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Expanded class w

    broader class

          w  customs; uses; habits; lore; tradition; rituals; religion  ≈ DDC 200
          w1       in historical period; calendar time; epoch  ↞ i1uh Holocene bbxprsvxw   ≈ DDC 900 940 950 960 970 980 990
          w1X   [an8]           millennia
          w1XX   [an8]                centuries
          w1XXX   [an8]                     decades
          w1XXXX   [an8]                          years
          w1XXXXX   [j1]                               months
          w1XXXXXX   [j1X]                                    dates
          w1XXXXXXX   [j189]                                    times; hours
          w1XXXXXXXX   [j189X]                                    minutes
          w1XXXXXXXXX   [j189XX]                                    seconds
          w1eWm            9,999 to 1,000 BC  [early history; archaeology]  
          w1e            9999 to 9000 BC; 10th millennium BC
          w1f            8999 to 8000 BC; 9th millennium BC
          w1g            7999 to 7000 BC; 8th millennium BC
          w1h            6999 to 6000 BC; 7th millennium BC
          w1i            5999 to 5000 BC; 6th millennium BC
          w1j            4999 to 4000 BC; 5th millennium BC
          w1k            3999 to 3000 BC; 4th millennium BC
          w1ɭ            2999 to 2000 BC; 3rd millennium BC
          w1m            1999 to 1000 BC; 2nd millennium BC
          w1n            1 to 999 BC; 1st millennium BC
          w1nU   [w1nWos]                Antiquity; 999 BC to 499 AD  [ancient history]  ≈ DDC 930
          w1ne                 999 to 900 BC; 10th century BC
          w1nf                 899 to 800 BC; 9th century BC
          w1ng                 799 to 700 BC; 8th century BC
          w1nh                 699 to 600 BC; 7th century BC
          w1ni                 599 to 500 BC; 6th century BC
          w1nj                 499 to 400 BC; 5th century BC
          w1nk                 399 to 300 BC; 4th century BC
          w1nɭ                 299 to 200 BC; 3rd century BC
          w1nm                 199 to 100 BC; 2nd century BC
          w1nn                 99 to 1 BC; 1st century BC
          w1nnm                      10 to 19 BC
          w1nnn                      1 to 9 BC
          w1nnnm                           1 BC
          w1o            1 to 999 AD; 1st millennium AD
          w1oo                 1 to 99 AD; I century; 1st century
          w1ooo                      1 to 9 AD
          w1ooop                           1 AD
          w1oop                      10 to 19 AD
          w1op                 100 to 199 AD; II century; 2nd century; 100s
          w1oq                 200 to 299 AD; III century; 3rd century; 200s
          w1os                 400 to 499 AD; V century; 5th century; 400s
          w1otWx                 Early Middle Ages; Early Medieval Period
          w1ot                 500 to 599 AD; VI century; 6th century; 500s
          w1ou                 600 to 699 AD; VII century; 7th century; 600s
          w1ouqq                           622 AD; Hegira year; Hijrah year
          w1ov                 700 to 799 AD; VIII century; 8th century; 700s
          w1ow                 300 to 399 AD; IV century; 4th century; 300s
          w1ow_                      800 to 899 AD; IX century; 9th century; 800s
          w1ox                 900 to 999 AD; X century; 10th century; 900s
          w1p            1000 to 1999 AD; 1st millennium
          w1pU   [w1otWDps]                Middle Ages; 500 to 1499 AD  [medieval history]
          w1p_w                      1300 to 1399 AD; XIV century; 14th century; 1300s
          w1poWqs                 High Middle Ages; High Medieval Period
          w1po                 1000 to 1099 AD; XI century; 11th century; 1000s
          w1pp                 1100 to 1199 AD; XII century; 12th century; 1100s
          w1pq                 1200 to 1299 AD; XIII century; 13th century; 1200s
          w1pqtWDs                      Late Middle Ages; Late Medieval Period
          w1ps                 1400 to 1499 AD; XV century; 15th century; 1400s
          w1psxq   ⋄                          1492
          w1ptWv                 Early Modern Period
          w1ptWx                 Modern Age; industrial age
          w1pt                 1500 to 1599 AD; 16th century
          w1pu                 1600 to 1699 AD; 17th century
          w1pv                 1700 to 1799 AD; 18th century
          w1pwWt                 Renaissance
          w1pwWx                 Late Modern Period
          w1pw                 1800 to 1899 AD; 19th century
          w1px                 1900 to 1999 AD; 20th century
          w1pxo                      1900-1909
          w1pxp                      1910-1919; 1910s
          w1pxq                      1920-1929; the Twenties; 1920s
          w1pxr                      1930-1939; the Thirties; 1930s
