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Expanded class l

    broader class

          ɭ  cells  [cell biology; cytology; cytobiology]
          ɭ5        cellular function; process  [cell physiology]
          ɭ5g            growth
          ɭ5m            metabolism
          ɭ5n            secretion
          ɭ5o            bioluminescence
          ɭ5q            movement
          ɭ5t            perception
          ɭ5u            cell communication
          ɭ5w            division; reproduction
          ɭ5y            cellular death
          ɭ6        trait; character
          ɭ7   [X]       cell organ
          ɭ70            composed of  [biochemistry]
          ɭh       archaea; archaeobacteria
          ɭhe            euryarchaeota
          ɭhn            crenarchaeota
          ɭk       eubacteria; bacteria s.s.
          ɭk6             bacterium shape  [bacteria morphology]
          ɭk7             bacterium organ
          ɭkb            acidobacteria
          ɭkc            actinobacteria
          ɭkd            aquificae
          ɭke            bacteroidetes; chlorobi
          ɭkf            chlamydiae; verrucomicrobia
          ɭkg            chloroflexi; chlorobacteria
          ɭkh            chrysiogenetes
          ɭki            cyanobacteria; cyanophyta; blue-green algae
          ɭkj            deferribacteres
          ɭkk            deinococcus-thermus; hadobacteria
          ɭkɭ            dictyoglomi
          ɭkm            fibrobacteres
          ɭkn            firmicutes
          ɭko            fusobacteria
          ɭkp            gemmatimonadetes
          ɭkq            nitrospirae
          ɭkr            planctomycetes
          ɭks            proteobacteria
          ɭkt            spirochaetes
          ɭku            synergistetes
          ɭkv            tenericutes
          ɭkw            thermodesulfobacteria
          ɭkx            thermotogae
          ɭu       eukaryote cells
          ɭu7             organelle
          ɭuc            stem cells
          ɭug            germ cells
          ɭum            somatic cells; vegetal cells
          ɭup            differentiated plant cells
          ɭus            differentiated animal cells
Connected classes:
                 m organisms; eukaryote organisms; eukarya  ↞ l k 
                 m58  [l5]            metabolic process
                 m78  [lu]            cell type
                 mp      plants  [botany SS]  ↞ lup 
                 mq      animals; metazoa  [zoology]  ↞ lus 
                 mq7            animal organ; system; apparatus  [comparative anatomy]  ↞ laf 
                 ny      ecosystems; biomes; biocores  [environmental sciences]  ↞ m l j 
                 nyo           soils; pedosphere  [soil science; pedology; edaphology]  ↞ l m 
                 sfe           wears; cloths; dresses; garments; attires; apparels  ↞ l5m 
                 wrn           naturalism  ↞ g h i j k l m 

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