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Expanded class tyr

    broader class

          tyr            Mediterranean civilization of the Classical period
          tyre                 Phoenicia
          tyrg                 Minoan civilization  ↞ jUizr Crete
          tyrh                 Hellenic civilization; ancient Greece  ↞ jUe Cuba   ≈ DDC 938
          tyrhc                      Archaic Greece 750-500 BC
          tyrhɭ                      Classical Greece 500-323 BC
          tyrhn                      Hellenistic Greece 323-146 BC
          tyrr                 ancient Rome civilization  ↞ jUjgzn Tevere basin   ≈ DDC 937
          tyrrk                      Roman Kingdom civilization
          tyrrr                      Roman Republic civilization
          tyrrt                      Roman Empire civilization
          tyrrtb                           Augustus empire 27 BCE-14 CE
          tyrrtc                           Julio-Claudian Dynasty 14-68 CE
          tyrrtf                           Flavian dynasty 69-96 CE
          tyrrtg                           Five Good Emperors 96-180 CE
          tyrrth                           Commodus and the Year of the Five Emperors 180-193 CE
          tyrrti                           Severan dynasty 193-235 CE
          tyrrtj                           Crisis of the Third Century 235-184 CE
          tyrrtɭ                           Diocletian and the Tetrarchy 284-301 CE
          tyrrtn                           Constantinian dynasty 305-363 CE
          tyrrtp                           Valentinian dynasty 364-392 CE
          tyrrtt                           Theodosian dynasty 379-457 CE
Connected classes:
                 tysm                Byzantine civilization; Byzantium  ↞ wttd tyrrt 

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