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Expanded class t

    broader class

          tWv  societies; sociofacts  [social sciences]  
          tWy  culture; civilization  [human sciences; humanities]
          t  communities; civil society; complex society; institutions; groups; people  [sociology]  ↞ q language oss social interactions   ≈ DDC 300  
          t09i                 public choice theory
          t09k                 social exchange theory
          t09kf                      affect theory of social change
          t09ɭ                 justice theory
          t09n                 identity theory
          t09o                 social identity theory
          t09p                 theory of comparative processes
          t09r                 elementary theory
          t09s                 expectations, status, and behavior theories
          t09t                 status construction theories
          t09x                 feminism
          t09y                 legitimacy theory
          t35   [U]           led by leader
          t36   [t7]           for beneficiary; social group
          t4        social issue; problem
          t43   [U]           perturbed by rebel; insurgent; mutinous
          t46   [t6]           discouraging deviance; sin; vice
          t46e                 envy
          t46k                 lust
          t46ɭ                 gluttony; attachment
          t46m                 pride
          t46n                 wrath
          t46o                 greed; selfishness; egoism
          t46q                 sloth; acedia
          t46w                 blasphemy
          t46x                 infidelity
          t4d            discord; disagreement
          t4i            inequality
          t4q            bullying
          t4r            prejudice; discrimination
          t4rg                 ageism; agism  ↞ t7v old people
          t4rr                 racism  ↞ tt peoples
          t5        social event; social dynamics  ↞ cp processes
          t5c            visit
          t5ct                 tourism
          t5e            meeting; convention
          t5er                 reunion
          t5i            party
          t5id                 ball; dance party  ↞ xn dances
          t5r            human migration  ↞ n5m animal migration   ≈ DDC 325
          t6        precept; value; virtue; convention; code; moral behaviour; mores  ↞ p6 driven by
          t60            prioritizing life aspect
          t60m                 physical well-being; hedonism
          t60p                 mental well-being
          t60r                 spirituality
          t60t                 social relationships
          t60tb                      individualism
          t60tf                      family
          t60to                      collectivism
          t60u                 wealth
          t60v                 power
          t60w                 objects; fetishism; consumerism
          t60x                 arts
          t60y                 knowledge
          t6d            devotion to family  ↞ osp parental cares   ≈ DDC 173
          t6e            gratitude
          t6g            sincerity; truth  ↞ ai statements
          t6h            honesty; loyalty; fairness
          t6i            bravery; courage
          t6j            fertility  ↞ n populations   ≈ DDC 176
          t6k            chastity  ↞ osm mating   ≈ DDC 176
          t6ɭ            moderation; temperance; sobriety; abstemiousness; baldness
          t6m            humility
          t6n            patience
          t6o            altruism; charity; generosity; goodness  ↞ pev love   ≈ DDC 177
          t6p            diligence; good manners
          t6pe                 etiquette
          t6pi                 tidiness
          t6pɭ                 cleanliness
          t6pm                 locomotion rules  ↞ omkt gaits
          t6po                 courtesy
          t6pp                 punctuality
          t6pr                 righteousness
          t6pw                 conversational rules  [proxemics]  ↞ q language
          t6q            duty
          t6r            respect for others' property  ↞ ud 
          t6s            human rights
          t6t            wellness; well-being
          t6u            beauty; aesthetics  ≈ DDC 175
          t6w            piety; religiosity; reverence  ≈ DDC 179
          t6x            faith  ↞ wt faiths
          t6xs                 salvation; after-death
          t7        age group
          t70   [s]           occupied in job; occupation
          t70ri   ⋄                     fishing fishers
          t70rɭ   ⋄                     farming farmers
          t70rt   ⋄                     industrial plant industrial workers
