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Expanded class tyc

    broader class

          tyc            Ancient Egypt  ↞ jUkc Nile basin   ≈ DDC 932
          tycd                 Early Dynastic Period
          tycg                 Old Kingdom
          tyci                 1st Intermediate Period
          tycm                 Middle Kingdom
          tyco                 2nd Intermediate Period
          tycq                 New Kingdom
          tyct                 3rd Intermediate Period
          tycu                 Kushite Egypt
          tycw                 Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt
          tyczk            Kerma culture; Kerma kingdom ~2500-1500 BCE  ↞ jUkc Nile basin
          tyczu            Kingdom of Kush ~785 BCE-350 CE  ↞ jUkc Nile basin
Connected classes:
                 uUi           Egypt; Arab Republic of Egypt  ↞ tyc 

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