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Expanded class x9

    broader class

          x9        style; art movement; artistic movement
          x90            for function
          x90r                 decoration
          x90r(3i)                           art ceramics; pottery  ↞ rtcg ceramics and glass crafts   ≈ DDC 730
          x90s                 commercial; popular; consumerist
          x90sd                      architecture
          x90sf                      fashion
          x90t                 social
          x90wi                      entertainment
          x90wp                      worship sacred art
          x90x                 aesthetic; autotelic
          x91   [w1]           typical of time
          x92   [uU]           typical of country
          x93   [U]           created by artist
          x93pstq                                Leonardo da Vinci
          x95   [qv]           in language
          x9i            classical antiquity; Graeco-Roman culture
          x9j            romanesque
          x9k            gothic
          x9m            humanism
          x9n            renaissance  ↞ w1pwWt Renaissance
          x9nm                 mannerism; late renaissance
          x9o            baroque
          x9p            rococo
          x9q            neoclassicism
          x9r            romanticism
          x9s            realism
          x9si                 impressionism
          x9sp                 pointillism
          x9su                 naturalism
          x9t            art nouveau
          x9tzd            art deco
          x9u            modernism; avant-garde  ↞ w1pw 1800 to 1899 AD w1px 1900 to 1999 AD
          x9ub                 symbolism
          x9ud                 dadaism
          x9uf                 futurism
          x9up                 expressionism
          x9us                 surrealism
          x9v            postmodernism
          x9vc                 conceptual art; conceptualism
          x9vd                 deconstructivism
Connected classes:
                 r363  [x9]                 style; design  [decorative arts]

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5  undergoing change  +
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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