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Expanded class y5c

    broader class

          y5c            research; approach; method
          y5cb                 observation
          y5cbd                      discreet observation
          y5cbp                      participant observation  
          y5cc                 experience; intuition
          y5cd                 examination of physical tracks
          y5ce                 sensing; detection; measurement
          y5cea                      censusing; counting
          y5ces                      satellite imagery
          y5cet                      telemetry; remote sensing
          y5cett                           acoustic telemetry  ↞ g5n sound
          y5cetu                           ultrasonic telemetry
          y5cf                 recording
          y5cfb                      taking notes  ↞ ydc written texts
          y5cfc                      taking pictures; photographing  ↞ ydi pictures
          y5cfn                      sound recording  ↞ ydn sound records
          y5cfr                      filming  ↞ ydm videos
          y5cg                 marking; labeling; tagging
          y5ch                 experimentation; stimulation
          y5chɭ                      laboratory method
          y5chɭb                           isolation; purification
          y5chɭc                           separation
          y5chɭe                           synthesis
          y5chɭi                           analysis; testing  
          y5chɭk                           tests on properties; behaviour
          y5chɭp                           spectroscopy; spectrography
          y5chɭr                           chromatography
          y5chp                      playback
          y5ci                 case study
          y5cj                 interview  ↞ px persons
          y5ck                 survey; questionnaire
          y5cɭ                 textual analysis; content analysis; discourse analysis
          y5cm                 mathematical analysis; processing  ↞ ysm mathematics
          y5cn                 probability estimation
          y5co                 statistical analysis  ↞ ysms mathematical statistics
          y5cod                      descriptive statistics
          y5coi                      inferential statistics
          y5cr                 comparison; comparative method
          y5cs                 modeling; simulation  ↞ yoeu a forms
          y5csg                      game theoretic models
          y5cu                 mapmaking  
          y5cx                 classification; systematics; taxonomy
          y5cxg                      organization
          y5cxgc                           information architecture
          y5cxgi                           indexing
          y5cxn                      numerical taxonomy; phenetic
          y5cxp                      evolutionary analysis; phylogenetic classification
          y5cxq                      cladistic analysis
Connected classes:
                 03  [y5c]      studied by general research method
                 yx      knowledge organization systems; KOSs; documentary languages; indexing languages  [knowledge organization; classification theory]  ↞ y5cx 

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