Integrative Levels Classification project scheme how it works León Manifesto references

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Expanded class s

    broader class

          s  services; deliverables; goods; tertiary sector  ↞ j land m organisms u polities   ≈ DDC 600
          s1   [X]      at phase
          s167   [j19]                in season
          s2   [X]      in facility; infrastructure
          s3   [X]      by special tool; equipment; utensil; instrument
          s33   [U]           provided by worker
          s35   [u7]           by factor of production; resource; input
          s36   [t7]           for customer; patron; consumer; buyer
          s37   [s]           using tool; equipment; device
          s39             system
          s39p                 private system
          s39s                 social insurance
          s4   [X]       failure
          s5        operation; division; compartment; branch
          s56   [r5]           working by technology
          s59   [X]            special operation
          s5c            supply; acquisition
          s5d            design; project; plan
          s5f            manufacturing; production
          s5fp                 processing
          s5i            maintenance
          s5ir                 repair
          s5ɭ            consulting
          s5m            management; administration
          s5mc                 accounting
          s5mh                 human resources administration; staff management
          s5mhet                           recruit training
          s5ms                 strategy
          s5n            advertising
          s5p            packaging
          s5r            delivery
          s5s            store; warehouse
          s5t            exposition
          s5u            distribution
          s5w            customer service
          s6   [X]       service property
          s69            conforming to regulation; guideline; technical norm; standard procedure  ↞ u6 
          s69g                 sustainable; green; ecological  ↞ ny ecosystems
          s69i                 partially sustainable; integrated
          s69p                 typical regional production
          s69q                 quality certification; management; certification
          s9   [X]       service kind
          s90            for function
          s90sh   ⋄                     health care
          s90xm   ⋄                     music
          s91   [w1]           of period
          s92   [uU]           of; adopted in; spread in region
          s94   [X]           dealing with pest; disease; problem
          s96   [X]           for beneficiary
          s98   [X]           of kind
          s988   [X]                of kind measure
          sbWe       hospitality industry
          sb       food and drink  [gastronomy]  ↞ osk feeding
          sb2b                 household home cuisine
          sb2e                 catering
          sb2k                 take-out; carry-out; to-go; takeaway; grab-n-go; parcel
          sb2o                 cafeterias; canteens
          sb2p                 coffee bars; coffee shops; cafés
          sb2r                 restaurants
          sb3            by food tool
          sb33                 by cook; chef
          sb3c                 cookware; bakeware  ↞ rq mines
          sb3cf                      frying pans; frypans; skillets
          sb3d                 dishware; tableware; dinnerware  ≈ DDC 642
          sb3dd                      drinkware; beverageware; cups; drinking vessels  ↞ ub9u 
          sb3do                      bowls
          sb3dp                      plates
          sb3dt                      cutlery
          sb3dtk                           table knives  ↞ sck 
          sb3dtr                           forks
          sb3dts                           spoons
          sb4             food service failure
          sb4r                 rotten food; spoiled; unsanitary
          sb5             food preparation  [cooking; cookery; culinary arts]
          sb5f                 fermentation
          sb5fs                      secondary fermentation
          sb5g                 seasoning; aging
          sb5ɭ                 leavening
          sb5m                 marinating; pickling; sousing
          sb5n                 smoking
          sb5o                 cooking
          sb5ok                      baking
          sb5or                      roasting
          sb5os                      steaming
          sb5oy                      frying
          sb5r                 carbonating
          sb5s                 dressing; flavouring
          sb5v                 serving; presenting
          sb6             diet
          sb6q                 vegan cuisine
          sb6v                 vegetarian cuisine
          sb77   [m]                made of ingredient
          sb92d                      French
          sb92f                      Italian
          sb97   [sb]                with dressing; condiment; seasoning; flavouring; sauce
          sb99                  taste type
          sb99t                      sweet
          sb99v                      savory
          sbX            serving; waiting on dish; prepared food  ≈ DDC 641
          sbb            vegetables  ↞ mpw flowering plants
          sbbg                 legumes  ↞ mpwrcf fabaceae
          sbbgb                      beans  ↞ mpwrcfp beans
          sbbgbg                           green beans; French beans; string beans; snap beans; haricots vert
          sbbgp                      peas  ↞ mpwrcfqp peas
          sbbgs                      chickpeas; chick peas  ↞ mpwrcfs Cicer
          sbbɭ                 leaf vegetables; leafy greens; salad greens; pot herbs  ↞ mp7l leaves
          sbbɭc                      cabbage; Brussels sprouts; cauliflower; broccoli; kale  ↞ mpwnpibc cabbages
          sbbɭɭ                      lettuce  ↞ mpwtwcls lettuce
          sbbɭs                      spinach  ↞ mpwkcpss spinach
          sbbm                 cucurbits  ↞ mpwnlv cucurbitaceae
          sbbmp                      pumpkins; squashes; marrows; zucchini; courgettes; gourds  ↞ mpwnlvs squashes
          sbbn                 eggplants; aubergines; brinjals  ↞ mpwtdhse eggplants
          sbbp                 peppers  ↞ mpwtdhp peppers
          sbbq                 edible seaweed  ↞ mo red algae mpb chlorophytes mpc charophytes
          sbbr                 root vegetables  ↞ mp7f roots mp7g stem
          sbbrc                      carrots  ↞ mpwrxpdc carrot
          sbbrm                      maniocs; cassavas; yucas  ↞ mpwrousms cassava
