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Expanded class t

    broader class

          tWv  societies; sociofacts  [social sciences]  
          tWy  culture; civilization  [human sciences; humanities]
          t  communities; civil society; complex society; institutions; groups; people  [sociology]  ↞ q language oss social interactions   ≈ DDC 300  
          t35   [U]           led by leader
          t36   [t7]           for beneficiary; social group
          t4        social issue; problem
          t43   [U]           perturbed by rebel; insurgent; mutinous
          t46   [t6]           discouraging deviance; sin; vice
          t4d            discord; disagreement
          t4i            inequality
          t4q            bullying
          t4r            prejudice; discrimination
          t5        social event; social dynamics  ↞ cp processes
          t5c            visit
          t5e            meeting; convention
          t5i            party
          t5r            human migration  ↞ n5m animal migration   ≈ DDC 325
          t6        precept; value; virtue; convention; code; moral behaviour; mores  ↞ p6 driven by
          t60            prioritizing life aspect
          t6d            devotion to family  ↞ osp parental cares   ≈ DDC 173
          t6e            gratitude
          t6g            sincerity; truth  ↞ ai statements
          t6h            honesty; loyalty; fairness
          t6i            bravery; courage
          t6j            fertility  ↞ n populations   ≈ DDC 176
          t6k            chastity  ↞ osm mating   ≈ DDC 176
          t6ɭ            moderation; temperance; sobriety; abstemiousness; baldness
          t6m            humility
          t6n            patience
          t6o            altruism; charity; generosity; goodness  ↞ pev love   ≈ DDC 177
          t6p            diligence; good manners
          t6q            duty
          t6r            respect for others' property  ↞ ud 
          t6s            human rights
          t6t            wellness; well-being
          t6u            beauty; aesthetics  ≈ DDC 175
          t6w            piety; religiosity; reverence  ≈ DDC 179
          t6x            faith  ↞ wt faiths
          t7        age group
          t70   [s]           occupied in job; occupation
          t73   [wt]            religious adherence
          t74   [an89]            health condition
          t76   [an89]            literacy class  ↞ sw schools
          t78   [an89]            wealth class  ↞ v7 owing
          t79             gender identity
          t7d            being born  ↞ m5e birth
          t7e            babies; newborn  ↞ mU8e human infant
          t7i            children  ↞ mU8i children
          t7ɭ            adolescents; kids  ↞ mU8l kids
          t7n            youth; young people  ↞ mU8n young humans
          t7p            adults  ↞ mU8p adult humans
          t7v            old people; third age  ↞ mU8v old humans
          t7x            dead people  ↞ m8x dead
          t87   [an89]           including fraction
          t9        decision structure
          t90            dealing with issue
          t92   [uU]           based in site; headquarters
          t95   [qv]            ethnicity; language
          t9b            informal; unplanned; open
          t9e            competitive; ecological
          t9m            matrix decision structure
          t9p            peer-based
          t9s            cross-functional; staff-and-expert based
          t9y            authoritarian; hierarchical; pyramidal
          tb       citizens; individuals; private sphere  ↞ px persons
          tf       families  ↞ osm mating osp parental cares
          tf7             family components
          tfb            matrifocal families
          tfj            conjugal families; nuclear families
          tfk            extended kinship families
          tft            families of choice
          tg       clans
          tj       castes
                 classes; social roles
          tɭb            slaves
          tɭd            powerless people; subordinated people; serves
          tɭm            middle class; freemen
          tɭw            powerful people; elites
          tɭy            aristocracy; nobles; nobility
          tt       peoples; nations; ethnic groups; ethnicities  
          ttU            traditional racial groupings; races
          ty       civilizations  [history]  ≈ DDC 913
          tyb            Mesopotamian civilization  ↞ jUjy Tigris & Euphrate basin   ≈ DDC 935
          tyc            Ancient Egypt  ↞ jUkc Nile basin   ≈ DDC 932
          tyd            Canaan  ↞ wts Judaism   ≈ DDC 933
          tye            Elam; Elamites; Susiana
          tyg            Achaemenid civilization; Iranian civilization
          tyi            Ancient India; Hindu and Buddhist civilizations  ↞ wtc Vedic Brahmanism wtd Hinduism wth Buddhism   ≈ DDC 934
          tyj            central Asian civilization
          tyk            East Asian civilizations
          tyɭ            civilizations of South East Asia
          tyn            New World civilizations
          tyr            Mediterranean civilization of the Classical period
          tyt            Medieval civilizations  [Medieval history]
          tyu            Sahelian kingdoms civilization  ↞ jUi Sicily   ≈ DDC 960
          tyv            civilizations of south-Sahelian empires 15th-19th centuries  ↞ jUi Sicily   ≈ DDC 960
          tyw            modern Western civilization; Occidental culture; Modern Era  [modern history]  ↞ jUj Eurasia rt factories   ≈ DDC 940 970
Connected classes:
                 006  [t7]           treated for target; public
                 026  [ty]           as known in culture; civilization
                 073  [t7]           among discourse community; social domain
                 36  [t7]      for beneficiary; patient; assistee; addressee
                 p96  [t7]           of person class
                 r36  [t7]           for user class; people
                 r91  [ty]           used in historical civilization
                 s36  [t7]           for customer; patron; consumer; buyer
                 sgc           childcare  ↞ t7i 
                 sge           elderly care  ↞ t7v 
                 swn           nursery schools  ↞ t7i 
                 swp           primary schools  ↞ t7i 
                 swt           high schools  ↞ t7l 
                 swu           universities  ↞ t7n 
                 sww           adult schools  ↞ t7p 
                 t36  [t7]           for beneficiary; social group
                 t46  [t6]           discouraging deviance; sin; vice
                 u polities; political units; political power; governments  [political sciences; law]  ↞ t j 
                 u6f           family law  ↞ tf 
                 uUi           Egypt; Arab Republic of Egypt  ↞ tyc 
                 upn           colonial empires  ↞ tywd 
                 ut      modern nation states; countries; sovereign states; unitary states  ↞ jU tt tyw 
                 vd      privates; natural persons; physical persons; personal owners  ↞ tb 
                 w36  [t7]           for recipients
                 wc      etiquette; conventional rules; good manners; politeness  ↞ t6 
                 wru           humanism  ↞ t 
                 x36  [t7]           for audience; target
                 x61  [ty]           set in epoch
                 y36  [t7]           for audience; target; pupil; student; public
                 ysv           history  ↞ ty u 

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