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Expanded class tyjb

    broader class

          tyjb                 Tibetan civilization  ↞ wths Lamaism
          tyjbg                      Zhangzhung
          tyjbj                      Yarlung Dynasty
          tyjbm                      Tibetan Empire period
          tyjbo                      Era of Fragmentation
          tyjbr                      Tibetan Renaissance
          tyjbt                      Tibet under Yuan rule
          tyjbu                      Phagmodrupa Dynasty
          tyjbv                      Rinpungpa Dynasty
          tyjbw                      Tsangpa Dynasty
          tyjbx                      Ganden Phodrang
          tyjby                      recent Tibet
          tyjbyq                           Tibet under Qing rule
Connected classes:
                 sh6i                traditional Tibetan medicine  ↞ tyjb 

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