          sbbrp                      potatoes  ↞ mpwtdhsp potatoes
          sbbrp5oy                                      fried potatoes; chips; French fries
          sbbrs                      sweet potatoes
          sbbsb                      bulbs
          sbbsbg                           garlic  ↞ mpwberlg garlic
          sbbsbo                           onions  ↞ mpwberlo onions
          sbbt                 tomatoes  ↞ mpwtdhst tomatoes
          sbbu                 edible fungi  ↞ mn fungi
          sbbv                 table olives  ↞ mpwtoeo olive trees
          sbc            fruit  ↞ mp7s seeds
          sbcb                 bananas  ↞ mpwbymk Musa
          sbcc                 pome fruits
          sbccm                      apples  ↞ mpwrbtm apples
          sbccp                      pears  ↞ mpwrbtp pears
          sbcd                 stone fruits; drupes  ↞ mpwrbtr Prunus
          sbcdc                      peaches; nectarines  ↞ mpwrbtrc peaches
          sbcde                      apricots  ↞ mpwrbtre apricots
          sbcdg                      plums  ↞ mpwrbtrg plums
          sbcdh                      cherries  ↞ mpwrbtrh cherries
          sbcdm                      mangoes  ↞ mpwrupm mango
          sbcg                 grapes  ↞ mpwrrvv grapes
          sbci                 citrus fruits  ↞ mpwruxc Citrus
          sbciɭ                      lemons  ↞ mpwruxcl lemon trees
          sbcim                      mandarin oranges  ↞ mpwruxcm mandarin orange trees
          sbcio                      oranges  ↞ mpwruxco sweet orange trees
          sbcip                      grapefruits  ↞ mpwruxcp grapefruit trees
          sbcp                 podocarps  ↞ mprppe podocarpaceae
          sbcs                 berries; soft fruit
          sbcsb                      bramble fruits  ↞ mpwrbtd Rubus
          sbcsbb                           blackberries
          sbcsbr                           raspberries
          sbcsɭ                      blueberries; Vaccinium
          sbcss                      strawberries  ↞ mpwrbtf strawberries
          sbcu                 nuts
          sbcu77pwhojc   ⋄                                    pecan nuts
          sbcuc                      chestnuts  ↞ mpwhufc chestnuts
          sbcuh                      hazelnuts  ↞ mpwhuuh hazels
          sbcui                      pistachio  ↞ mpwruppv pistachio
          sbcuɭ                      walnuts  ↞ mpwhojj walnuts
          sbcum                      almonds  ↞ mpwrbtrb almonds
          sbcup                      peanuts; groundnuts; goobers; monkey nuts  ↞ mpwrcfrp peanut
          sbcus                      cashew nuts  ↞ mpwrupco cashew
          sbcv                 dried fruit; dry fruit
          sbcvg                      dried grapes  ↞ mpwrrvv grapes
          sbcx                 fruit preserves
          sbcxc                      conserves; whole fruit jams
          sbcxj                      jams
          sbcxɭ                      fruit jellies
          sbd            cereal grains  ↞ mpwbtg grasses
          sbde                 rice  ↞ mpwbtge rice
          sbdm                 maize  ↞ mpwbtgm maize
          sbe            breads  ↞ mpwbtg grasses
          sbe9oɭ                           leavened
          sbee                 yeast breads
          sbeeg                      baguettes
          sbeeɭ                      cottage loaves
          sbeeo                      boules
          sbeer                      brioches
          sbef                 flatbreads
          sbefc                      chapati; roti; safati; shabaati; phulka; roshi
          sbeff                      focaccia
          sbefi                      pizza
          sbefi2r                                 pizzerias
          sbefn                      piadina
          sbefp                      pita; pitta
          sbei                 crispy breads
          sbeic                      crackers
          sbeɭ                 sweet breads
          sbeɭp                      panettone
          sbeq                 quick breads
          sbeqc                      cornbreads
          sbes                 sourdoughs
          sbf            noodles
          sbfp                 pasta
          sbg            sweets; sweet desserts
          sbgc                 cakes
          sbgcb                      butter cakes
          sbgcf                      sponge cakes; foam cakes
          sbgcp                      pancakes; hotcakes; griddlecakes; flapjacks
          sbgcpp                           crêpes
          sbge                 pies
          sbge99t                                sweet pies
          sbge99v                                savory pies
          sbgef                      filled pies
          sbgeo                      top-crust pies
          sbget                      two-crust pies
          sbgf                 fried dough foods
          sbgi                 pastries
          sbgm                 meringues
          sbgr                 ice creams
          sbgrg                      gelato
          sbgrs                      sorbets
          sbh            honey  ↞ mqriqxx honey bees
          sbi            dairy products; milk products; lacticinia  [dairy science]  ↞ mqvt mammals vk   ≈ DDC 637
          sbi77qUo                                     cattle
          sbi77qUr                                     goat
          sbi77qUs                                     sheep
          sbib                 milk
          sbic                 cream
          sbie                 soured milk
          sbih                 cheese
          sbir                 butter
          sbiy                 yogurt
          sbj            eggs  ↞ mqvo birds
          sbj77qUc                                     chicken eggs  ↞ mqvogslg chickens
          sbm            meat and fish  ↞ mqv chordates vbh vk 
          sbmf                 seafood; fish and shellfish s.l.  ↞ mqm mollusca mqrh crustaceans mqveWi fish vc 
          sbmfb                      lobster  ↞ mqrh crustaceans
          sbmfc                      crayfish; prawns; shrimps  ↞ mqrh crustaceans
          sbmff                      finfish; fish s.s.  ↞ mqveWi fish
          sbmfh                      shellfish s.s.  ↞ mqml bivalves
          sbmfhm                           mussels
          sbmfo                      octopus  ↞ mqmpy octopuses
          sbmfq                      squids  ↞ mqmps squids
          sbmfr                      roe; hard roe
          sbmi                 insect food  ↞ mqr arthropoda
          sbmp                 poultry  ↞ mqvo birds
          sbmpc                      chicken  ↞ mqvogslg chickens