          w1pxs                      1940-1949; the Fourties; 1940s
          w1pxso                           1940
          w1pxsp                           1941
          w1pxsq                           1942
          w1pxsr                           1943
          w1pxss                           1944
          w1pxst                           1945
          w1pxsu                           1946
          w1pxsv                           1947
          w1pxsw                           1948
          w1pxsx                           1949
          w1pxt                      1950-1959; the Fifties; 1950s
          w1pxto                           1950
          w1pxtp                           1951
          w1pxtq                           1952
          w1pxtr                           1953
          w1pxts                           1954
          w1pxtt                           1955
          w1pxtu                           1956
          w1pxtv                           1957
          w1pxtw                           1958
          w1pxtx                           1959
          w1pxu                      1960-1969; the Sixties; 1960s
          w1pxuo                           1960
          w1pxup                           1961
          w1pxuq                           1962
          w1pxur                           1963
          w1pxus                           1964
          w1pxut                           1965
          w1pxuu                           1966
          w1pxuv                           1967
          w1pxuw                           1968
          w1pxux                           1969
          w1pxv                      1970-1979; the Seventies; 1970s
          w1pxvo                           1970
          w1pxvp                           1971
          w1pxvq                           1972
          w1pxvr                           1973
          w1pxvs                           1974
          w1pxvt                           1975
          w1pxvu                           1976
          w1pxvv                           1977
          w1pxvw                           1978
          w1pxvx                           1979
          w1pxw                      1980-1989; the Eighties; 1980s
          w1pxwo                           1980
          w1pxwp                           1981
          w1pxwq                           1982
          w1pxwr                           1983
          w1pxws                           1984
          w1pxwt                           1985
          w1pxwu                           1986
          w1pxwv                           1987
          w1pxww                           1988
          w1pxwx                           1989
          w1pxx                      1990-1999; the Nineties; 1990s
          w1pxxo                           1990
          w1pxxp                           1991
          w1pxxq                           1992
          w1pxxr                           1993
          w1pxxs                           1994
          w1pxxt                           1995
          w1pxxu                           1996
          w1pxxv                           1997
          w1pxxw                           1998
          w1pxxx                           1999
          w1q            2000 to 2999 AD; 2nd millennium
          w1qo                 2000 to 2099 AD; 21st century
          w1qoo                      2000-2009; the Two Thousands
          w1qooo                           2000
          w1qoop                           2001
          w1qooq                           2002
          w1qoor                           2003
          w1qoos                           2004
          w1qoot                           2005
          w1qoou                           2006
          w1qoov                           2007
          w1qoow                           2008
          w1qoox                           2009
          w1qop                      2010-2019; the Tens; 2010s
          w1qopo                           2010
          w1qopp                           2011
          w1qopq                           2012
          w1qopr                           2013
          w1qops                           2014
          w1qopt                           2015
          w1qopu                           2016
          w1qopv                           2017
          w1qopw                           2018
          w1qopx                           2019
          w1qoq                      2020-2029; the Twenties; 2020s
          w1qoqo                           2020
          w1qoqob   ⋄                               January 1-15, 2020
          w1qoqobb   ⋄                                    1st January 2020
          w1qoqoyq   ⋄                                    31st December 2020
          w1qoqp                           2021
          w1qoqq                           2022
          w1qoqr                           2023
