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Expanded class v

    broader class

          qot@v                      quantifiers
          v  legal entities; legal persons; juridical persons; companies; owners  [law]  ↞ p6 driven by s services   ≈ DDC 330
          v09            according to economical theory
          v09ɭ                 classical political economy; rational choice theory incl' Smith, Ricardo, Malthus
          v09ɭp                      Polanyi school of economic sociology
          v09ɭs                      social structure of accumulation approach
          v09ɭt                      post-Keynesian theory
          v09ɭv                      transaction costs analysis
          v09m                 classical Marxism
          v09n                 classical theories of imperialism
          v09o                 modernization theory
          v09p                 theories of worsening terms of trade incl' Prebisch
          v09q                 dependency theories
          v09s                 institutionalism
          v09t                 action theory
          v3       bound by contract
          v35   ⋄           run by businessman  ↞ px persons
          v4       committing crime; offence  ≈ DDC 364
          v43   [u]           sued by plaintiff
          v48   [u]           prohibited by; banned by; punished by; penalized by institution
          v49            subjected to sanction; penalty
          v4h            harassment
          v5        legal activity
          v59             economic system  ≈ DDC 339
          v59b                 domestic economies; internal consumption  
          v59c                 reciprocity economies; symmetrical exchange
          v59g                 redistribution economies; centralized exchange
          v59k                 market economies
          v59kf                      feudal systems
          v59kp                      capitalism
          v59kpɭ                           laissez-faire
          v59m                 mixed economies; compromise systems
          v59mm                      mercantilism; mercantile systems
          v59mq                      liberalism
          v59mr                      dirigisme
          v59p                 planned economies; hands-on systems
          v59pc                      socialism  ≈ DDC 335
          v59pcc                           communism
          v59t                 participatory economies
          v5d            saving
          v5k            trade; commerce; exchange; market  [marketing]  ≈ DDC 381
          v5kb                 gift
          v5kk                 barter
          v5kɭ                 loan
          v5kr                 renting
          v5ks                 sale
          v5m            investment
          v5p            inheritance  ↞ u6g totalitarian
          v5q            taxation; levies  ↞ u polities
          v5qc                 income taxes
          v5qcg                      capital gains tax
          v5qi                 social-security contributions  ↞ up empires
          v5qɭ                 payroll taxes  ↞ u7bp 
          v5qp                 property taxes
          v5qpi                      inheritance taxes  ↞ u5p public consultation
          v5qpp                      expatriation taxes
          v5qpt                      transfer taxes; stamp duty taxes
          v5qpw                      wealth taxes
          v5qs                 goods and services taxes
          v5qsd                      value added taxes
          v5qsɭ                      sales taxes
          v5qss                      excises
          v5qst                      tariffs
          v5qv                 license fees
          v5qw                 poll taxes
          v5s            pensions  ↞ uqp 
          v5sr                 retirement plans; superannuations
          v6       according to; under regulation; institution; legal order; law; norm; rule; act  [jurisprudence; legal theory]  ≈ DDC 348
          v66   [p6]           having right
          v6e            law of property  ↞ u7 
          v6g            succession law  ↞ m5w ageing
          v6i            conflict of laws; private international law
          v6j            corporate law; corporations law; company law  ↞ u polities
          v6k            competition law
          v6ɭ            labour law  ↞ u7b   ≈ DDC 344
          v6m            commercial law  ↞ u polities   ≈ DDC 343
          v6n            intellectual property law  ↞ s services x creative arts y scholarship
          v6nc                 copyright
          v6ne                 patents
          v6nm                 trademarks
          v6nr                 industrial design rights  ↞ ug 
          v6ns                 trade secrets
          v6oWy            public law
          v6p            penal law; criminal law  ↞ q38d   ≈ DDC 345
          v6s            constitutional law  ≈ DDC 342
          v6t            administrative law  ↞ q38e   ≈ DDC 342
          v6w            international law; public international law  ↞ u7u 
          v7       owing asset; property; estate
          v7b            labour; labor; producers; workers; human resources  ↞ px persons   ≈ DDC 331
          v7b(8)                 wage
          v7bb                 volunteering
          v7bc                 housework
          v7bf                 slavery
          v7bg                 unfree labour
          v7bh                 wage slavery
          v7bp                 employment; wage labour; job; occupation
          v7bv                 consulting
          v7d            natural resources; land  ≈ DDC 333
          v7eWs            real capital; capital assets
          v7iWs            capital goods; means of production
          v7i            fixed capital  ↞ s services
          v7id                 land; arable land; land control  ↞ j land vj cooperative businesses
          v7ik                 buildings capital  ↞ ss 
          v7ip                 plants  ↞ s services
          v7iq                 equipments  ↞ s services
          v7m            movables; movable property; personal property; chattels; objects  ↞ s services
          v7r            working capital; inventory
          v7v            financial capital; funds
          v8       by money type  [numismatics]
          v82   [u]            scale
          v82t                 national
          v82v                 international
          v82v5k                           international trade