          sbmt                 meat s.s.; mammalian meat  ↞ mqvt mammals
          sbmtb                      beef; bovine meat  ↞ mqvtuvbt cattle
          sbmtbe                           steaks
          sbmtbi                           short ribs
          sbmtbj                           beef jerky
          sbmtbo                           corned beef
          sbmto                      sheep; ovine meat  ↞ mqvtuvsd domestic sheep
          sbmts                      pork; swine meat; pig  ↞ mqvtudssd domestic pigs
          sbmtsg                           gammon
          sbmtsh                           ham
          sbmtso                           bacon
          sbmtss                           pork sausages
          sbo            cooking oils  ↞ smc3o 
          sbog                 peanut oil; groundnut oil; arachis oil  ↞ mpwrcfrp peanut
          sboo                 olive oil  ↞ mpwtoeo olive trees
          sbop                 palm oil  ↞ mpwbp palmae
          sbos                 soybean oil  ↞ mpwrcffx soybean
          sbs            seasonings; spices and culinary herbs
          sbsb                 table salt  ↞ ffdd sodium chloride
          sbsg                 garden parsley
          sbsɭ                 bay laurel; sweet bay; Grecian laurel  ↞ mpwdcll bay laurels
          sbsm                 rosemary
          sbsp                 black pepper
          sbsx                 spice mixtures
          sbsxc                      chili powder
          sbsxh                      harissa
          sbsxr                      curry powder
          sbu            sauces
          sbud                 salad dressing
          sbue                 bechamel; white sauce
          sbuk                 ketchup
          sbum                 mayonnaise  ↞ ub9j77qUc 
          sbup                 pesto alla genovese
          sbuq                 Worcestershire sauce
          sbus                 soy sauce
          sbut                 tomato sauces  ↞ ub9bu 
          sbutr                      arrabbiata sauce
          sbv            drinks; beverages
          sbvb                 drinking water  ↞ jq aquifers js fresh water systems
          sbvb9r                           sparkling water; carbonated water
          sbvd                 soft drinks; carbonated; cool; cold; fizzy drinks; lolly water; pop; seltzer; soda; tonic; mineral
          sbvd97cio                                      orangeade
          sbvf                 fruit juice  ↞ mp7s seeds
          sbvf5r                           carbonated juice
          sbvf97cio                                     orange orange juice
          sbvh                 alcoholic drinks  ↞ fibc ethanol
          sbvhb                      beers  ↞ mpwbtg grasses
          sbvhbg                           lager beers
          sbvhbgɭ                                pale lager beers
          sbvhbgɭp                                     pilsner beers; pilsener; pils
          sbvhbgm                                amber lager beers
          sbvhbgr                                dark lager beers
          sbvhbo                           top-fermented beers
          sbvhbop                                pale ale beers
          sbvhboq                                wheat beers
          sbvhboqe                                     Weissbier
          sbvhboqi                                     Witbier
          sbvhboqɭ                                     lambic beers
          sbvhboqr                                     Berliner Weisse beer
          sbvhboqs                                     Gose beers
          sbvhbor                                brown ale beers
          sbvhbos                                stout beers
          sbvhbv                           fruit and vegetable beers  ↞ ub9b ub9c 
          sbvhc                      cider; cyder  ↞ ub9c 
          sbvhi                      wines  ↞ mpwrrvv grapes
          sbvhi9fs                                     sparkling wines including champagne, cava, prosecco, spumante
          sbvhid                           red wines
          sbvhif                           rosé wines
          sbvhii                           white wines
          sbvhiic                                chardonnay
          sbvhiig                                sauvignon
          sbvhiii                                riesling
          sbvhiip                                pinot noir
          sbvhiit                                tokay
          sbvhik                           sake  ↞ mpwbtge rice
          sbvhiq                           fortified wines
          sbvhiqp                                port
          sbvhiqs                                sherry
          sbvhiqv                                vermouth
          sbvhiu                           fruit wines
          sbvhm                      meads  ↞ ub9h 
          sbvhp                      pulque  ↞ mpwbe asparagales
          sbvhs                      spirits; liquors; distilled drinks
          sbvhsd                           vodka
          sbvhsg                           gin
          sbvhsh                           whisky; whiskey
          sbvhsr                           rectified spirit
          sbvs                 stimulant drinks
          sbvse                      tea  ↞ mpwndhcs tea plant
          sbvsɭ                      cola  ↞ mpwnfkk kola nuts
          sbvst                      coffee  ↞ mpwtrrc coffee plants
          sbvsu                      guarana
          sc       recreational drugs
          scd            depressant use; downer use
          scm            stimulant use
          scmt                 tobacco use; smoking
          scu            hallucinogen use
          sd       lodging
          sd3            furniture  [interior architecture]  ≈ DDC 645
          sd39c                      climatization
          sd39ch                           heating
          sd39cn                           ventilation
          sd39ct                           air conditioning
          sd39d                      warming and cooling appliances  ≈ DDC 643
          sd39de                           ovens
          sd39df                           stoves
          sd39do                           cooling fans
          sd39dr                           refrigeration equipment
          sd39dre                                refrigerators
          sd39drr                                freezers
          sd39h                      handling systems; plumbing  ≈ DDC 690
          sd39hr                           water supply
          sd39hs                           sewage
          sd39ɭ                      illumination; lighting