          w1qoqs                           2024
          w1qoqt                           2025
          w1qoqu                           2026
          w2       in holy place; temple
          w27   [uU]           in region
          w3   [X]      practiced by
          w31   [w]  ⋄           derived from original custom
          w35   [U]           administered by; organized by; played by officiant; player
          w36   [t7]           for recipients
          w46   [u6]           committing; tempted by sin; evil; guilt; vice; taboo
          w5        rite; worship; ceremony; liturgy; divine service  ↞ cp processes   ≈ DDC 390
          w50xn   ⋄                     dance
          w53   [xm7]           with musical instrument
          w56   [x]           through traditional art
          w5b            dressing up; masquerading  ↞ sf clothing
          w5c            procession; parade
          w5d            itinerant begging
          w5e            offering; sacrifice
          w5f            bonfire
          w5fe                 effigy burning
          w5fw                 firewalking
          w5g            fireworks
          w5h            ritual meal; sacred meal
          w5ɭ            blessing; consecration
          w5ɭe                 exorcism
          w6       invoking; appealing; referring to; believing in spiritual entity; power
          w66   [u6]           conforming to; pursuing precept
          w6b            ghosts
          w6c            souls
          w6d            ancestor souls
          w6e            saints; intercessors
          w6ee                 mother goddess; mother earth; heavenly mother; saint Mary
          w6g            angels
          w6gw                 archangels
          w6m            demons
          w6p            deities; gods
          w6pU                 God  
          w6s            impersonal spirits  
          w6y            pantheistic gods
          w7        symbol; sacred object  ↞ ouy symbols
          w70            using symbolic object
          w70rb   ⋄                     food
          w70rf   ⋄                     clothing
          w70ro   ⋄                     agriculture
          w70v   ⋄                speech
          w70vo                      sacred words
          w75   [mq]            ritual animal
          w76   [mp7]            ritual plant part
          w77   [mU7]            symbolic body part
          w7c            clothes  ↞ sf clothing
          w7f            effigies
          w7g            flags  [vexillology]
          w7h            religious symbol  ↞ wt faiths
          w7ɭ            light sources
          w7ɭc                 candles
          w7ɭh                 torches
          w7s            scriptures; religious texts  ↞ ydc written texts   ≈ DDC 220
          w7sb                 sacred books; written revelation
          w7sm                 sacred commentaries
          w8   [X]      outcome
          w84             sacrality
          w84e                 profane; secular
          w84i                 lay; laic; laical
          w84u                 religious; religion; sacred; holy
          w90sb                       cuisine; food style
          w90sf                       fashion; mode
          w91   [j1]           of date
          w92   [uU]           typical of region
          w93   [U]           founded by master
          w93niim                                Confucius
          w93nnnj                                Jesus Christ
          w93otvo                                Muhammad
          w93pswr                                Martin Luther
          w93ptox                                John Calvin; Jehan Cauvin
          w95   [qv]           of ethnicity; language speakers
          wb       social rituals
          wbg            greeting and parting customs; salutations  ↞ q7g gestures
          wbi            inaugurations
          wbo            toasts
          wc       etiquette; conventional rules; good manners; politeness  ↞ t6 
          wg       games; sport  ≈ DDC 790 796
          wg3             game role
          wg35                 played by athlete
          wg3c                 individual competitor; contestant; entrant
          wg3m                 team
          wg3t                 trainer; coach
          wg3x                 referee; arbitrator
          wg57   [an]                stage
          wg59                  event
          wg59f                      scored performance
          wg59m                      match
          wg59r                      race; racing
          wg59rm                           mass start
          wg59rt                           time trial
          wg69                  event status
          wg69c                      occasional event
          wg69s                      championship
          wg69sc                           title match
