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Expanded class rl

    broader class

                 farms; farming; agriculture  [agronomy]  ≈ DDC 630
          rɭ43   [mp4]                controlling; managing pest; plant disease
          rɭ59                  agriculture operation
          rɭ59eWn                      cultivation
          rɭ59e                      sowing  ↞ mp7s seeds
          rɭ59f                      fertilization
          rɭ59i                      irrigation  ↞ fU water js fresh water systems
          rɭ59k                      pest control  ↞ mp4 afftected by
          rɭ59n                      harvesting
          rɭ59p                      grazing; pasturing
          rɭ59v                      captivity
          rɭ6             agriculture type
          rɭ69                  agricultural method; system
          rɭ69g                      organic; biological
          rɭ69i                      integrated
          rɭ6d                 subsistence
          rɭ6h                 shifting fields
          rɭ6x                 intensive; exploitation; plantation; latifundium
          rɭ76   [mp7]                of vegetable part
          rɭ76f                      roots
          rɭ76g                      stems
          rɭ76gr                           branches
          rɭ76ɭ                      leaves
          rɭ76q                      flowers  [floriculture]  ≈ DDC 635
          rɭ76s                      seeds
          rɭ76sp                           fruits
          rɭ77   [X]                exploiting crop; species
          rɭ9i                 textile fibers
          rɭh            market gardens; huertas; orti  [horticulture]
          rɭi            ornamental gardens  [gardening]  ≈ DDC 635
          rɭi77   [mpw]                     of species
          rɭi77rbtb                                     roses
          rɭo            orchards  [pomology]  ↞ uo76up   ≈ DDC 634
          rɭo77   [mpw]                     of fruit trees
          rɭo77hufc                                     chestnuts
          rɭo77rrv                                     grape
          rɭo77toeo                                     olive
          rɭr            grass crops; herbaceous crops; field crops  ≈ DDC 633
          rɭr77   [mpw]                     of plant species
          rɭr77U                           cereals
          rɭr77Ue                                rice
          rɭr77Ue76g43X27n167m   ⋄                                    rice stem pest control in India in summer  
          rɭr77Uf                                wheat
          rɭr77Uh                                barley
          rɭr77Uj                                oats
          rɭr77Um                                maize; corn
          rɭr77Uo                                millet
          rɭr77ndhcs                                     tea
          rɭr77nfvc                                     cotton
          rɭr77rcffx                                     soybean; soya bean
          rɭr77tdht                                     tobacco  ≈ DDC 679
          rɭr77trrc                                     coffee
          rɭrg                 gleaning  ↞ mp plants oskg grazing
Connected classes:
                 scmt                smoking  ↞ rlr77tdht 
                 v7id                land; arable land; land control  ↞ j rl 
                 ystu                agronomy  ↞ rl 

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