          sd39t                      electrical wiring
          sd3d                 beds; lying furniture
          sd3dc                      cabin beds; platform beds
          sd3de                      mattresses
          sd3df                      futons
          sd3dh                      hammocks
          sd3di                      infant beds; cribs; cradles
          sd3dn                      bunk beds
          sd3dr@                           Murphy beds; wall; pull down; dolf-down beds
          sd3e                 seats
          sd3eb                      stools
          sd3ec                      chairs
          sd3en                      benches
          sd3es                      couches; sofas; settees; divans
          sd3k                 tables; desks
          sd3o                 storage furniture; cabinets
          sd3od                      wardrobes; armoires
          sd3on                      nightstands; night tables; bedside cabinets
          sd3oo                      bookcases; bookshelves
          sd90rm                           fortifications; castles
          sd90rp                           factories; manufacturing plants
          sd90rt   ⋄                          religious buildings
          sd90rtt   ⋄                               churches
          sd90rtu   ⋄                               mosques
          sdb            house rental
          sdbg                 guesthouses; bed and breakfast; B&B
          sdd            buildings; edifices  [civil engineering; architecture]  ↞ osc sheltering vs   ≈ DDC 720
          sddb                 tents
          sddc                 houses; homes; residential buildings
          sddcc                      huts
          sddcg                      bungalows  
          sddcj                      courtyard houses
          sddcp                      palaces
          sdf            hostels
          sdh            hotels
          sdhi                 inns
          sdhm                 motels
          sds            settlements; localities; populated places  [town planning]  ↞ ss   ≈ DDC 710  
          sds92   ⋄                     located in place
          sdsd                 isolated dwellings
          sdse                 hamlets
          sdsg                 villages
          sdsh                 towns
          sdsi                 cities
          sdsm                 metropoles
          sdsm92b   ⋄                               UK London
          sdsm92h   ⋄                               Turkey Istanbul; Constantinople; Byzantium
          sdsn                 conurbations; metropolitan areas; urban areas; agglomerations
          sdsn92pb   ⋄                                    NCR Metropolitan Manila
          se       cleaning
          se3            by washing and drying equipment
          se3m                 washing machine
          seɭ            laundry
          sf       clothing; attire; personal adornment  ↞ oss social interactions
          sf33                 by tailor; dressmaker
          sf7             cloth; dress; garment; attire; apparel
          sf77                 made of textile; fabric; cloth; material  ≈ DDC 646 685 687
          sf77i                      fiber
          sf77io                           wool
          sf77j                      crochet
          sf77ɭ                      leather
          sf77n                      knotted textiles
          sf77nm                           macramé
          sf77r@                           tatted textiles; chiacchierino
          sf77t                      felts
          sf77v                      nonwoven fabric
          sf77x                      braids
          sf7c                 coats
          sf7e                 shirts
          sf7f                 dresses; frocks; gowns
          sf7i                 underwear; undergarments; intimates; lingerie
          sf7ip                      panties
          sf7ir                      bras; brassieres
          sf7k                 skirts
          sf7o                 shorts
          sf7p                 pants; trousers
          sf7r                 socks
          sf7s                 shoes; footwear
          sf7sn                      sandals
          sf7st                      boots
          sf7t                 gloves
          sf7u                 headgear; headwear; headdress
          sf7uc                      hat
          sf7uh                      helmet
          sf7ut                      turban
          sf7w                 jewellery; jewelry
          sf7wc                      necklaces
          sf7wd                      pendants
          sf7we                      earrings
          sf7wi                      rings
          sf7wɭ                      bracelets
          sf7wr                      brooches
          sf7wu                      cufflinks
          sfe            wear; dress  ↞ l5m metabolism
          sfh            haircut
          sfh2k                      hair salon
          sfj            fingernail modification
          sfm            makeup; cosmetics
          sfm2k                      beauty salon
          sfn            body painting
          sfo            body modification
          sfop                 body piercing
          sfot                 tattoos
          sfp            perfuming
          sg       personal services
          sgc            childcare  ↞ q38i 
          sge            elderly care  ↞ u7u 
          sgs            spas
          sgx            sexual services  ↞ osm mating
          sh       healthcare; health services  ↞ mU4 affected by   ≈ DDC 610
          sh2             assistance place
          sh2b                 outside
          sh2d                 patient home
          sh2f                 physician's office; doctor's office
          sh2g                 gymnasium; gym
          sh2h                 hospital
          sh2i                 clinic
          sh2n                 nursing home; skilled nursing facility; SNF; rest home
          sh2s                 hospice
          sh3            by medical equipment
          sh33                 by assistant; physician; doctor; nurse
          sh3d                 diagnostic equipment
          sh3de                      stethoscope
          sh3dɭ                      medical ultrasound
          sh3dm                      magnetic resonance imaging; MRI
          sh3dp                      positron emission tomography; PET
          sh3dt                      CT scan
          sh3dx                      X-ray machines
          sh3i                 medical monitors
          sh3ib                      blood pressure control