          wg69se                           tournament
          wg69sɭ                           league
          wg69sp                           playoff
          wg69ss                           season
          wg8            result; outcome
          wg8a                 win
          wg8t                 tie
          wg8x                 defeat
          wg91   [w1]                of; edition of year
          wge            acrobatics
          wgep                 human pyramids
          wgf            martial arts; fighting arts
          wgg            gymnastics
          wggc                 artistic gymnastics
          wggi                 rhythmic gymnastics
          wggm                 trampolining; power tumbling
          wggr                 acrobatic gymnastics
          wggt                 team-gym
          wggw                 aerobic gymnastics
          wggy                 display gymnastics
          wgh            athletics
          wgi            swimming; diving; aquatic games  ≈ DDC 797
          wgn            winter sports
          wgo            open air sports
          wgoh                 hiking; trekking
          wgoɭ                 alpinism; mountain climbing  ↞ jd mountains
          wgon                 sport fishing  ↞ ri fisheries
          wgoo                 sport hunting  ↞ rh hunting
          wgt            ball team sports
          wgte                 baseball
          wgtk                 cricket
          wgtr                 rugby football
          wgts                 soccer; association football
          wgts35                           played by player
          wgts35pvuou                                     Maradona; Diego Armando Maradona
          wgts35pxwvm                                     Messi; Lionel Messi; Leo Messi
          wgtw                 basketball
          wgu            blood sports
          wgub                 bullfighting
          wguc                 cockfighting
          wgv            animal sports; riding; driving; horse racing  ↞ mq animals
          wgw            cycle sport; bicycling; biking  ↞ stei bicycles
          wgw35                      run by cyclist
          wgw35pwwtk                                     Gerbi; Giovanni Gerbi; Diavolo Rosso
          wgw35pxpxr                                     Coppi; Fausto Coppi
          wgw35pxstm                                     Merckx; Eddy Merckx
          wgw35pxwtk                                     Froome; Chris Froome
          wgwb                 road bicycle racing  ↞ st2r road
          wgwbd                      road bicycle single-day races
          wgwbd92dm                                     in Hauts-de-France; Paris-Roubaix
          wgwbd92ff                                     in Lombardy; il Lombardia
          wgwbs                      road bicycle stage races
          wgwbs92d                                     Tour de France; la Grande Boucle
          wgwbs92e                                     Vuelta a España
          wgwbs92f                                     Giro d'Italia
          wgwc                 cyclo-cross
          wgwm                 mountain-bike racing
          wgws                 cycle speedway
          wgwt                 track cycling
          wgwx                 BMX; bicycle motocross; bike motocross
          wgx            motor sports  ↞ ste road vehicles
          wgx35                      run by driver; rider; biker
          wgx35pvty                                     Roberts; Kenny Roberts
          wgx35pxsoe                                     Mario Andretti
          wgx35pxvse                                     Loeb; Sébastien Loeb
          wi       entertainment; play; recreation; leisure; spare time activities  ≈ DDC 794
          wi70suu                                 videogames
          wic            collecting
          wif            role games
          wig            board games; table games
          wii            puzzles; enigmistics
                 feast days; holy days; holidays; calendar celebrations  ↞ j19 in
          wɭc            middle winter feasts  ↞ j19w winter
          wɭd            late winter feasts
          wɭdc                 Carnival
          wɭdɭ                 Lent
          wɭdn                 Chinese New Year; Spring Festival
          wɭe            vernal equinox feasts; Nowruz
          wɭg            early spring feasts
          wɭge                 Easter; Passover; Pesach; Pascha; Resurrection Sunday  ↞ j169m full moon
          wɭh            middle spring feasts  ↞ j19i spring
          wɭhm                 May Day; May Calends; Beltane  ↞ j1jb May 1
          wɭi            late spring feasts
          wɭj            summer solstice feasts; Midsummer; St. Johns Day  ↞ j1mj June 24
          wɭk            early summer feasts
          wɭɭ            middle summer feasts  ↞ j19m summer
          wɭm            late summer feasts