          t70sr   ⋄                     retail shop retailers
          t70x                 art artists
          t73   [wt]            religious adherence
          t73s   ⋄                Jew
          t73u   ⋄                Muslim
          t74   [an89]            health condition
          t74f                 ill; disabled
          t74u                 healthy
          t76   [an89]            literacy class  ↞ sw schools
          t76f                 uneducated; ignorant
          t76u                 learned
          t78   [an89]            wealth class  ↞ v7 owing
          t78f                 poor
          t78q                 middle class; wealthy
          t78u                 rich
          t79             gender identity
          t79b                 binary
          t79q                 non-binary; genderqueer
          t79t                 transgender
          t79w                 third gender
          t7XX                  gender
          t7Xx                 male; masculine
          t7Xy                 female; feminine
          t7d            being born  ↞ m5e birth
          t7e            babies; newborn  ↞ mU8e human infant
          t7i            children  ↞ mU8i children
          t7ix                 male children  ↞ mU6x men
          t7iy                 female children  ↞ mU6y women
          t7ɭ            adolescents; kids  ↞ mU8l kids
          t7ɭx                 boys  ↞ mU6x men
          t7ɭy                 girls  ↞ mU6y women
          t7n            youth; young people  ↞ mU8n young humans
          t7nx                 young men  ↞ mU6x men
          t7ny                 young women  ↞ mU6y women
          t7p            adults  ↞ mU8p adult humans
          t7px                 adult men  ↞ mU6x men
          t7py                 adult women  ↞ mU6y women
          t7v            old people; third age  ↞ mU8v old humans
          t7vx                 old men  ↞ mU6x men
          t7vy                 old women  ↞ mU6y women
          t7x            dead people  ↞ m8x dead
          t87   [an89]           including fraction
          t87f                 minority
          t87f73s   ⋄                                Jewish minority
          t87u                 majority
          t9        decision structure
          t90            dealing with issue
          t92   [uU]           based in site; headquarters
          t925   [sw]                including inhabitants of settling
          t925e                      peasants; rural people
          t925g                      burghers; urban people
          t95   [qv]            ethnicity; language
          t95Uc                      Chinese
          t95Us                      Latin; Hispanic
          t95e                 Indo-European
          t95ecmr                                Romani; Sinti; Gypsies
          t9b            informal; unplanned; open
          t9e            competitive; ecological
          t9m            matrix decision structure
          t9p            peer-based
          t9pc                 committee-based  
          t9pj                 jury-based  
          t9s            cross-functional; staff-and-expert based
          t9y            authoritarian; hierarchical; pyramidal
          tb       citizens; individuals; private sphere  ↞ px persons
          tf       families  ↞ osm mating osp parental cares
          tf7             family components
          tf7i                 babies
          tf7p                 adults
          tf7v                 old people
          tfb            matrifocal families
          tfj            conjugal families; nuclear families
          tfjt                 blended families; stepfamilies
          tfk            extended kinship families
          tft            families of choice
          tg       clans
          tj       castes
          tj70   ⋄                of occupation
                 classes; social roles
          tɭb            slaves
          tɭd            powerless people; subordinated people; serves
          tɭm            middle class; freemen
          tɭw            powerful people; elites
          tɭy            aristocracy; nobles; nobility
          tt       peoples; nations; ethnic groups; ethnicities  
          tt87f                      minority ethnic minorities
          tt95ed   ⋄                          Iranian
          tt95edmc   ⋄                                    Parthians
          tt95edmk   ⋄                                    Bactrians
          tt95eio87f   ⋄                                     Occitan minority
          ttU            traditional racial groupings; races
          ttUc                 Negroid peoples; Congoid; African; black  ↞ jUk Africa
