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Expanded class v5

    broader class

          v5        legal activity
          v5d            saving
          v5k            trade; commerce; exchange; market  [marketing]  ≈ DDC 381
          v5k2v                       international trade
          v5kb                 gift
          v5kk                 barter
          v5kɭ                 loan
          v5kr                 renting
          v5ks                 sale
          v5m            investment
          v5p            inheritance  ↞ v6g succession law
          v5q            taxation; levies  ↞ u polities
          v5qc                 income taxes
          v5qcg                      capital gains tax
          v5qi                 social-security contributions
          v5qɭ                 payroll taxes  ↞ v7bp employment
          v5qp                 property taxes
          v5qpi                      inheritance taxes  ↞ v5p inheritance
          v5qpp                      expatriation taxes
          v5qpt                      transfer taxes; stamp duty taxes
          v5qpw                      wealth taxes
          v5qs                 goods and services taxes
          v5qsd                      value added taxes
          v5qsɭ                      sales taxes
          v5qss                      excises
          v5qst                      tariffs
          v5qv                 license fees
          v5qw                 poll taxes
          v5s            pensions
          v5sr                 retirement plans; superannuations
Connected classes:
                 s8h           paid; charged  ↞ v5k 
                 v5qpi                     inheritance taxes  ↞ v5p 
                 v6m           commercial law  ↞ v5k 
                 vqp           pension funds  ↞ v5s 
                 vqsWx           investment institutions  ↞ v5m 

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