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Expanded class su

    broader class

          su       communication; information exchange; media  ↞ ou communication
          su7   [X]            part; component
          suc            tablets
          suf            papyrus
          suh            parchments
          sui            handwritten paper  ≈ DDC 091
          suk            printed paper  [bibliology]  ≈ DDC 686
          sukb                 books  ≈ DDC 002 094
          sukbb                      incunabula  ≈ DDC 093
          sukd                 brochures; depliants; flyers; feuilles
          suke                 leaflets
          suki                 dossiers
          sukp                 posters
          sum            films
          sumf                 microfilms
          sump                 photographic slides; transparencies; reversal films
          sumq                 slideshows; diaporamas
          sumv                 movies; moving pictures; motion pictures
          sup            phonographs; gramophones; vinyl records
          suq            magnetic tapes
          suqs                 compact cassettes
          suqv                 VHS; video home system
          sus            broadcasting
          susb                 public address systems
          susr                 radio
          sust                 television; TV
          sut            telephones
          sutc                 cable telephones
          sutm                 mobile phones  ↞ suu computers
          sutm36   ⋄                          suitable for user class
          sutm36v                                old people
          suts                 smartphone
          suu            computers  [computer science; information technology]  ≈ DDC 004 005 006
          suu7hWo                      hardware
          suu7i                      input devices
          suu7ib                           keyboard
          suu7im                           mouse
          suu7is                           scanner
          suu7m                      memory storage
          suu7mf                           floppy disk
          suu7mfb                                8 inch floppy disk
          suu7mfd                                5 1/4 inch floppy disk
          suu7mff                                3 1/2 inch floppy disk
          suu7mg                           zip disk
          suu7mh                           hard disk; HD
          suu7mi                           compact disk; CD
          suu7mj                           digital video disk; DVD
          suu7mp                           USB stick; pen
          suu7o                      output devices
          suu7oe                           screen; monitor
          suu7op                           printer
          suu7s                      software
          suv            computer networks  [telematics]
          suvU                 the Internet; the Net
          suvb                 LAN; local area networks
          suvc                 WAN; wide area networks
          suve                 e-mail; electronic mail
          suveɭ                      electronic mailing lists
          suvf                 FTP; file transfer protocol
          suvɭ                 telnet
          suvp                 Gopher
          suvs                 the Web; World Wide Web; WWW; websites
          suvsf                      Web forums
          suvsh                      webchats; Web chat sites
          suvsk                      wikis
          suvso                      blogs; weblogs
          suvss                      social network systems; SNS  
Connected classes:
                 ste           road vehicles  ↞ sus 
                 sti           trains; railway vehicles  ↞ sus 
                 sutm                mobile phones  ↞ suu 
                 sxr           digital repositories; digital libraries  ↞ suvU 
                 tywsd                     Information Age; Computer Age; Digital Age; New Media Age  ↞ suu 
                 x77  [su]           on device
                 y scholarship; public knowledge; common knowledge; learning; sciences; episteme  ↞ su sw po 
                 y77  [su]           recorded in; testified in; presented as carrier; medium
                 yd      documents; instantiations; knowledge items; information resources  ↞ x su 

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