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Expanded class sw

    broader class

          sw       schools; education services; teaching  [didactics; pedagogy]  ↞ y scholarship
          sw2            in education facility
          sw2d                 home
          sw2r                 classroom
          sw2w                 online; distance learning
          swn            nursery schools  ↞ t7i children
          swp            primary schools  ↞ t7i children   ≈ DDC 372
          sws            secondary schools  ≈ DDC 373
          swt            high schools  ↞ t7l adolescents
          swtf                 folk high schools
          swu            universities  ↞ t7n youth   ≈ DDC 378
          swug                 undergraduate degree schools; bachelor
          swum                 master schools
          swup                 doctorate schools; Ph.D.
          swuq                 post-doc schools
          sww            adult schools  ↞ t7p adults   ≈ DDC 374
Connected classes:
                 nyx           urban environment  ↞ sw 
                 t76  [an89]            literacy class  ↞ sw 
                 t925  [sw]                including inhabitants of settling
                 u7ju                ministry of education  ↞ sw 
                 y scholarship; public knowledge; common knowledge; learning; sciences; episteme  ↞ su sw po 
                 y5t           education; teaching  [didactics; pedagogy]  ↞ sw 
                 ydcnd                     dissertations; theses  ↞ swu 

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