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Expanded class vo

    broader class

          vo       words; lexical categories; word classes; lexical classes; parts of speech  [grammar (partim)]
          vo360y                           scientific terms
          voac                 accusative
          voae                 ergative
          voaf                 split ergative
          voai                 philippine
          voak                 active-stative
          voan                 tripartite
          voas                 syntactic pivot
          voat                 theta role
          voav                 inverse marking
          vog            morphosyntactic alignments
          voi            interjections
          von            nouns
          vonc                 common nouns
          vonp                 proper nouns; names
          vop            pronouns
          vope                 personal pronouns
          vopf                 reflexive and reciprocal pronouns
          voph                 possessive pronouns
          vopm                 demonstrative pronouns
          vopn                 indefinite pronouns
          vopr                 relative pronouns
          vopw                 interrogative pronouns
          vor            adjectives and adverbs
          vot            determiners; determinatives
          vot@v                      quantifiers
          votc                 articles
          votd                 demonstratives
          voth                 possessive determiners; possessive adjectives
          votn                 numerals
          vott                 distributive determiners
          votw                 interrogative determiners
          vov            verbs
          vove                 intransitive verbs
          vovh                 transitive verbs
          vovj                 ditransitive verbs
          vovo                 double transitive verbs
          vovu                 copular verbs
          vow            adpositions; prepositions and postpositions
          vox            conjunctions
          vo{acvua}   ⋄                               the word acqua
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