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Expanded class x

    broader class

          xWy  intellectual products
          x  creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu icons g bulk matter   ≈ DDC 700
          x18   [w1]           in historical period
          x2       in special place
          x27   [uU]           in region
          x2b            open air
          x2ɭ            atelier; workroom
          x3   [X]      by art tool; instrument; equipment
          x35   [U]           performed by performer
          x36   [t7]           for audience; target
          x4        aesthetic limitation
          x45   [s4]           damaged by damaging factor
          x45f                 wear; usury
          x45r                 break
          x4d            didactic
          x4k            kitsch
          x5        creation; technique; procedure
          x5b            conception; ideation
          x5c            design; preparation
          x5d            draft
          x5e            source collection; research; study; finding
          x5n            preparation
          x5o            production; manufacturing
          x5p            publication; exposition
          x5q            reproduction  
          x5s            distribution
          x5u            popularization
          x5v            conservation; preservation; keeping
          x5vs                 shelving; location
          x6        genre; tone  
          x60            treating; representing subject; theme
          x61   [ty]           set in epoch
          x61rr                      ancient Rome; sword-and-sandal; peplum
          x62   [uU]           set in place
          x63   [o]           set after antecedents; prior event
          x65   [o]           narrating plot; quest
          x66   [y84]            fictionality
          x66f                 fictional
          x66g                 allegorical
          x66y                 non-fiction; real
          x67   [U]           with character
          x674   [U]                opposed by evil character; enemy
          x675   [U]                for beneficiary character
          x677   [U]                helped by friend character
          x678   [U]                with hero; protagonist
          x68   [o]           aiming at mission; objective
          x6b            non-fiction
          x6c            epic
          x6cm                 mythopoeia
          x6d            adventure
          x6e            noir; rogue
          x6f            horror
          x6g            tragedy
          x6h            drama
          x6i            speculative fiction
          x6k            tragicomedy
          x6ɭ            satire
          x6n            nonsense
          x6o            comedy
          x6r            romance
          x6t            erotic
          x6tp                 porno
          x6v            lyric
          x7        art component
          x70            on material; carrier
          x71   [an]            sequential part
          x73   [xm7]           with musical instrument
          x77   [su]           on device
          x8   [X]       pace; rhythm; cadence
          x81   [an89]            duration
          x818   [an]                 duration min
          x81f                 short
          x81u                 long
          x82   [an89]            size
          x86             number of elements
          x88             quantity of elements
          x88nq                      duo
          x88nr                      trio
          x88ns                      quartet
          x88nt                      quintet
          x89   [X]            mode
          x9        style; art movement; artistic movement
          x90            for function
          x90r                 decoration
          x90r(3i)                           art ceramics; pottery  ↞ rtcg ceramics and glass crafts   ≈ DDC 730
          x90s                 commercial; popular; consumerist
          x90sd                      architecture
          x90sf                      fashion
          x90t                 social
          x90wi                      entertainment
          x90wp                      worship sacred art
          x90x                 aesthetic; autotelic
          x91   [w1]           typical of time
          x92   [uU]           typical of country
          x93   [U]           created by artist
          x93pstq                                Leonardo da Vinci
          x95   [qv]           in language
          x9i            classical antiquity; Graeco-Roman culture
          x9j            romanesque
          x9k            gothic
          x9m            humanism
          x9n            renaissance  ↞ w1pwWt Renaissance
          x9nm                 mannerism; late renaissance
          x9o            baroque
          x9p            rococo
          x9q            neoclassicism
          x9r            romanticism
          x9s            realism
          x9si                 impressionism
          x9sp                 pointillism
          x9su                 naturalism
          x9t            art nouveau
          x9tzd            art deco
