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Expanded class sh7d

    broader class

          sh7d                 alimentary and metabolic drugs  ↞ mq7d digestive organs
          sh7db                      stomatological preparations
          sh7dc                      drugs for acid related disorders
          sh7de                      anabolic agents for systemic use
          sh7dg                      drugs for functional gastrointestinal disorders
          sh7dh                      antiemetics and antinauseants
          sh7di                      bile and liver therapy
          sh7dk                      drugs for constipation
          sh7dn                      antidiarrheals, intestinal agents
          sh7do                      antiobesity preparations
          sh7dq                      digestives
          sh7ds                      drugs used in diabetes
          sh7dt                      vitamins
          sh7du                      mineral supplements
          sh7dv                      tonics
          sh7dx                      appetite stimulants
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