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Expanded class rj

    broader class

          rj       pastoralism; breeding; stockbreeding; rearing  [animal husbandry; animal science]  ≈ DDC 636  
          rj43   [mq4]                against disease  [veterinary medicine]
          rj77   [mq]                of livestock; tame species
          rj77Ud                           dogs
          rj77Uh                           horses
          rj77Uɭ                           cattle; cows
          rj77Up                           pigs
          rj77Ur                           goats
          rj77Us                           sheep
          rj77mg                           snails  [heliciculture]
          rj77ng                           earthworms  [vermiculture]
          rj77vtuɭ                                     camels
          rj90                 for function
          rj90r                      labor
          rj90sb                           food
          rj90sbi                                dairy products
          rj90sbib                                     milk
          rj90sbj                                eggs
          rj90sbm                                meat and fish
          rj90t                      pets; companion; household animals
          rj90wg                           sport
          rj90y                      testing; research; laboratory animals
          rjd            nomadic pastoralism
          rjh            transhumance  
          rjr            ranches; ranching; animal farming
Connected classes:
                 sbi           dairy products; milk products; lacticinia  [dairy science]  ↞ mqvt rj 
                 sbm           meat and fish  ↞ mqv rh ri rj 

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