          x9u            modernism; avant-garde  ↞ w1pw 1800 to 1899 AD w1px 1900 to 1999 AD
          x9ub                 symbolism
          x9ud                 dadaism
          x9uf                 futurism
          x9up                 expressionism
          x9us                 surrealism
          x9v            postmodernism
          x9vc                 conceptual art; conceptualism
          x9vd                 deconstructivism
          xbWd       plastic arts
          xbWh       cultural property; tangible heritage
          xb       sculptures  ≈ DDC 730
          xb70ii                           stone
          xb93njfn                                     Phidias; Pheidias
          xb93psvt                                     Michelangelo; Michelangelo Buonarroti
          xb93ptvt                                     Canova; Antonio Canova
          xbs            statues; statuary
          xbu            monuments; public art
          xc       engravements  [glyptics]
          xeWi       visual arts  ↞ o5ed sight
          xe       mosaics
          xf       paintings  ≈ DDC 750
          xf93                 by painter
          xf93pquv                                     Giotto
          xf93pstr                                     Bosch; Hieronymus Bosch; Jeroen Anthoniszoon van Aken
          xf93pswr                                     Raffaello; Raffaello Sanzio
          xf93ptvps                                     Caravaggio; Michelangelo Merisi
          xf93pvvti                                     Turner; William Turner
          xf93pwrqc                                     Manet; Édouard Manet
          xf93pwtrg                                     van Gogh; Vincent van Gogh
          xf93pwwph                                     Picasso; Pablo Picasso
          xfɭ            watercolor
          xg       drawings  ≈ DDC 740 760
          xgo            comics; BD
          xh       photographs  [photographic arts; reproductive arts]  ≈ DDC 770
          xi       calligraphies
                 literature  [philology; literary theory; literary criticism]  ↞ poi imagination q language   ≈ DDC 800 810 820 830 840 850 860 870 880 890
          xɭ71np                           part 1; chapter 1
          xɭ93   ⋄                by author; writer
          xɭ93njfi                                     Euripides
          xɭ93nngn                                     Virgil; Publius Vergilius Maro
          xɭ93oxvr                                     Murasaki Shikibu
          xɭ93pqov                                     Gialal al-Din Rumi; Jalāl al-Dīn Mohammad Balkhī; Mòlānā; Mòlavì
          xɭ93pqpo                                     Saadi
          xɭ93pqut                                     Dante; Dante Alighieri
          xɭ93ptsvs                                     Cervantes; Miguel de Cervantes
          xɭ93pvvty                                     Jane Austen
          xɭ93pvxxk                                     Balzac; Honoré de Balzac
          xɭ93pwoth                                     Andersen; Hans Christian Andersen
          xɭ93pwpxk                                     Whitman; Walt Whitman
          xɭ93pwuoc                                     Čechov; Anton Chekhov
          xɭ93pwwwɭ                                     Pessoa; Fernando Pessoa
          xɭ93pwxxq                                     Borges; Jorge Luis Borges
          xɭ93pxouh                                     Beckett; Samuel Beckett
          xɭ93pxprv                                     Camus; Albert Camus
          xɭ93pxqow                                     Celan; Paul Celan
          xɭ93pxqvf                                     Márquez; Gabriel García Márquez
          xɭ93pxqvs                                     Grass; Günter Grass
          xɭ93pxros                                     Chinua Achebe
          xɭ93pxsvm                                     Rushdie; Salman Rushdie
          xɭ95   ⋄                in language
          xɭX            literary forms
          xɭb            proverbs; sayings
          xɭd            riddles
          xɭf            fairy tales; fables
          xɭm            myths; legends; stories  [mythology]  ↞ qtb narrative texts
          xɭp            epic
          xɭr            narrative; novels
          xɭrc                 short stories; short fiction
          xɭrm                 mystery
          xɭt            theatre plays  ↞ xr theatre plays
          xɭv            poetry
          xɭx            essays  ↞ y scholarship
          xmWr       performing arts; shows
          xm       music  [musicology; musical criticism]  ↞ g5n sound   ≈ DDC 780
          xm35                 performed by music performer
          xm35pxrq                                     Barenboim; Daniel Barenboim
          xm5c   ⋄                composition
          xm5d   ⋄                study; training; exercise
          xm5o   ⋄                performance; playing
          xm60   ⋄                evoking theme
          xm60jUesv   ⋄                                    Moldau
          xm7            for instrument; medium  ↞ s services
          xm7(6)                  timbre; timber; sound quality; colour
          xm70                 for object used as instrument
