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Expanded class t9

    broader class

          t9        decision structure
          t90            dealing with issue
          t91   [w1]           formed in origin time
          t92   [uU]           based in site; headquarters
          t925   [sw]                including inhabitants of settling
          t925e                      peasants; rural people
          t925g                      burghers; urban people
          t93   [jU]           originated from original region
          t95   [qv]            ethnicity; language
          t95Uc                      Chinese
          t95Us                      Latin; Hispanic
          t9b            informal; unplanned; open
          t9e            competitive; ecological
          t9m            matrix decision structure
          t9p            peer-based
          t9pc                 committee-based  
          t9pj                 jury-based  
          t9s            cross-functional; staff-and-expert based
          t9y            authoritarian; hierarchical; pyramidal
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