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Expanded class tyk

    broader class

          tyk            East Asian civilizations
          tykc                 Chinese civilization  ↞ jUjp Huang He basin jUjq Yangtze basin   ≈ DDC 931
          tykcc                      Xia dynasty
          tykcd                      Shang dynasty
          tykce                      Zhou dynasty
          tykcf                      Spring and Autumn period
          tykcg                      Warring States period
          tykci                      Qin dynasty
          tykcj                      Han dynasty
          tykck                      Three Kingdoms
          tykcɭ                      Jin dynasty
          tykcm                      Northern and Southern dynasties
          tykcn                      Sui dynasty
          tykco                      Tang dynasty
          tykcp                      Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
          tykcq                      Song, Liao, Jin, and Western Xia dynasties
          tykcr                      Yuan dynasty
          tykct                      Ming dynasty
          tykcu                      Qing dynasty
          tykcv                      Republic of China
          tykcw                      People's Republic of China
          tykk                 Korean civilization
          tykn                 Vietnamese civilization
          tykp                 Japanese civilization  ↞ jUx Kyushu jUy Honshu
          tykpd                      Jōmon period
          tykpe                      Yayoi period
          tykpf                      Kofun period 250-538 CE
          tykpg                      Asuka period 538-710 CE
          tykph                      Nara period 710-794 CE
          tykpi                      Heian period 794-1185 CE
          tykpk                      Kamakura period 1185-1333 CE
          tykpɭ                      Muromachi period 1333-1568 CE
          tykpm                      Azuchi–Momoyama period 1568-1600 CE
          tykpn                      Edo period 1568-1600 CE
          tykpo                      Meiji period 1868-1912 CE
          tykpp                      Taishō period 1912-1926 CE
          tykpq                      Shōwa period 1926-1989 CE
          tykpr                      Heisei period 1989- CE
Connected classes:
                 sh6j                traditional Chinese medicine; TCM  ↞ tykc 
                 sh6k                traditional Korean medicine  ↞ tykk 

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