          sh3ic                      electrocardiography; ECG
          sh3ie                      electroencephalography; EEG
          sh3ɭ                 life support equipment
          sh3ɭe                      medical ventilators
          sh3ɭh                      heart-lung machines
          sh3ɭi                      incubators
          sh3ɭm                      ECMO; ECLS
          sh3ɭn                      anaesthetic machines
          sh3ɭs                      dialysis machines
          sh3n                 treatment equipment
          sh3ni                      infusion pumps
          sh3nɭ                      medical lasers
          sh3r                 medical laboratory equipment
          sh3t                 physical therapy machines
          sh50                 by therapy
          sh50mp                           plants
          sh50mq                           animals
          sh50mqUh                                     horses hippotherapy
          sh50xm                           music music therapy
          sh579                       healing stage
          sh579b                           prevention
          sh579c                           check up
          sh579d                           first aid; rescue
          sh579e                           physical examination
          sh579f                           laboratory examination; test
          sh579i                           diagnosis
          sh579p                           prognosis; prospect
          sh579r                           prescription
          sh579t                           treatment
          sh59                 treated by therapy; healing; treatment; assistance  ≈ DDC 617
          sh59c                      medical advice; consultation
          sh59e                      physical exercise prescription
          sh59ef                           flexibility exercises
          sh59efs                                stretching
          sh59ei                           aerobic exercises
          sh59eik                                walking  ↞ omk terrestrial locomotion
          sh59eis                                running
          sh59eisj                                     jogging
          sh59en                           anaerobic exercises
          sh59ene                                weight training
          sh59ens                                sprinting
          sh59g                      massage; rubdown
          sh59i                      physical therapy
          sh59m                      immunotherapy; biological therapy
          sh59mt                           activation immunotherapy
          sh59mu                           suppression immunotherapy
          sh59o                      diet prescription
          sh59p                      drug administering; pharmacological therapy  [pharmacology]  ↞ uh7 
          sh59pc                           oral intake; consumption
          sh59ph                           suppository insertion
          sh59pj                           injection; shot; hype
          sh59pp                           drip; phleboclysis
          sh59q                      nursing
          sh59r                      non-critical hospitalization
          sh59s                      intensive care; critical care
          sh59t                      resuscitation
          sh59u                      surgery
          sh6             medical tradition; school; approach
          sh6d                 ayurveda  ↞ uyi 
          sh6f                 Siddha medicine
          sh6i                 traditional Tibetan medicine  ↞ uyjb 
          sh6j                 traditional Chinese medicine; TCM  ↞ uykc 
          sh6jp                      acupuncture
          sh6k                 traditional Korean medicine  ↞ uykk 
          sh6s                 allopathic medicine; biomedicine; Hyppocratic tradition  ↞ uyw 
          sh6u                 herbalism; herbal medicine; phytotherapy  [herbology; botanical medicine]  ↞ mp plants
          sh6w                 osteopathy; osteopathic medicine  ↞ mU7q human skeleton
          sh6x                 alternative medicine; complementary medicine
          sh6xh                      homeopathy; homoeopathy
          sh6xn                      natural medicine; naturopathic medicine; naturopathy
          sh7            by drug; pharmaceutical; medication; medicine  ≈ DDC 615  
          sh7d                 alimentary and metabolic drugs  ↞ mq7d digestive organs
          sh7db                      stomatological preparations
          sh7dc                      drugs for acid related disorders
          sh7de                      anabolic agents for systemic use
          sh7dg                      drugs for functional gastrointestinal disorders
          sh7dh                      antiemetics and antinauseants
          sh7di                      bile and liver therapy
          sh7dk                      drugs for constipation
          sh7dn                      antidiarrheals, intestinal agents
          sh7do                      antiobesity preparations
          sh7dq                      digestives
          sh7ds                      drugs used in diabetes
          sh7dt                      vitamins
          sh7du                      mineral supplements
          sh7dv                      tonics
          sh7dx                      appetite stimulants
          sh7e                 respiratory drugs  ↞ mq7e respiratory organs
          sh7eg                      cough and cold preparations
          sh7eh                      antihistamines for systemic use
          sh7i                 cardiovascular drugs  ↞ mq7i circulatory organs
          sh7ic                      cardiac drugs
          sh7ie                      antihypertensives
          sh7ig                      diuretics
          sh7ii                      peripheral vasodilators
          sh7ik                      vasoprotectives
          sh7iɭ                      beta blocking agents
          sh7in                      calcium channel blockers
          sh7ip                      lipid modifying agents
          sh7ir                      agents acting on the renin–angiotensin system
          sh7j                 blood drugs  ↞ mq7j blood, immune and lymphatic systems
          sh7jb                      antithrombotic agents
          sh7jh                      antihemorrhagics
          sh7jn                      antianemic preparations
          sh7ɭ                 systemic hormonal preparations  ↞ mq7l glands
          sh7n                 neurological drugs  ↞ mq7n nervous system
          sh7ne                      anesthetics
