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Expanded class i

    broader class

          i  rocks; stones  [geology; planetary geology]  ↞ gssu solid-in-solid suspensions   ≈ DDC 550
          i1       in era; period  [geochronology; stratigraphy]  ↞ cbx more than billions years
          i1X            geological eras
          i1d            Hadean; 4550-4000 Ma
          i1h            Eoarchean; 4000-3600 Ma
          i1i            Paleoarchean; 3600-3200 Ma
          i1j            Mesoarchean; 3200-2800 Ma
          i1k            Neoarchean; 2800-2500 Ma
          i1ɭ            Paleoproterozoic; 2500-1600 Ma
          i1m            Mesoproterozoic; 1600-1000 Ma
          i1n            Neoproterozoic; 1000-540 Ma
          i1p            Palaeozoic; 542-251 Ma
          i1s            Mesozoic; 250-65 Ma
          i1t            Tertiary; 65-1.7 Ma
          i1u            Quaternary; 1.7-0.01 Ma
          i31   [hU7]           from structural layer
          i4       earthquakes; quakes; tremors; temblors  [seismology; seismic]  ↞ it tectonic plates
          i49             earthquake waves
          i4X   [an8]           Richter magnitude
          i4p            microearthquakes; Richter 1.0-1.9; Mercalli I
          i4q            minor earthquakes; Richter 2.0-2.9; Mercalli I-II
          i4r            minor eathquakes; Richter 3.0-3.9; Mercalli III-IV
          i4s            light earhquakes; Richter 4.0-4.9; Mercalli IV-VI
          i4t            moderate earthquakes; Richter 5.0-5.9; Mercalli VI-VII
          i4u            strong earthquakes; Richter 6.0-6.9; Mercalli VIII-X
          i4v            major earthquakes; Richter 7.0-7.9; Mercalli X
          i4w            great earthquakes; RIchter 8.0-8.9
          i4x            great earthquakes; Richter 9.0-
          i5        geologic process
          i52   [an]            radioactivity
          i5c            volcanism; volcanic activity  [volcanology]
          i5k            magmatism; magma or lava solidification; freezing  ↞ ig magma
          i5m            metamorphism
          i5n            sedimentation; deposition
          i5t            tectonic process
          i68             colour
          i69             fracture
          i7        grain size; particle size
          i77   [e]            chemical element  [petrologic analysis]
          i79             texture; microstructure
          i7b            large boulders
          i7c            boulders
          i7d            cobbles
          i7f            coarse gravel
          i7g            medium gravel
          i7i            fine gravel
          i7ɭ            coarse sand
          i7m            medium sand
          i7n            fine sand
          i7r            coarse silt
          i7s            medium silt
          i7t            fine silt
          i7y            clay
          i84   [an]            tenacity
          i9        special quality
          i91   [i1]           formed in era
          i92   [jU]           of region
          i97   [gt]           containing mineral
          ig       magma  ↞ i5cem magmatic eruption
          igɭ            lava
          igt            tephra
          ii       single rocks  [petrology; petrography; lithology]  ≈ DDC 552
          ii9             alkali-silica content
          iib            quartzolites
          iic            granites  
          iid            diorites
          iie            gabbros
          iif            peridotites
          iig            hypabyssal rocks; subvolcanic rocks
          iih            rhyolites
          iii            trachytes
          iij            basalts
          iik            pumices; pumicites
          iiɭ            pyroclastic rocks; pyroclastics
          iim            gneisses
          iin            marbles
          iio            green schists
          iip            blue schists
          iiq            conglomerates
          iir            sandstones; arenites including wackes  
          iis            mudrocks; lutites; shales
          iit            limestones  
          iiu            dolostones; dolomite rocks
          iiv            coal
          iiw            oolitic limestones
          iix            evaporite rocks
          ik       rock beds
          ikb            parallel beds
          ikc            cross beds
          ikg            graded beds
                 rock members
          im       rock formations; geological formations  [regional geology (partim)]
          imb            plutons  ↞ ii single rocks
          imv            ophiolites
          imy            flysches  ↞ iip blue schists
          io       rock subgroups
          ip       rock groups  [regional geology (partim); structural geology]
          ipc            coastal plains
          iph            horizontal layers
          ipm            domes; basins
          ipo            folds
          ipq            faulted blocks
          ipr            homogeneous crystalline masses
          ipt            layered metamorphic rocks
          ipx            complex structures
          iq       rock supergroups
          is       crust structural zones
          isc            cratons
          isf            rift valleys
          isg            oceanic ridges; mid-ocean ridges
          iso            oceanic plates
          iss            subduction zones; ocean deeps
          it       tectonic plates  [plate tectonics]  ↞ hUal 
          itt            plates of the Earth  ↞ hU the Earth
Connected classes:
                 18  [i1]      in age; geological era
                 i4      earthquakes; quakes; tremors; temblors  [seismology; seismic]  ↞ it 
                 i5k           magmatism; magma or lava solidification; freezing  ↞ ig 
                 i91  [i1]           formed in era
                 ig      magma  ↞ i5cem 
                 imb           plutons  ↞ ii 
                 imy           flysches  ↞ iip 
                 j landforms; regions; geographical features  [physical geography; topography; geomorphology]  ↞ i 
                 j13  [i1]           formed in era
                 jd      mountains; hills; ridges; ranges  [orography]  ↞ isax 
                 jdc           volcanic mountains  ↞ iac 
                 jji           rift valleys  ↞ it 
                 jwo           volcanic islands  ↞ iac 
                 m91  [i1]           lived in; existed in era  [palaeontology]
                 n13  [i1]           appeared; originated in period
                 r5f           lithic technology; Stone Age  ↞ ii vdb 
                 r9e           stone  ↞ ii 
                 r9f           nonmetallic mineral product  ↞ iip 
                 rq      mines; quarries; extraction plants   [mining]  ↞ i 
                 w1      in historical period; calendar time; epoch  ↞ i1uh bbxprsvxw 
                 wrn           naturalism  ↞ g h i j k l m 

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