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Expanded class sd

    broader class

          sd       lodging; dwellings; settlements; localities; populated places  [civil engineering; architecture; town planning]  ↞ osc sheltering
          sd2d                 home; dwelling; residing; living
          sd2e                 rented house
          sd2eg                      guesthouse; bed and breakfast; B&B
          sd2s                 hostel
          sd2t                 hotel
          sd2ti                      inn
          sd2tm                      motel
          sd3             furniture; home services  [interior architecture]  ≈ DDC 645
          sd3b                 beds; lying furniture
          sd3bc                      cabin beds; platform beds
          sd3be                      mattresses
          sd3bf                      futons
          sd3bh                      hammocks
          sd3bi                      infant beds; cribs; cradles
          sd3bn                      bunk beds
          sd3br                      Murphy beds; wall; pull down; dolf-down beds
          sd3c                 seats
          sd3cb                      stools
          sd3cc                      chairs
          sd3cn                      benches
          sd3cs                      couches; sofas; settees; divans
          sd3d                 tables; desks
          sd3g                 storage furniture; cabinets
          sd3gd                      wardrobes; armoires
          sd3gn                      nightstands; night tables; bedside cabinets
          sd3go                      bookcases; bookshelves
          sd3q                 climatization; HVAC
          sd3qh                      heating
          sd3qn                      ventilation
          sd3qt                      air conditioning
          sd3r                 warming and cooling appliances  ≈ DDC 643
          sd3re                      ovens
          sd3rf                      stoves
          sd3ro                      cooling fans
          sd3rr                      refrigeration equipment
          sd3rre                           refrigerators
          sd3rrr                           freezers
          sd3s                 handling systems; plumbing  ≈ DDC 690
          sd3sr                      water supply
          sd3ss                      sewage
          sd3t                 illumination; lighting
          sd3w                 electrical wiring
          sd90rt                           factories; manufacturing plants
          sd90sm                           fortifications; castles
          sd90wt                           religious buildings
          sd90wtt   ⋄                               churches
          sd90wtu   ⋄                               mosques
          sd92                 located in place
          sdc            camping
          sdce                 tents
          sdcr                 caravans; travel trailers; campers; tourers; roulottes
          sde            buildings; edifices; houses  ≈ DDC 720
          sdec                 huts
          sdeg                 bungalows  
          sdej                 courtyard houses
          sdep                 palaces
          sdh            hamlets
          sdɭ            villages
          sdo            towns
          sdq            cities
          sdt            metropoles
          sdt92b   ⋄                          UK London
          sdt92h   ⋄                          Turkey Istanbul; Constantinople; Byzantium
          sdu            conurbations; metropolitan areas; urban areas; agglomerations
          sdu92pb   ⋄                               NCR Metropolitan Manila
Connected classes:
                 uk      city-states; polis; communes  ↞ sdq 
                 v7ik                buildings capital  ↞ sde 

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