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Expanded class sbv

    broader class

          sbv            drinks; beverages
          sbvb                 drinking water  ↞ jq aquifers js fresh water systems
          sbvb5r                           sparkling water; carbonated water
          sbvd                 soft drinks; carbonated; cool; cold; fizzy drinks; lolly water; pop; seltzer; soda; tonic; mineral
          sbvd97cio                                      orangeade
          sbvf                 fruit juice  ↞ mp7s seeds
          sbvf5r                           carbonated juice
          sbvf97cio                                     orange orange juice
          sbvh                 alcoholic drinks  ↞ fibc ethanol
          sbvhb                      beers  ↞ mpwbtg grasses
          sbvhbg                           lager beers
          sbvhbgɭ                                pale lager beers
          sbvhbgɭp                                     pilsner beers; pilsener; pils
          sbvhbgm                                amber lager beers
          sbvhbgr                                dark lager beers
          sbvhbo                           top-fermented beers
          sbvhbop                                pale ale beers
          sbvhboq                                wheat beers
          sbvhboqe                                     Weissbier
          sbvhboqi                                     Witbier
          sbvhboqɭ                                     lambic beers
          sbvhboqr                                     Berliner Weisse beer
          sbvhboqs                                     Gose beers
          sbvhbor                                brown ale beers
          sbvhbos                                stout beers
          sbvhbv                           fruit and vegetable beers  ↞ sbb vegetables sbc fruit
          sbvhc                      cider; cyder  ↞ sbcc pome fruits
          sbvhi                      wines  ↞ mpwrrvv grapes
          sbvhi5fs                                     sparkling wines including champagne, cava, prosecco, spumante
          sbvhid                           red wines
          sbvhif                           rosé wines
          sbvhii                           white wines
          sbvhiic                                chardonnay
          sbvhiig                                sauvignon
          sbvhiii                                riesling
          sbvhiip                                pinot noir
          sbvhiit                                tokay
          sbvhik                           sake  ↞ mpwbtge rice
          sbvhiq                           fortified wines
          sbvhiqp                                port
          sbvhiqs                                sherry
          sbvhiqv                                vermouth
          sbvhiu                           fruit wines
          sbvhm                      meads; hydromel  ↞ sbh honey
          sbvhp                      pulque  ↞ mpwbe asparagales
          sbvhs                      spirits; liquors; distilled drinks
          sbvhsd                           vodka
          sbvhsg                           gin
          sbvhsh                           whisky; whiskey
          sbvhsr                           rectified spirit
          sbvs                 stimulant drinks
          sbvse                      tea  ↞ mpwndhcs tea plant
          sbvsɭ                      cola  ↞ mpwnfkk kola nuts
          sbvst                      coffee  ↞ mpwtrrc coffee plants
          sbvsu                      guarana
Connected classes:
                 sb3dd                     drinkware; beverageware; cups; drinking vessels  ↞ sbv 

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