          wɭn            autumnal equinox feasts; Chuseok
          wɭo            early autumn feasts
          wɭp            middle autumn feasts  ↞ j19t fall
          wɭph                 Halloween; Eve of Winter; All Saints' Eve; Samhain
          wɭq            late autumn feasts
          wɭqd                 Advent
          wɭr            winter solstice feasts; Midwinter; Brumalia
          wɭs            early winter feasts
          wɭsc                 Christmas
          wɭsn                 New Year day  ↞ j1bb January 1st
          wɭsp                 Epiphany
          wɭw            variable calendar feasts
          wɭwr                 Ramadan
          wm       sacraments; initiations; rites of passage; sacred passages
          wmf            baptism; Christening
          wmk            puberty initiation  ↞ m8l adolescent
          wmkn                 age of majority feasts; conscription feasts
          wmm            familiar bonds
          wmme                 engagement
          wmmɭ                 civil union; civil partnership
          wmmm                 marriage; matrimony; wedlock  ↞ osm mating
          wmmmm                      monogamy
          wmmmms                           serial monogamy
          wmmmp                      polygamy
          wmmmpg                           polygyny
          wmmmpgc                                concubinage
          wmmmpn                           polyandry
          wmmms                      same-sex marriage; gay marriage
          wmmx                 separation
          wmmxm                      separation by mutual consent
          wmmy                 divorce
          wmu            anointing of the sick; extreme unction  ↞ m5w ageing
          wmx            mourning; grief; funeral rites  ↞ sk funeral services m8x dead
          wo       occultism; paranormal beliefs; esoterism; arcane  [parapsychology]  ≈ DDC 130
          woe            extrasensory perception; ESP
          woec                 clairvoyance
          woecf                      precognition; prescience; future vision; future sight
          woem                 mediumship
          woep                 demonic possession
          woet                 telepathy
          woeu                 multilocation; bilocation
          woev                 psychokinesis; telekinesis
          woex                 close encounter
          woi            divination  ≈ DDC 133
          woie                 haruspicy; extispicy  ↞ mqv chordates
          woih                 horoscopes; natal charts; celestial maps; cosmograms; vitaspheres; radical charts  [astrology]  ↞ h celestial objects
          woihg                      angles
          woihgf                           ascendant; first house; East angle
          woihgm                           midheaven; tenth house; North Angle
          woihgq                           descendant; seventh house; West angle
          woihgu                           imnum coeli; fourth house; South angle
          woiho                      zodiac; sun signs
          woihob                           Aries
          woihod                           Taurus
          woihof                           Gemini
          woihoh                           Cancer
          woihoj                           Leo
          woihoɭ                           Virgo
          woihon                           Libra
          woihop                           Scorpio
          woihot                           Capricorn
          woihov                           Aquarius
          woihow                           Sagittarius
          woihox                           Pisces
          woihs                      houses
          woiɭ                 palmistry; chiromancy; palm reading
          woin                 necromancy
          woit                 tasseomancy
          woiw                 cartomancy
          wom            magic; sorcery
          won            numerology  ↞ an quantities
          wot            theophany; divine appearance
          wow            miracles
          wp       religious practices; spirituality  ↞ ped awe
          wpc            mysticism; religious ecstasy
          wpe            meditation; contemplation
          wpef                 focused attention
          wpefb                      ānāpānasati; mindfulness of breathing
          wpefm                      mettā; maitrī; loving-kindness
          wpefp                      single point meditation
          wpeft                      mantra meditation
          wpeftm                           transcendental meditation
          wpeo                 open monitoring
          wpeom                      mindfulness
          wpeos                      shikantaza
          wpg            prayer
          wpgg                 grace
          wpgh                 hymns
          wpgi                 incantation; enchantment; magic spell