          sh7ng                      analgesics
          sh7o                 sensory drugs  ↞ mq7o sense organs
          sh7q                 antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellent
          sh7r                 musculo-skeletal drugs  ↞ mq7q skeleton mq7r muscles
          sh7ri                      anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic products
          sh7s                 genito-urinary drugs  ↞ mq7s reproductive organs mq7u urinary organs
          sh7t                 antiinfectives for systemic use
          sh7tb                      antibacterials
          sh7tm                      antimycotics
          sh7to                      antimycobacterials
          sh7tv                      antivirals
          sh7tx                      vaccines
          sh7u                 antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents
          sh7x                 dermatological drugs  ↞ mq7x skin
          sh90xw                           sport medicine
          sh94   [mq4]                healing condition; disease; infirmity
          sh942   [mq4]                     with concurrent concomitant condition
          sh943   [m]                     caused by organic pathogen
          sh9430                           caused by pathogen
          sh946   [mU49]                     showing symptom; clinical or laboratory finding
          sh947   [mq4]                     complicated by complication; sequela; secondary effect
          sh94b                      wellness; well-being; quality of life
          sh94h                      haemodynamic disorders
          sh94hi                           ischaemia
          sh94i                      immunological disorders  [immunology]
          sh94ipɭ   ⋄                               allergy
          sh94ipɭf   ⋄                                    food allergy
          sh94n                      neoplasia
          sh94nr                           cancer  [oncology]
          sh96   [t7]                for patient  ≈ DDC 618
          sh96Xx                           male
          sh96Xy                           female
          sh96d                      childbirth  [obstetrics; midwifery]
          sh96e                      newborn  [neonatology]
          sh96i                      children  [pediatrics]
          sh96p                      adults
          sh96px                           men
          sh96py                           women
          sh96r                      old people; elderly; seniors  [geriatrics; gerontology]
          sh97   [mU7]                of treated part
          sh97d                      digestive system  [gastroenterology]
          sh97dbt                                teeth  [dentistry]
          sh97e                      respiratory system  [pneumology]
          sh97i                      circulation  [cardiology]
          sh97ih                           heart
          sh97j                      blood, immune and lymphatic systems
          sh97jb                           blood  [haematology]
          sh97jɭ                           lymphatic system
          sh97ɭ                      endocrine system  [endocrinology]
          sh97n                      nervous system  [neurology]
          sh97o                      eye and ear
          sh97oe                           eye  [ophthalmology]
          sh97oh                           ear  [otology; otorhinolaryngology]
          sh97r                      musculoskeletal system  [orthopedics]
          sh97s                      reproductive system  [gynecology; andrology]
          sh97u                      urinary system  [nephrology]
          sh97x                      skin  [dermatology]
          sh98   [mU48]                 severity
          sh988   [mU488]                      APACHE scoring system
          she            emergency services; rescue services
          sheb                 ambulances; emergency medical service  ↞ uph 
          shef                 fire and rescue services; firefighters
          shh            medical treatment  [medicine]
          shi            illness and disability support
          shm            mental health care  [psychiatry; applied psychology]  ↞ p4 
          shm5D                       psychotherapy
          shm6Df                           psychoanalysis; Freudian psychology
          shm6Dh                           hypnotherapy  ↞ pli trance
          shm94D   [p4]                          against mental disorder
          sho            occupational therapy  ↞ u33 u7b 
          sj       welfare; social services; assistance  ≈ DDC 361
          sje            unemployment support  ↞ u7bp 
          sjr            veteran support  ↞ q9w 
          sk       funeral services; death care  ↞ wmx mourning
          skh            funeral homes
          skm            cemeteries; burial grounds; gravesites; graveyards
          sm       combat; fight; defense
          sm3            weapons; arms; armaments  ↞ osgi fight   ≈ DDC 683  
          sm390rm                                combat
          sm390rpe                                     hunting
          sm390u(4)                                crime
          sm3c                 trauma weapons
          sm3cc                      clubs
          sm3ce                      maces
          sm3e                 pointed weapons
          sm3ee                      spears
          sm3ep                      pikes
          sm3g                 edged weapons
          sm3gd                      swords
          sm3gk                      fighting knives
          sm3gr                      daggers
          sm3i                 siege engines
          sm3ib                      lithobolos; stone trowers
          sm3ic                      catapults
          sm3ict                           trebuchets
          sm3iɭ                      ballistas
          sm3j                 bow and arrows  [archery]
          sm3ɭ                 blowpipes; blowguns; blow tubes
          sm3n                 guns
          sm3nɭWn                      firearms
          sm3nɭ                      long guns
          sm3nɭr                           rifles
          sm3nm                      machine guns
          sm3nn                      handguns
          sm3nnp                           pistols
          sm3nnv                           revolvers
          sm3nr                      artillery guns
          sm3nrc                           cannons
          sm3p                 explosive devices
          sm3pb                      bombs
          sm3pbu                           atomic bombs
          sm3r                 chemical weapons  ↞ f molecules