          xm70xɭ                            lyrics
          xm75   ⋄                played by player; performer
          xm7a                 voice; song  ↞ mU7e human respiratory organs   ≈ DDC 782 783
          xm7ab                      bass
          xm7ae                      baritone
          xm7ah                      tenor
          xm7an                      contralto; alto
          xm7aq                      mezzo-soprano
          xm7as                      soprano
          xm7b                 body percussion  ↞ mU7 human organs
          xm7c                 idiophones; percussion instruments  ≈ DDC 786
          xm7cc                      vascular structure instruments
          xm7ccb                           bells
          xm7ccbw                                cowbells
          xm7ccg                           gongs
          xm7ci                      triangles
          xm7cɭ                      xylophones
          xm7cr                      reciprocally struck idiophones
          xm7cs                      indirectly struck idiophones
          xm7d                 membranophones; drums  ≈ DDC 786
          xm7dr                      friction drums
          xm7k                 cordophones; stringed instruments  ≈ DDC 787
          xm7k(7s)                           strings
          xm7kc                      zithers; simple chordophones
          xm7kf                      table cordophones
          xm7kfp                           pianos
          xm7kɭ                      lutes
          xm7kɭg                           plucked strings including guitars
          xm7kɭs                           bowed strings including violins
          xm7kp                      harps
          xm7n                 aerophones; wind instruments  ≈ DDC 788
          xm7n(7m)                           mouthpiece
          xm7n(7r)                           reed
          xm7n(7rg)                                vegetable reed  ↞ mpwb monocotyledons
          xm7n(7rt)                                artificial reed
          xm7nc                      straight closed flutes; Pan flutes
          xm7nf                      transverse flutes
          xm7nm                      clarinets; aerophones with simple reed
          xm7nmx                           saxophones
          xm7no                      oboes; aerophones with double reed
          xm7nq                      bagpipes; aerophones with air reservoir
          xm7nq(7b)                                bag; air reservoir
          xm7nr                      free reed aerophones
          xm7nrh                           harmonicas; mouth-organs
          xm7nrw                           accordions
          xm7nu                      mouthpiece aerophones
          xm7nuh                           horns
          xm7nut                           trumpets
          xm7t                 electrophones
          xm8             musical tempo
          xm86                  ensemble; chorus
          xm88                  medium broad size; formation
          xm88d                      solo; monodic
          xm88f                      ensemble
          xm88f87q                                     duo ensemble
          xm88f87r                                     trio ensemble
          xm88m                      group; band; polyphony
          xm88u                      orchestra
          xm88u7n                                wind orchestra; banda
          xm89   [xmbXX]                in tonality; key  ↞ xmbX octaves
          xm895   [ann]                      scale type; interval
          xm895v                           diatonic scale; heptatonic; heptatonia prima; set form 7-35
          xm895y                           chromatic; dodecatonic
          xm896   [xmbXX]                      musical mode; diatonic scale
          xm896a                           Aeolian mode
          xm896b                           Locrian mode
          xm896c                           Ionian mode; major scale
          xm896d                           Dorian mode
          xm896e                           Phrygian mode
          xm896f                           Lydian mode
          xm896g                           Mixolydian mode
          xm897   [ann]                      number of pitch classes
          xm897t                           pentatonic; five
          xm897u                           hexatonic; six
          xm897v                           heptatonic; seven
          xm897w                           octatonic; eight
          xm899                       tonality type
          xm899b                           major
          xm899c                           minor
          xm899d                           diminished
          xm89c                      C; do
          xm8c                 grave
          xm8d                 largo
          xm8e                 lento
          xm8g                 adagio
          xm8j                 andante
          xm8m                 moderato
          xm8p                 allegretto
          xm8r                 allegro
          xm8v                 vivace
          xm8x                 presto
          xm8y                 prestissimo
