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Expanded class sh7

    broader class

          sh7            by drug; pharmaceutical; medication; medicine  ≈ DDC 615  
          sh70                 by therapy
          sh70mp                           plants
          sh70mq                           animals
          sh70mqUh                                     horses hippotherapy
          sh70xm                           music music therapy
          sh7d                 alimentary and metabolic drugs  ↞ mq7d digestive organs
          sh7db                      stomatological preparations
          sh7dc                      drugs for acid related disorders
          sh7de                      anabolic agents for systemic use
          sh7dg                      drugs for functional gastrointestinal disorders
          sh7dh                      antiemetics and antinauseants
          sh7di                      bile and liver therapy
          sh7dk                      drugs for constipation
          sh7dn                      antidiarrheals, intestinal agents
          sh7do                      antiobesity preparations
          sh7dq                      digestives
          sh7ds                      drugs used in diabetes
          sh7dt                      vitamins
          sh7du                      mineral supplements
          sh7dv                      tonics
          sh7dx                      appetite stimulants
          sh7e                 respiratory drugs  ↞ mq7e respiratory organs
          sh7eg                      cough and cold preparations
          sh7eh                      antihistamines for systemic use
          sh7i                 cardiovascular drugs  ↞ mq7i circulatory organs
          sh7ic                      cardiac drugs
          sh7ie                      antihypertensives
          sh7ig                      diuretics
          sh7ii                      peripheral vasodilators
          sh7ik                      vasoprotectives
          sh7iɭ                      beta blocking agents
          sh7in                      calcium channel blockers
          sh7ip                      lipid modifying agents
          sh7ir                      agents acting on the renin–angiotensin system
          sh7j                 blood drugs  ↞ mq7j blood, immune and lymphatic systems
          sh7jb                      antithrombotic agents
          sh7jh                      antihemorrhagics
          sh7jn                      antianemic preparations
          sh7ɭ                 systemic hormonal preparations  ↞ mq7l glands
          sh7n                 neurological drugs  ↞ mq7n nervous system
          sh7ne                      anesthetics
          sh7ng                      analgesics
          sh7o                 sensory drugs  ↞ mq7o sense organs
          sh7q                 antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellent
          sh7r                 musculo-skeletal drugs  ↞ mq7q skeleton mq7r muscles
          sh7ri                      anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic products
          sh7s                 genito-urinary drugs  ↞ mq7s reproductive organs mq7u urinary organs
          sh7t                 antiinfectives for systemic use
          sh7tb                      antibacterials
          sh7tbi                           antibiotic
          sh7tm                      antimycotics
          sh7to                      antimycobacterials
          sh7tv                      antivirals
          sh7tx                      vaccines
          sh7u                 antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents
          sh7v                 immunotherapy; biological therapy
          sh7vt                      activation immunotherapy
          sh7vu                      suppression immunotherapy
          sh7x                 dermatological drugs  ↞ mq7x skin
Connected classes:
                 shɭ           drug administering; pharmacological therapy  [pharmacology]  ↞ sh7 

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