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Expanded class sbvhi

    broader class

          sbvhi                      wines  ↞ mpwrrvv grapes
          sbvhi5fs                                     sparkling wines including champagne, cava, prosecco, spumante
          sbvhid                           red wines
          sbvhif                           rosé wines
          sbvhii                           white wines
          sbvhiic                                chardonnay
          sbvhiig                                sauvignon
          sbvhiii                                riesling
          sbvhiip                                pinot noir
          sbvhiit                                tokay
          sbvhik                           sake  ↞ mpwbtge rice
          sbvhiq                           fortified wines
          sbvhiqp                                port
          sbvhiqs                                sherry
          sbvhiqv                                vermouth
          sbvhiu                           fruit wines
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