          xm90                 for function; purpose; occasion; effect
          xm90sm                           military functions
          xm90u                      official functions
          xm90wp                           rituals; sacred; liturgic music
          xm90xn                           dance
          xm90xs                           cinema
          xm92                 of; traditional of original region
          xm93                 by composer
          xm93ptqt                                     Palestrina; Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
          xm93ptuv                                     Monteverdi; Claudio Monteverdi
          xm93ptvw                                     Vivaldi; Antonio Vivaldi
          xm93puwte                                     Händel; Georg Friedrich Händel
          xm93puwtg                                     J.S. Bach; Johann Sebastian Bach
          xm93pvrq                                     Haydn; Franz Joseph Haydn
          xm93pvtu                                     Mozart; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
          xm93pvvo                                     Beethoven; Ludwig van Beethoven
          xm93pvxv                                     Schubert; Franz Schubert
          xm93pwpof                                     Chopin; Fryderyk Chopin
          xm93pwprk                                     Wagner; Richard Wagner
          xm93pwprt                                     Verdi; Giuseppe Verdi
          xm93pwrrj                                     Brahms; Johannes Brahms
          xm93pwuon                                     Mahler; Gustav Mahler
          xm93pwusɭ                                     Richard Strauss
          xm93pwwpg                                     Bartók; Béla Bartók
          xm93pxprw                                     Britten; Benjamin Britten
          xm93pxqtg                                     Boulez; Pierre Boulez
          xm93pxqwq                                     Stockhausen; Karlheinz Stockhausen
          xm93pxqwv                                     Morricone; Ennio Morricone
          xm93pxsoe                                     De André; Fabrizio De André
          xm9o   ⋄                baroque
          xmb            notes; pitch classes
          xmbX                 octaves
          xmbXX                      notes
          xmbXc                      C; do; ut
          xmbXd                      C#; do diesis
          xmbXe                      D; re
          xmbXf                      D#; mi bemolle
          xmbXg                      E; mi
          xmbXh                      F; fa
          xmbXi                      F#; fa diesis
          xmbXj                      G; sol
          xmbXk                      G#; sol diesis
          xmbXɭ                      A; la
          xmbXm                      A#; si bemolle
          xmbXn                      B; si
          xmbd                 subsubcontra
          xmbe                 subcontra
          xmbf                 contra octave
          xmbg                 great octave
          xmbh                 small octave
          xmbi                 one-lined octave
          xmbiɭ                      standard A; A4
          xmbj                 two-lined octave
          xmbɭ                 three-lined octave
          xmbm                 four-lined octave
          xmbn                 five-lined octave
          xmbo                 six-lined octave
          xmc            chords  [harmony]
          xme            beats; rhythms; meters
          xmec                 simple duple
          xmed                 simple triple
          xmeg                 compound duple
          xmej                 compound triple
          xmf            phrases
          xmi            motifs
          xmiɭ                 leitmotifs
          xmm            melodies; tunes; voices
          xmme                 themes
          xmmg                 verses
          xmmh                 refrains; choruses
          xmo            movements
          xmo85p   ⋄                          allegretto
          xms            pieces; compositions
          xmso                 sonatas
          xmss                 symphonies
          xmw            music genres; forms  ≈ DDC 781
          xmws                 Western art music; classical music
          xmws9o                           baroque; baroque
          xmws9r                           romantic
          xmww                 Western popular music
          xmwwg                      gospel
          xmwwh                      country
          xmwwi                      blues
          xmwwig                           boogie-woogie
          xmwwit                           electric blues
          xmwwj                      jazz
          xmwwm                      rhythm and blues; R&B
          xmwwo                      soul
          xmwwp                      ska; reggae; dub
          xmwwq                      rock and roll; rock'n'roll
          xmwwr                      rock music
          xmwwrb                           beat music; British beat; Merseybeat
          xmwwrg                           progressive rock