          ttUe                 Caucasian peoples; Caucasoid; Europid; white  ↞ jUj Eurasia
          ttUm                 Mongoloid peoples  ↞ jUj Eurasia
          ty       civilizations  [history]  ≈ DDC 913
          tyb            Mesopotamian civilization  ↞ jUjy Tigris & Euphrate basin   ≈ DDC 935
          tybe                 Sumer
          tybeb                      Ubaid period
          tybec                      Uruk period
          tybee                      Jemdet Nasr period
          tybeh                      Early Dynastic periods
          tybek                      Akkadian Empire period
          tybeo                      Gutian period
          tybeu                      Ur III period
          tybew                      Dynasty of Isin; Amorite states
          tybɭ                 Babylonia civilization
          tybɭf                      First Babylonian dynasty; Amorite Dynasty
          tybɭfh                           Empire of Hammurabi
          tybɭk                      Kassite Dynasty
          tybɭn                      Native Rule; Second Dynasty of Isin
          tybɭo                      Period of Chaos; 1026-911 BC
          tybɭr                      Assyrian rule  ↞ tybt Assyria
          tybɭu                      Chaldean Era; Neo-Babylonian Empire period
          tybɭx                      Persian Babylonia
          tybt                 Assyria; Assyrian Empire civilization
          tybtd                      Old Assyrian Empire
          tybtm                      Middle Assyrian Empire
          tybtt                      Neo-Assyrian Empire
          tyc            Ancient Egypt  ↞ jUkc Nile basin   ≈ DDC 932
          tycd                 Early Dynastic Period
          tycg                 Old Kingdom
          tyci                 1st Intermediate Period
          tycm                 Middle Kingdom
          tyco                 2nd Intermediate Period
          tycq                 New Kingdom
          tyct                 3rd Intermediate Period
          tycu                 Kushite Egypt
          tycw                 Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt
          tyczk            Kerma culture; Kerma kingdom ~2500-1500 BCE  ↞ jUkc Nile basin
          tyczu            Kingdom of Kush ~785 BCE-350 CE  ↞ jUkc Nile basin
          tyd            Canaan  ↞ wts Judaism   ≈ DDC 933
          tydi                 Israelites
          tydt                 Second temple Judaism 516 BCE-70 CE
          tye            Elam; Elamites; Susiana
          tyg            Achaemenid civilization; Iranian civilization
          tyi            Ancient India; Hindu and Buddhist civilizations  ↞ wtc Vedic Brahmanism wtd Hinduism wth Buddhism   ≈ DDC 934
          tyie                 Pre-Harappan; Mehrgarh
          tyih                 Indus Valley Civilization; Harappan Civilization  ↞ jUjx Indus basin
          tyihe                      Early Harappan; Mughal; Kenoyer
          tyihm                      Mature Harappan
          tyiht                      Late Harappan
          tyik                 Vedic Period
          tyiq                 Second Urbanisation
          tyit                 Pre-Classical Indian period
          tyiu                 Gupta Empire; Golden Age
          tyiw                 Late-Classical Indian period
          tyj            central Asian civilization
          tyjb                 Tibetan civilization  ↞ wths Lamaism
          tyjbg                      Zhangzhung
          tyjbj                      Yarlung Dynasty
          tyjbm                      Tibetan Empire period
          tyjbo                      Era of Fragmentation
          tyjbr                      Tibetan Renaissance
          tyjbt                      Tibet under Yuan rule
          tyjbu                      Phagmodrupa Dynasty
          tyjbv                      Rinpungpa Dynasty
          tyjbw                      Tsangpa Dynasty
          tyjbx                      Ganden Phodrang
          tyjby                      recent Tibet
          tyjbyq                           Tibet under Qing rule
          tyjm                 Turkic and Mongol civilizations
          tyjmm                      Mongol Empire civilization
          tyk            East Asian civilizations
          tykc                 Chinese civilization  ↞ jUjp Huang He basin jUjq Yangtze basin   ≈ DDC 931
          tykcc                      Xia dynasty
          tykcd                      Shang dynasty
          tykce                      Zhou dynasty
          tykcf                      Spring and Autumn period
          tykcg                      Warring States period
          tykci                      Qin dynasty
