDGs
          hh       galaxy associations
          hhg            galaxy groups
          hhɭ            galaxy clusters  
          hhs            galaxy superclusters
          hk       brown dwarves
                 stars  ↞ gf plasma   
          hɭ9             spectral type
          hɭU            the Sun  ↞ hld dwarf stars hl91n young stellar objects
          hɭb            subdwarf stars
          hɭd            dwarf stars
          hɭf            subgiant stars
          hɭg            giant stars
          hɭh            bright giant stars
          hɭj            supergiant stars
          hɭk            hypergiant stars
          hp       planets  [planetary science]  
          hpU            solar planets  ↞ hlU the Sun
          hpg            giant planets
          hpt            terrestrial planets; telluric; rocky planets
          hq       minor planets; planetoids
          hqd            dwarf planets
          hqf            asteroids
          hqj            trojans
          hqn            centaurs  ↞ hlU the Sun
          hr       meteoroids; meteors
          hs       planetary satellites; natural satellites; moons
          hsU            the Moon
          ht       planetary systems; star systems; stellar systems
          htU            the Solar system  ↞ hlU the Sun
          htc            binary stars
          htd            triple star systems
          hu       star clusters; stellar clusters  ↞ hl stars
          huU            Pleiades
          hug            globular clusters; GCs
          hui            intermediate star clusters
          huo            open clusters
Connected classes:
                 h92  [h]           orbiting central object
                 hU      the Earth  ↞ hpU 
                 hU7            Earth structural layer  ↞ hpt 
                 hɭU           the Sun  ↞ hld hl91n 
                 hpU           solar planets  ↞ hlU 
                 hqn           centaurs  ↞ hlU 
                 htU           the Solar system  ↞ hlU 
                 hu      star clusters; stellar clusters  ↞ hl 
                 i31  [hU7]           from structural layer
                 it      tectonic plates  [plate tectonics]  ↞ hUal 
                 itt           plates of the Earth  ↞ hU 
                 j28  [hp]           on planet
                 j3      weather  [meteorology]  ↞ hUap 
                 j5b           impact events  ↞ hqf 
                 jU      landmasses of the contemporary Earth; continents, microcontinents  ↞ js hU 
                 jdU           mountain ranges of contemporary Earth  ↞ hU 
                 jyU           seas of the contemporary Earth; World Ocean  ↞ hU 
                 r5v           solar technology  ↞ hlU 
                 str           aircrafts  ↞ hU7t 
                 wrn           naturalism  ↞ g h i j k l m 

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