          wpgw                 creed
          wpi            abstinence
          wpif                 fasting
          wpis                 sexual abstinence; chastity
          wpɭ            pilgrimage
          wpp            preaching
          wps            mission
          wpw            monasticism; monastic living; monkhood; asceticism
          wr       religious beliefs  ≈ DDC 210
          wrc            animism
          wre            fetishism  ↞ s services
          wrf            phallism; sexual worship  ↞ osm mating
          wrh            shamanism
          wri            spiritualism; idealism  ↞ w6 invoking p consciousness
          wrir                 reincarnation; rebirth; transmigration
          wrn            naturalism  ↞ g bulk matter h celestial objects i rocks j landforms k genes l cells m organisms
          wrnm                 materialism  ↞ g bulk matter
          wru            humanism  ↞ t communities
          wrw            rationalism  ↞ por reason
          wt       faiths; doctrines; denominations  ≈ DDC 290
          wt3            practiced by; professed by adherent; prophet  ↞ px persons
          wt31ts   ⋄                          Judaism
          wt3b                 lay persons; lay adherents
          wt3b(86c)                                non adherents; non believers
          wt3d                 elders; senior members
          wt3f                 lay assistants
          wt3h                 hermits; ascetics; fakirs
          wt3m                 monks; monastic orders
          wt3mn                      nuns
          wt3n                 deacons; assistant ministers
          wt3p                 clerics; clergymen; churchmen; ministers; priests
          wt3po                      seniors; bishops; abbots
          wt3pt                      archbishops; metropolitans
          wt3pw                      general leader
          wt3x                 prophets
          wt3xb                      founder; originator
          wt3xd                      reformers
          wt3xe                      messiah
          wt3xg                      gurus; mahatmas; prophets SS; wise men
          wt3xm                      martyrs
          wt3xs                      saints; bodhisattvas; enlightened ones
          wt3xu                      thaumaturgers; wonder workers; miracle workers
          wt3xw                      shamans; witch doctors; medicine men; sorcerers
          wt3xy                      theocratic sovereigns; divinely appointed kings
          wt@w                 Zoroastrianism; Mazdeism; Yezidis  ≈ DDC 295
          wtc            Vedic Brahmanism; Vedism  ≈ DDC 294
          wtd            Hinduism; Sana-Tana Dharma  ≈ DDC 294
          wtdf                 Nyaya; school of logic
          wtdi                 Vaisheshika; atomist school
          wtdm                 Samkhya; enumeration school
          wtdo                 Yoga; Patanjali school
          wtds                 Purva Mimamsa
          wtdv                 Vedanta; Uttara Mimamsa
          wte            Carvaka; Charvaka; Lokayata
          wtf            Jainism  ≈ DDC 294
          wtg            Sikhism; Gurmat  ≈ DDC 294
          wth            Buddhism
          wth3xb                           Buddha; Siddhārtha Gautama; Shakyamuni Buddha
          wthh                 Hinayana; Theravada; the Lesser Vehicle
          wthm                 Mahayana; the Great Vehicle
          wthq                 Chinese Buddhism including Kosa; Fa-hsiang; T'ien T'ai; Chen-yen
          wths                 Lamaism; Vajrayana
          wthsb                      Bonpo
          wthsn                      Tantrism
          wthst                      Tibetan Lamaism
          wtht                 Japanese Buddhism including Nara, Tendai, Shingon, Kamakara
          wthte                      Zen
          wthtei                           Rinzai
          wthtes                           Soto
          wthtp                      Pure Land Buddhism
          wtk            Confucianism
          wtkn                 Neo-Confucianism
          wtɭ            Legalism
          wtm            Mohism; Moism
          wtn            Taoism; Daoism
          wtn3xb                           Lao-tzu
          wto            Shinto
          wtot                 Oomoto; Oomoto-kyo
          wtp            ancient Egyptian religion
          wtp3xy                           pharaoh
          wtq            paganism; pre-Christian Europe polytheism
          wtqc                 Celtic paganism
          wtqcd                      druidism
          wtsWu            Abrahamic religions
          wts            Judaism  ≈ DDC 296
          wts3p                      rabbi
          wts7s                      Jewish scriptures
          wts7sb                           Jewish Bible  ≈ DDC 220