          xmwwrm                           heavy metal
          xmwws                      pop
          xmwwu                      hip hop; rap; rapcore
          xmwwv                      electronic dance
          xn       dances  [choreology]  ↞ wb social rituals q7g gestures
          xn36   ⋄                for social class
          xn71np                           part A
          xn71nq                           part B
          xn87                 for number of dancers
          xn87nq                           couples
          xn88                 for quantity of dancers
          xn88u                      groups
          xn90                 for function
          xn90t                      socialization
          xn90w                      ceremony sacred dance
          xn90wp                           ritual; tradition
          xn92dk   ⋄                          Breton dances
          xnt            ballet
          xo       circus  ≈ DDC 791
          xr       theatre plays; recitation; performances  [stagecraft]  ≈ DDC 792
          xr35                 played by actor
          xr93                 written by playwright; poet
          xs       films; movies; motion pictures; cinema  ≈ DDC 770 791
          xs5             filmmaking; production
          xs5d                 development; script writing; drafting
          xs5n                 pre-production
          xs5nCc                           casting
          xs5nCe                           crew hiring
          xs5o                 production; recording
          xs5oCp                           post-production
          xs5oCpe                                editing; montage
          xs5q                 showing; screening; projection
          xs5s                 distribution; sale
          xs6b                 documentary
          xs6e                 noir
          xs6h                 dramatic
          xs6o                 comedy
          xs71   ⋄                 scene; shot  
          xs71np                           scene 1
          xs71npp                                shot 1
          xs79                  film component
          xs79f                      photograph  ↞ xh photographs
          xs79i                      script; screenplay  ↞ xl literature
          xs79m                      soundtrack  ↞ xm music
          xs81                  footage
          xs818                       duration min
          xs81f                      short
          xs81i                      medium-length
          xs81u                      feature; theatrical
          xs81v                      series; movie series; movie franchise
          xs93                 directed by director
          xs93pwvtc                                     Griffith; D.W. Griffith
          xs93pwxox                                     Fritz Lang
          xs93pwxsd                                     John Ford
          xs93pwxsr                                     Renoir; Jean Renoir
          xs93pwxxp                                     Hitchcock; Alfred Hitchcock
          xs93pxorx                                     Ozu; Yasujirō Ozu
          xs93pxpwn                                     Bergman; Ingmar Bergman
          xs93pxqoc                                     Fellini; Federico Fellini
          xs93pxqsb                                     Paradžanov; Sergej Iosifovič Paradžanov
          xs93pxqwo                                     Kubrick; Stanley Kubrick
          xs93pxrtw                                     Woody Allen; Heywood Allen; Allan Stewart Konigsberg
          xsw            film movements
          xswe                 German expressionism
          xswh                 classic American cinema; Hollywood
          xswi                 Italian neorealism
          xswɭ                 Bollywood
          xswn                 nouvelle vague; new wave
          xswo                 new German cinema
          xswu                 Dogma 95
          x{}  work entitled; called
Connected classes:
                 0058  [xl]                in literary form
                 r363  [x9]                 style; design  [decorative arts]
                 sxmr                galleries  ↞ xf 
                 t5id                ball; dance party  ↞ xn 
                 v6n           intellectual property law  ↞ x y 
                 w53  [xm7]           with musical instrument
                 w56  [x]           through traditional art
                 x73  [xm7]           with musical instrument
                 xɭt           theatre plays  ↞ xr 
                 xm89  [xmbXX]                in tonality; key  ↞ xmbX 
                 xm896  [xmbXX]                      musical mode; diatonic scale
                 xs79f                     photograph  ↞ xh 
                 xs79i                     script; screenplay  ↞ xl 
                 xs79m                     soundtrack  ↞ xm 
                 y76  [x]           in art work
                 yd      documents; instantiations; knowledge items; information resources  ↞ x su 
                 yshx                aesthetics  ↞ x 
                 ysx           literary criticism  ↞ xl 

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