          tykcj                      Han dynasty
          tykck                      Three Kingdoms
          tykcɭ                      Jin dynasty
          tykcm                      Northern and Southern dynasties
          tykcn                      Sui dynasty
          tykco                      Tang dynasty
          tykcp                      Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
          tykcq                      Song, Liao, Jin, and Western Xia dynasties
          tykcr                      Yuan dynasty
          tykct                      Ming dynasty
          tykcu                      Qing dynasty
          tykcv                      Republic of China
          tykcw                      People's Republic of China
          tykk                 Korean civilization
          tykn                 Vietnamese civilization
          tykp                 Japanese civilization  ↞ jUx Kyushu jUy Honshu
          tykpd                      Jōmon period
          tykpe                      Yayoi period
          tykpf                      Kofun period 250-538 CE
          tykpg                      Asuka period 538-710 CE
          tykph                      Nara period 710-794 CE
          tykpi                      Heian period 794-1185 CE
          tykpk                      Kamakura period 1185-1333 CE
          tykpɭ                      Muromachi period 1333-1568 CE
          tykpm                      Azuchi–Momoyama period 1568-1600 CE
          tykpn                      Edo period 1568-1600 CE
          tykpo                      Meiji period 1868-1912 CE
          tykpp                      Taishō period 1912-1926 CE
          tykpq                      Shōwa period 1926-1989 CE
          tykpr                      Heisei period 1989- CE
          tyɭ            civilizations of South East Asia
          tyɭc                 Funan and Chen-la
          tyɭg                 Angkor Cambodia
          tyɭm                 Champas
          tyɭt                 Sri Vijaya, Singhasari and Majapahit
          tyɭu                 Burmese, Thai and Lao
          tyn            New World civilizations
          tync                 Norte Chico; Caral-Supe
          tyne                 Olmec
          tynh                 Toltec
          tynk                 Aztec civilization
          tynm                 Maya civilization
          tynn                 Inca
          tynp                 Zapotec
          tyr            Mediterranean civilization of the Classical period
          tyre                 Phoenicia
          tyrg                 Minoan civilization  ↞ jUizr Crete
          tyrh                 Hellenic civilization; ancient Greece  ↞ jUe Cuba   ≈ DDC 938
          tyrhc                      Archaic Greece 750-500 BC
          tyrhɭ                      Classical Greece 500-323 BC
          tyrhn                      Hellenistic Greece 323-146 BC
          tyrr                 ancient Rome civilization  ↞ jUjgzn Tevere basin   ≈ DDC 937
          tyrrk                      Roman Kingdom civilization
          tyrrr                      Roman Republic civilization
          tyrrt                      Roman Empire civilization
          tyrrtb                           Augustus empire 27 BCE-14 CE
          tyrrtc                           Julio-Claudian Dynasty 14-68 CE
          tyrrtf                           Flavian dynasty 69-96 CE
          tyrrtg                           Five Good Emperors 96-180 CE
          tyrrth                           Commodus and the Year of the Five Emperors 180-193 CE
          tyrrti                           Severan dynasty 193-235 CE
          tyrrtj                           Crisis of the Third Century 235-184 CE
          tyrrtɭ                           Diocletian and the Tetrarchy 284-301 CE
          tyrrtn                           Constantinian dynasty 305-363 CE
          tyrrtp                           Valentinian dynasty 364-392 CE
          tyrrtt                           Theodosian dynasty 379-457 CE
          tysm                 Byzantine civilization; Byzantium  ↞ wttd Orthodoxes tyrrt Roman Empire civilization
          tyt            Medieval civilizations  [Medieval history]
          tytc                 Islamic Golden Age ~800-1258 CE  ↞ wtu Islam
          tytg                 Georgian and Armenian civilizations
          tyth                 Western Christendom; Holy Roman Empire civilization  ↞ wtth Roman Catholicism
          tyto                 Ottoman civilization  ↞ wtu Islam tysm Byzantine civilization
          tytr                 Russian civilization
          tyu            Sahelian kingdoms civilization  ↞ jUi Sicily   ≈ DDC 960
          tyug                 Ghana empire civilization; Awkar ~700-1240 CE
