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Expanded class u6

    broader class

          u6        regime; form of government  ≈ DDC 321
          u63   [wt]           inspired to religion
          u66   [p6]           promoting principle; policy; programme; mission; agenda; plan
          u66c   ⋄                safety
          u66m   ⋄                family
          u66q   ⋄                sociality
          u69             law type
          u69e                 religious law  ↞ wt faiths
          u69m                 military law  ↞ sm combat
          u69o                 common law; unwritten law
          u69t                 civil law
          u69ts                      socialist law  ↞ v69pc socialism
          u6bWn            private law; civil law  ↞ ub bands   ≈ DDC 346
          u6bWp            authoritarian; autocratic; oligarchic
          u6b            monarchy
          u6c            contracts; obligations; contract law
          u6d            law of torts
          u6f            family law  ↞ tf families
          u6g            totalitarian; palace regime
          u6h            church polity  ↞ w customs
          u6i            military dictatorship  ↞ u7t military
          u6n            aristocracy
          u6p            one party regimes
          u6r            republic; representative democratic
          u6t            direct democratic
Connected classes:
                 pou           moral consciousness  ↞ u6 
                 s69           conforming to regulation; guideline; technical norm; standard procedure  ↞ u6 
                 w46  [u6]           committing; tempted by sin; evil; guilt; vice; taboo
                 w66  [u6]           conforming to; pursuing precept; etiquette; conventional rules; good manners; politeness
                 x creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu g 

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