          sm3u                 radiological weapons  ↞ d particles
          sm3x                 biological weapons  ↞ l cells
          smd            hand-to-hand combat
          smdɭ                 melee; pell-mell
          smm            military combat
          smp            correction centres; penitentiaries; detention centres; prisons; jails; gaols
          sms            security
          sq77   [sb]                using raw material
          srWw       tertiary sector; service sector
          sr       retail shops
          sr96   [s]                selling commodities
          sr960rh(7)                                     pharmacies; drugstores; chemists
          srd            itinerant peddlers
          srk            retail markets
          srs            retail stores
          srt            theme parks
          sru            malls; shopping centres
          ss9t                 electronic
          st       logistics; transportation services  ↞ osi moving
          st2            in transport infrastructure
          st29                 utilities; infrastructures  [heavy civil engineering; hydraulic engineering]  ≈ DDC 625
          st29d                      dams; reservoirs  ≈ DDC 627
          st29h                      harbours
          st29n                      canals  ≈ DDC 627
          st29p                      bridges  ≈ DDC 624
          st29pv                           viaducts
          st29r                      roads  ≈ DDC 625
          st29s                      railroads; railways; tracks  ≈ DDC 625
          st29t                      tunnels; galleries; underground openings  ≈ DDC 625
          st29x                      airports
          st2un                      canal
          st2ur                      road
          st3            vehicles; means of transport  ↞ uu supranational unions   ≈ DDC 629
          st37r                      vehicle
          st37ri                           train
          st37rɭ                           vessel
          st3b                 vertical travel devices
          st3bi                      escalators
          st3bɭ                      lifts; elevators
          st3c                 mountain vehicles
          st3d                 heavy-duty vehicles; heavy equipment; machines; trucks; hydraulics; construction; engineering equipment
          st3dc                      tractors  ↞ sc recreational drugs
          st3de                      excavators
          st3dm                      material handlers
          st3dmc                           cranes
          st3dp                      paving vehicles
          st3e                 road vehicles  ↞ sus   ≈ DDC 388
          st3ec                      carts
          st3ei                      bicycles
          st3em                      motorcycles; motorbikes
          st3er                      cars
          st3et                      trucks
          st3i                 trains; railway vehicles  ↞ sus   ≈ DDC 385
          st3if                      funiculars
          st3ig                      cog railways; rack railways
          st3ir                      trams; streetcars or trolleys
          st3iu                      rapid transit; heavy rails; metros; subways; tubes; U-Bahn; underground
          st3ɭ                 vessels; watercraft  ↞ js fresh water systems jy seas wuh   ≈ DDC 386 387
          st3ɭb                      boats
          st3ɭh                      ships
          st3m                 submarines  ↞ jy seas
          st3r                 aircrafts  ↞ sux   ≈ DDC 387
          st3re                      aerostats
          st3rp                      airplanes; aeroplanes; planes
          st3rr                      rotorcrafts; rotary-wing aircrafts
          st3rrh                           helicopters
          st3s                 spacecrafts
          st3ss                      space stations; orbital stations
          st97   [s]                of good
          stc            cargo; freight transportation
          stm            post; postal service; mail  ≈ DDC 383
          str            private transportation  ↞ px persons
          sts            buses; omnibuses; multibuses; autobuses; passengers collective transportation
          stt            taxicabs; taxis; cabs; single passengers transportation
          stw            waste disposal
          stwd                 landfills; tips, rubbish dumps, garbage dumps, dumping grounds
          stwi                 incineration plants
          sty            storage; warehouses
          su       communication; information exchange
          su3            by medium; information device  ↞ ou communication
          su3c                 tablets
          su3f                 papyrus
          su3h                 parchments
          su3i                 handwritten paper  ≈ DDC 091
          su3k                 printed paper  [bibliology]  ≈ DDC 686
          su3kb                      books  ≈ DDC 002 094
          su3kbb                           incunabula  ≈ DDC 093
          su3kd                      brochures; depliants; flyers; feuilles
          su3ke                      leaflets
          su3ki                      dossiers
          su3kp                      posters
          su3m                 films
          su3mf                      microfilms
          su3mp                      photographic slides; transparencies; reversal films
          su3mq                      slideshows; diaporamas
          su3mv                      movies; moving pictures; motion pictures
          su3p                 phonographs; gramophones; vinyl records
          su3q                 Internet
          su3q_                      magnetic tapes
          su3qe                      e-mail; electronic mail
          su3qeɭ                           electronic mailing lists
          su3qf                      FTP; file transfer protocol
          su3qp                      Gopher
          su3qs                      compact cassettes
          su3qsf                           Web forums; fora
          su3qsh                           webchat; Web chat sites
          su3qsk                           wikis
          su3qso                           blogs; weblogs
          su3qss                           social network systems; SNS  
          su3qv                      VHS; Video home system
          su3s                 broadcasting
          su3sb                      public address system
          su3sr                      radio
          su3st                      television; TV
          su3su3                           telnet
          su3t                 telephones