          tyum                 Mali empire civilization; Manden Kurufaba 1230-1670 CE
          tyut                 Songhai empire civilization 1464-1592 CE
          tyv            civilizations of south-Sahelian empires 15th-19th centuries  ↞ jUi Sicily   ≈ DDC 960
          tyvw                 Great Zimbabwe civilization; Mutapa empire civilization 1450-1629 CE
          tyw            modern Western civilization; Occidental culture; Modern Era  [modern history]  ↞ jUj Eurasia rt factories   ≈ DDC 940 970
          tywd                 Age of Discovery; Age of Exploration ~1400-1800 CE  ↞ stlh ships
          tywn                 Age of Enlightenment; Age of Reason; scientific revolution  ↞ yss empirical sciences
          tywni                      Industrial Revolution ~1760-1870  ↞ rt factories
          tywo                 Belle Époque 1871-1914 CE
          tywp                 World War I; First World War; WWI; WW1 1914-1918 CE
          tywq                 Interwar period 1918-1939 CE
          tywr                 World War II; Second World War; WWII; WW2 1939-1945 CE
          tyws                 Post-War Era; Postmodernity 1945- CE  [contemporary history]
          tywsc                      Cold War 1945-1991 CE
          tywsd                      Information Age; Computer Age; Digital Age; New Media Age  ↞ suu computers
Connected classes:
                 000003  [t7]                          as accessed by people class
                 006  [t7]           treated for target; public
                 026  [ty]           as known in culture; civilization
                 073  [t7]           among discourse community; social domain
                 36  [t7]      for beneficiary; patient; assistee; addressee
                 p96  [t7]           of person class
                 q336  [t7]                spoken by speaker class
                 r36  [t7]           for user class; people
                 r91  [ty]           used in historical civilization
                 s36  [t7]           for customer; patron; consumer; buyer
                 sgc           childcare  ↞ t7i 
                 sge           elderly care  ↞ t7v 
                 sh6d                ayurveda  ↞ tyi 
                 sh6i                traditional Tibetan medicine  ↞ tyjb 
                 sh6j                traditional Chinese medicine; TCM  ↞ tykc 
                 sh6k                traditional Korean medicine  ↞ tykk 
                 sh6s                allopathic medicine; biomedicine; Hyppocratic tradition  ↞ tyw 
                 sh96  [t7]                for patient
                 swn           nursery schools  ↞ t7i 
                 swp           primary schools  ↞ t7i 
                 swt           high schools  ↞ t7l 
                 swu           universities  ↞ t7n 
                 sww           adult schools  ↞ t7p 
                 t36  [t7]           for beneficiary; social group
                 t46  [t6]           discouraging deviance; sin; vice
                 t4rg                ageism; agism  ↞ t7v 
                 t4rr                racism  ↞ tt 
                 tybɭr                     Assyrian rule  ↞ tybt 
                 tysm                Byzantine civilization; Byzantium  ↞ wttd tyrrt 
                 tyto                Ottoman civilization  ↞ wtu tysm 
                 u polities; political units; political power; governments  [political sciences; law]  ↞ t j 
                 u6f           family law  ↞ tf 
                 u919  [ty]                of historical period
                 uUc91po                               states in the Holy Roman Empire  ↞ tyth 
                 uUi           Egypt; Arab Republic of Egypt  ↞ tyc 
                 upn           colonial empires  ↞ tywd 
                 ut      modern nation states; countries; sovereign states; unitary states  ↞ jU tt tyw 
                 vd      privates; natural persons; physical persons; personal owners  ↞ tb 
                 w36  [t7]           for recipients
                 wc      etiquette; conventional rules; good manners; politeness  ↞ t6 
                 wru           humanism  ↞ t 
                 x36  [t7]           for audience; target
                 x61  [ty]           set in epoch
                 y36  [t7]           for audience; target; pupil; student; public
                 yshr                moral philosophy; ethics  ↞ t6 
                 yssr                sociology  ↞ t 
                 ysv           history  ↞ ty u 

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3  by agent           +
4  opposed to         +
5  undergoing change  +
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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