          v87   [uU]           in currency, money
          v87b                 pound sterling; GBP; £
          v87c                 euro; EUR
          v87ezs                 Swiss franc; CHF; Fr
          v87q                 yen; Japanese yen; JPY
          v87r                 yuan; Chinese yuan; renminbi; CNY
          v87s                 Australian dollar; AUD; A$
          v87t                 Canadian dollar; CAD; C$
          v87v                 US dollar; USD; $
          v88   [an]            budget $
          v883   [an]                plus $ asset; income; price
          v884   [an]                minus $ liability; expenditure; cost
          v8c            commodity money
          v8e            representative money; token coins  [exonumia]
          v8h            cash; fiat money  ↞ uqc 
          v8hc                 coins
          v8hn                 banknotes; bill; paper money; notes  [notaphily]
          v8m            commercial bank money  ↞ uqb 
          v8mc                 cheque; check
          v8mr                 credit card
          v8pp   ⋄                one hundred dollars; USD 100.00
          v97   [u]           in sector; industry
          v@82   [an89]                 size
          vb       public; communal ownership  [public finance; government finance]  ↞ u polities   ≈ DDC 336
          vb7X                 public property  ≈ DDC 343
          vd       privates; natural persons; physical persons; personal owners  ↞ ub bands
          vd7X                 private property
          veWx       juridical persons; artificial persons; fictitious persons
          vg       organized civil society; unions; voluntary associations; non-governmental organizations; NGOs  [organizational studies]  ≈ DDC 060
          vg90   ⋄                dealing with matter of interest; topic; scope
          vg90mU(7jb)   ⋄                                    blood associations
          vg90wt   ⋄                          religion
          vg90wtt   ⋄                               Christian organizations
          vg90wtth   ⋄                                    Catholic organizations
          vgY            individual organizations
          vgɭ            clubs  ≈ DDC 367
          vgp            political groups; parties; movements  ↞ u polities   ≈ DDC 324
          vgp6D                       party platform; program
          vgp6Dd                           traditionalist
          vgp6De                           reactionary
          vgp6Dg                           conservative
          vgp6Dm                           moderate
          vgp6Dn                           liberal
          vgp6Do                           reformist
          vgp6Dp                           progressive
          vgp6Dr                           radical
          vgp6Dx                           extremist
          vgp87f                           minority parties
          vgp87v                           majority parties
          vgp92f   ⋄                          Italian
          vgpf                 far-right parties
          vgpi                 centre-right parties
          vgpn                 center parties
          vgpq                 centre-left parties
          vgpq92f   ⋄                               Italian including Partito democratico
          vgpq92v   ⋄                               American including Democratic Party
          vgpv                 far-left parties
          vgt            professional associations; associations of crafts; guilds  ↞ uatb   ≈ DDC 369
          vgt75   ⋄                     of profession
          vgv            trade unions; labour unions  ↞ uak 
          vgx            criminal organizations; mafias; ganglands; gangsterism; racketeering  ↞ u94 related to
          vgxt                 terrorist groups
          vj       cooperative businesses; co-ops  ≈ DDC 334
          vjc            non-profit community organizations
          vje            consumer cooperatives
          vjh            housing cooperatives
          vjk            worker cooperatives
          vjx            multi-stakeholder cooperatives
                 limited liability companies; LLC; GmbH
          vo       corporations; companies s.s.; firms  ↞ uo   ≈ DDC 650
          von            non-stock corporations; not-for-profit corporations
          vos            stock corporations
          vos7Dd                           board of directors
          vos7Dh                           stockholders; shareholders
          vosw                 multinational corporations; MNC; international; stateless corporations; worldwide; transnational enterprises
          vp       corporate groups; groups of companies; conglomerates
          vq       financial institutions; banking institutions  ↞ uo   ≈ DDC 332
          vqbWk            depository institutions
          vqb            banks; commercial banks
          vqbe                 savings bank
          vqbep                      postal savings banks  ↞ uxm 
          vqbɭ                 land development banks; LDB
          vqc            central banks; reserve bank; monetary authority  ↞ qv languages
          vqd            building societies
          vqf            credit unions; co-operative banks  ↞ uj 
          vqh            trust companies
          vqj            mortgage loan companies
          vqnWp            contractual institutions
          vqn            insurance companies  ≈ DDC 368
          vqp            pension funds
          vqsWx            investment institutions  ↞ u5m 
          vqs            investment banks
          vqv            underwriters
          vqx            brokerage firms
          xm@vai                           intonation  ↞ q7ssap 
Connected classes:
                 r5f           lithic technology; Stone Age  ↞ ii vdb 
                 rh      fisheries  ↞ js jy nyd vc 
                 sbi           dairy products; milk products; lacticinia  [dairy science]  ↞ mqvt vk 
                 sbm           meat and fish  ↞ mqv vbh vk 
                 sbmf                seafood; fish and shellfish s.l.  ↞ mqm mqrh mqveWi vc 
                 sdd           buildings; edifices  [civil engineering; architecture]  ↞ osc vs 
                 u7v           diplomacy; diplomatic missions; foreign missions  ↞ qv v5y 
                 v7id                land; arable land; land control  ↞ j vj 
                 yst           techniques; applied sciences  ↞ yss v 

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