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Expanded class r5

    broader class

          r5       by technology; technique
          r59   [X]            special operation
          r5b            manual work; human work  ↞ px persons
          r5c            controlled fire; cooking  ↞ f5ic combustion
          r5f            lithic technology; Stone Age  ↞ ii single rocks vdb 
          r5fe                 eolithic technology  
          r5fgWɭ                 palaeolithic technology
          r5fg                 ancient palaeolithic technology; Early Stone Age  
          r5fi                 middle palaeolithic technology; Middle Stone Age  
          r5fɭ                 recent palaeolithic technology; Late Stone Age  
          r5fm                 mesolithic technology; Middle Stone Age  
          r5fn                 neolithic technology; New Stone Age  
          r5gWi            metallurgy
          r5g            copper technology; Copper Age; chalcolithic  ↞ eel copper
          r5h            bronze technology; Bronze Age  ↞ eel copper efo tin
          r5i            iron technology; Iron Age; steel  ↞ eei iron
          r5k            animal traction  ↞ mqvtt perissodactyla mqvtu artiodactyla
          r5m            mechanical technology  ↞ g bulk matter w customs
          r5md                 hydraulic technology  ↞ js fresh water systems
          r5mi                 wind technology  ↞ j3n winds
          r5mp                 pneumatic engineering
          r5mu                 vacuum technology
          r5o            geotechnical technology  ↞ j landforms
          r5os                 soil technology  ↞ nyo soils
          r5r            electrical technology  ↞ d6l electric energy
          r5t            electronic technology  ↞ dte electrons
          r5ti                 digital
          r5u            nuclear technology  ↞ dv hadrons
          r5v            solar technology  ↞ hlU the Sun
Connected classes:
                 s55  [r5]           working by technology

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