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Expanded class s7

    broader class

          s7        age group
          s73   [wt]            religious adherence
          s73s   ⋄                Jews
          s73u   ⋄                Muslims
          s74   [an89]            health condition
          s74f                 ill; disabled
          s74u                 healthy
          s75   [r]            job; occupation
          s75d   ⋄                fishers
          s75h   ⋄                farmers
          s75m   ⋄                industrial workers
          s75p   ⋄                retailers
          s76   [an89]            literacy class  ↞ rw schools
          s76f                 uneducated; ignorant
          s76u                 learned
          s78   [an89]            wealth class  ↞ u7 owing
          s78f                 poor
          s78q                 middle class; wealthy
          s78u                 rich
          s79             gender identity
          s79b                 binary
          s79q                 non-binary; genderqueer
          s79t                 transgender
          s79w                 third gender
          s7XX                  gender
          s7Xx                 male; masculine
          s7Xy                 female; feminine
          s7d            being born  ↞ m5e birth
          s7e            babies; newborn  ↞ mU61e 
          s7i            children  ↞ mU61i 
          s7ix                 male children  ↞ s78x 
          s7iy                 female children  ↞ s78y 
          s7ɭ            adolescents; kids  ↞ mU61l 
          s7ɭx                 boys  ↞ s78x 
          s7ɭy                 girls  ↞ s78y 
          s7n            youth; young people  ↞ mU61n 
          s7nx                 young men  ↞ s78x 
          s7ny                 young women  ↞ s78y 
          s7p            adults  ↞ mU61p 
          s7px                 adult men  ↞ s78x 
          s7py                 adult women  ↞ s78y 
          s7v            old people; third age  ↞ mU61v 
          s7vx                 old men  ↞ s78x 
          s7vy                 old women  ↞ s78y 
          s7x            dead people  ↞ m8x dead
Connected classes:
                 000009  [s7]                          as accessed by people class
                 073  [s7]           among discourse community; social domain
                 36  [s7]      for beneficiary; patient; assistee; addressee
                 p96  [s7]           of person class
                 p968  [s78]                 wealth class
                 q36  [s7]           suitable for user class; people
                 r36  [s7]           for customer; patron; consumer; buyer
                 rgc           childcare  ↞ s7i 
                 rge           elderly care  ↞ s7v 
                 rh96  [s7]                for patient
                 rww           adult schools  ↞ s7p 
                 s36  [s7]           for beneficiary; social group
                 s7ix                male children  ↞ s78x 
                 s7iy                female children  ↞ s78y 
                 s7ɭx                boys  ↞ s78x 
                 s7ɭy                girls  ↞ s78y 
                 s7nx                young men  ↞ s78x 
                 s7ny                young women  ↞ s78y 
                 s7px                adult men  ↞ s78x 
                 s7py                adult women  ↞ s78y 
                 s7vx                old men  ↞ s78x 
                 s7vy                old women  ↞ s78y 
                 t7pf                women's prisons  ↞ s78y 
                 v93  [s7]           spoken by speaker class
                 w36  [s7]           for recipients
                 wmmmau                          husbands  ↞ s78x 
                 wmmmaw                          wives  ↞ s78y 
                 x36  [s7]           for audience; target
                 y36  [s7]           for audience; target; pupil; student; public

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7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
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