          wts7sm                           Talmud; rabbinic literature
          wts@w                      Ashkenazi; Mizrahi
          wtso                 orthodox Judaism
          wtsom                      modern ortodox Judaism
          wtsou                      Haredi; ultra-orthodox Judaism
          wtsouh                           Hasidic Judaism
          wtsq                 Masorti; conservative Judaism
          wtss                 Sephardi
          wtst                 Reform Judaism
          wtsu                 progressive Judaism; liberal Judaism
          wtsu@w                           reconstructionist Judaism
          wtsuh                      humanist Judaism
          wtsv                 Samaritans
          wtsx                 Karaism; Karaite Judaism
          wtt            Christianity  ≈ DDC 230 240 250 260 270 280
          wtt3p                      Christian priests  ≈ DDC 250
          wtt3po                           bishops
          wtt3pt                           archbishops
          wtt3pw                           the pope
          wtt3xe                           Jesus; Christ
          wtt3xs                           Christian saints
          wtt7h                      Christian symbol Christian cross; dove
          wtt7sb                           Christian Bible  ≈ DDC 220
          wttb                 primitive Church  ≈ DDC 281
          wttc                 Melkites; Melchites; Eastern patriarchates  ≈ DDC 281
          wttd                 Orthodoxes  ≈ DDC 281
          wttf                 Monophysites; Eastern churches  ≈ DDC 281
          wttfb                      Armenian church
          wttfc                      Coptic church
          wttfd                      Nestorian and Chaldean-catholic churches
          wttfe                      Ethiopian church
          wttfm                      Maronite church
          wttfs                      Syrian church; Jacobite
          wttft                      St. Thomas Christianity; Malabar; Mar Thoma Syrian church
          wtth                 Roman Catholicism  ≈ DDC 282
          wtti                 non-Roman Catholicism
          wttii                      independent Catholic churches
          wttio                      old Catholic church
          wttn                 Anglicanism  ≈ DDC 283
          wttp                 Protestantism; Reform churches
          wttpe                      Born Again incl' fundamentalism, revivalism, puritain free
          wttpeb                           Anabaptism; Mennonites
          wttpec                           Baptism  ≈ DDC 286
          wttped                           Darbysm
          wttpef                           Frères Larges
          wttpei                           Anglican evangelism
          wttpeɭ                           free churches
          wttpem                           Methodism  ≈ DDC 287
          wttpep                           Pentecostism
          wttpeq                           Quakers; Religious Society of Friends  ≈ DDC 289
          wttpes                           Salvation Army
          wttpev                           Adventism  ≈ DDC 286
          wttpew                           Reformed Evangelism
          wttph                      Hussites
          wttpk                      African churches; Kimbangism
          wttpɭ                      Lutheranism  ≈ DDC 284
          wttpɭɭ                           Presbyterianism; Calvinistic methodism  ≈ DDC 285
          wttpm                      Moravian Church; United Brethren; Unitas Fratrum; Herrnhuters  ≈ DDC 284
          wttpn                      Calvinism; Reformed Presbiterianism including Calvinists, Huguenots  ≈ DDC 284
          wttpnc                           Congregationalism  ≈ DDC 285
          wttpnr                           Arminiens; Remontrants
          wttpnu                           Puritanism  ≈ DDC 285
          wttpnw                           Walloon Church
          wttpp                      Pietism
          wttpv                      Waldensians; Waldenses; Vaudois; Valdesi
          wttpw                      Lollards; Wycliffites
          wtts                 Mormons; Latter-Day Saints
          wttt                 Moonism
          wttu                 Neo-Apostolism
          wttv                 transversal theological groups
          wttvb                      Barth theology; Neo-Orthodoxes
          wttvc                      Charismatic movement
          wttvf                      Liberation Theology
          wttvɭ                      Theological Liberalism
          wttvɭd                           Death of God theology
          wttvm                      modern theologies
          wttvs                      social Christianity
          wttvzs                 Christian Science; Scientism
          wttw                 Jehovah's Witnesses
          wttwzs                 Antitrinitaires; Socinians; Unitarians; Christadelphism
