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Expanded class sh3

    broader class

          sh3            by medical equipment
          sh33                 by assistant; physician; doctor; nurse
          sh3d                 diagnostic equipment
          sh3de                      stethoscope
          sh3dɭ                      medical ultrasound
          sh3dm                      magnetic resonance imaging; MRI
          sh3dp                      positron emission tomography; PET
          sh3dt                      CT scan
          sh3dx                      X-ray machines
          sh3i                 medical monitors
          sh3ib                      blood pressure control
          sh3ic                      electrocardiography; ECG
          sh3ie                      electroencephalography; EEG
          sh3ɭ                 life support equipment
          sh3ɭe                      medical ventilators
          sh3ɭh                      heart-lung machines
          sh3ɭi                      incubators
          sh3ɭm                      ECMO; ECLS
          sh3ɭn                      anaesthetic machines
          sh3ɭs                      dialysis machines
          sh3n                 treatment equipment
          sh3ni                      infusion pumps
          sh3nɭ                      medical lasers
          sh3r                 medical laboratory equipment
          sh3t                 physical therapy machines
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