          su3tc                      cable telephones
          su3tm                      mobile phones
          su3tm36   ⋄                               suitable for user class
          su3tm36v                                     old people
          su3ts                      smartphones
          su3u                 computers  [computer science; information technology]  ≈ DDC 004 005 006
          su3u7DhWo                                hardware
          su3u7Di                                input devices
          su3u7Dib                                     keyboard
          su3u7Dim                                     mouse
          su3u7Dis                                     scanner
          su3u7Dm                                memory storage
          su3u7Dmf                                     floppy disk
          su3u7Dmfb                                     8 inch floppy disk
          su3u7Dmfd                                     5 1/4 inch floppy disk
          su3u7Dmff                                     3 1/2 inch floppy disk
          su3u7Dmg                                     zip disk
          su3u7Dmh                                     hard disk; HD
          su3u7Dmi                                     compact disk; CD
          su3u7Dmj                                     digital video disk; DVD
          su3u7Dmp                                     USB stick; pen
          su3u7Do                                output devices
          su3u7Doe                                     screen; monitor
          su3u7Dop                                     printer
          su3u7Ds                                software
          su3u7qs                                the Web; World Wide Web; WWW; websites
          su3u7us                                software
          su3v                 computer networks  [telematics]
          su3vɭ                      LANs; local area networks
          su3vq                      WANs; wide area networks
          sw       schools; education services; teaching  [didactics; pedagogy]  ↞ oal y scholarship
          sw2c                 classroom
          sw2d                 home
          sw2r                 classroom
          sw2w                 online; distance learning
          sw59b                      self-teaching
          sw59e                      exercise
          sw59f                      frontal lesson; lecture
          swn            nursery schools
          swp            primary schools  ≈ DDC 372
          sws            secondary schools  ≈ DDC 373
          swt            high schools
          swtf                 folk high schools
          swu            universities  ≈ DDC 378
          swum                 master schools
          sww            adult schools  ↞ q38p   ≈ DDC 374
          sx       cultural services; documentation services; GLAM  ↞ y scholarship
          sxb            publishing
          sxc            news; journalism
          sxe            interpreting and translation services
          sxh            archives  ↞ ytc 
          sxiWɭ            library and information services  [library and information science; LIS]  ≈ DDC 020
          sxi            information services  [information science; documentation]  ↞ ytc 
          sxɭ            libraries  [library science]  ↞ uu3kb yuc 
          sxm            exhibitions
          sxme                 temporary exhibitions
          sxmf                 serial exhibitions
          sxmn                 botanical gardens  ↞ mp plants
          sxmo                 zoos; zoological gardens  ↞ mq animals
          sxmr                 galleries  ↞ xf paintings
          sxmu                 museums  [museology]  ≈ DDC 069
          sxr            digital repositories; digital libraries  ↞ uu3q 
          uUdɭ(91px)s                                     Basse Normandie
Connected classes:
                 0074  [s4]                corrupted by damage
                 037  [s]           using research tool
                 37  [s]      through; by tool; catalyzer
                 nyx           urban environment  ↞ sw 
                 r376  [s]                 component device; subsystem
                 r377  [sb]                made of raw material
                 rr77i                     fiber and textiles  ↞ smc3i 
                 rr77r                     paper  ↞ smc3s 
                 s37  [s]           using tool; equipment; device
                 sb3dtk                          table knives  ↞ sck 
                 sb97  [sb]                with dressing; condiment; seasoning; flavouring; sauce
                 sbo           cooking oils  ↞ smc3o 
                 sds           settlements; localities; populated places  [town planning]  ↞ ss 
                 sq77  [sb]                using raw material
                 sr96  [s]                selling commodities
                 st3dc                     tractors  ↞ sc 
                 st3e                road vehicles  ↞ sus 
                 st3i                trains; railway vehicles  ↞ sus 
                 st3r                aircrafts  ↞ sux 
                 st97  [s]                of good
                 t75  [s]            job; occupation
                 t925  [sw]                including inhabitants of settling
                 tysm                Byzantine civilization; Byzantium  ↞ wttd sywwt 
                 tyto                Ottoman civilization  ↞ wtu sysm 
                 tywd                Age of Discovery; Age of Exploration ~1400-1800 CE  ↞ stlh 
                 u7tn                navy  ↞ stl 
                 u7tr                air force  ↞ sts 
                 uk      city-states; polis; communes  ↞ swg 
                 ut      modern nation states; countries; sovereign states; unitary states  ↞ jU st syw 
                 v legal entities; legal persons; juridical persons; companies; owners  [law]  ↞ p6 s 
                 v6n           intellectual property law  ↞ s x y 
                 v7i           fixed capital  ↞ s 
                 v7ik                buildings capital  ↞ ss 
                 v7ip                plants  ↞ s 
                 v7iq                equipments  ↞ s 
                 v7m           movables; movable property; personal property; chattels; objects  ↞ s 
                 wre           fetishism  ↞ s 
                 x45  [s4]           damaged by damaging factor
                 x97  [s]           on carrier
                 xm7           for instrument; medium  ↞ s 
                 y3      using tool; resource  ↞ s 

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8  in quantity        +
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