          wttwzu                 Universalism; Armstrong  ≈ DDC 289
          wttwzw                 Swedenborgians
          wttx                 Apostolic churches
          wtty                 African indigenous sects
          wtu            Islam  ≈ DDC 297
          wtu3p                      imam
          wtu3xb                           Muhammad
          wtu7sb                           Koran; Qur'an; Quran; Alcoran; Al-Qur'an
          wtub                 Black Muslims
          wtud                 Druzes
          wtuk                 Nurculuk
          wtun                 Sunni; Sunnites
          wtuq                 Shi'a; Shi'ites
          wtuqh                      Ahmadiya
          wtus                 Sufism; Dervish; Darvesh
          wtv            Bahá'í faith; Bahaism  ≈ DDC 297
          wtvb                 Babism
          wtvzf            Anthroposophy
          wtvzo            Cao Dai
          wtvzw            Rastafarianism
          wtw            New Age
          wtwzs            Scientology; Dianetics
          wtx            Theosophy
          wty            Humanism; International Humanist and Ethical Union
Connected classes:
                 001  [w1]           produced in; published in publication time
                 01  [w1]      as known in historical period
                 081  [w1]           as set at time; epoch
                 12  [w1]      in moment; period; temporal context
                 13  [w1]      from; since; beginning at; originated at start time
                 134  [w1]           until; ending at end time
                 14  [w1]      before subsequent time
                 144  [w1]           after preceding time
                 17  [w1]      in historical time
                 n18  [w1]           in time
                 p91  [w1]           born on birth time
                 p914  [w1]                dead on death time
                 p915  [w1]                living in; floruit in time
                 q17  [w1]           in time  [historical linguistics; comparative linguistics]
                 q173  [w1]                originated in epoch
                 q1734  [w1]                     extinct in; dead in epoch
                 r31  [w1]           made in time
                 r5m           mechanical technology  ↞ g w 
                 r913  [w1]                introduced in time
                 s91  [w1]           of period
                 t63  [wt]           following religion
                 t6x           faith  ↞ wt 
                 t73  [wt]            religious adherence
                 t91  [w1]           formed in origin time
                 tyd           Canaan  ↞ wts 
                 tyi           Ancient India; Hindu and Buddhist civilizations  ↞ wtc wtd wth 
                 tyjb                Tibetan civilization  ↞ wths 
                 tysm                Byzantine civilization; Byzantium  ↞ wttd tyrrt 
                 tytc                Islamic Golden Age ~800-1258 CE  ↞ wtu 
                 tyth                Western Christendom; Holy Roman Empire civilization  ↞ wtth 
                 tyto                Ottoman civilization  ↞ wtu tysm 
                 u17  [w1]  ⋄           in fiscal year; financial; budget year
                 u63  [wt]           inspired to religion
                 u69e                religious law  ↞ wt 
                 u6h           church polity  ↞ w 
                 u91  [w1]           founded in foundation time
                 u917  [w1]                 office start
                 w1nU  [w1nWos]                Antiquity; 999 BC to 499 AD  [ancient history]
                 w1pU  [w1otWDps]                Middle Ages; 500 to 1499 AD  [medieval history]
                 w31  [w]  ⋄           derived from original custom
                 w7h           religious symbol  ↞ wt 
                 wg91  [w1]                of; edition of year
                 wri           spiritualism; idealism  ↞ w6 p 
                 x18  [w1]           in historical period
                 x91  [w1]           typical of time
                 x9n           renaissance  ↞ w1pwWt 
                 x9u           modernism; avant-garde  ↞ w1pw w1px 
                 xn      dances  [choreology]  ↞ wb q7g 
                 y17  [w1]           at time
                 y6m           magical  ↞ wom 
                 y91  [w1]           known in time
                 y96  [wr]            faith; religious inspiration
                 ydcq                sacred texts  ↞ w7s 
                 yssx                cultural anthropology; ethnography  ↞ w 

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Facets key
0  as for perspective +
1  at time            +
2  in place           +
3  by agent           +
4  opposed to         +
5  undergoing change  +
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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